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Nice to see you all the way down here but hello ~ The name's Selena but everyone calls me Nana. Created on April 5. it makes me exaclty 18 years old. I'm currently living in the U.S. I'm a college student, a gamer girl, a kpopper and somewhat, a otaku. hue hue. To be honest, I get side tracked a lot and I have a short attention span. TT^TT Also I contradict myself a lot. sfnlsknggkn, the struggles are real. If you are wondering, my family is more Americanized than Asianized. LOL. So don't be scared to talk to me. I like friends, though I may not reply every single time; don't be mad at me, okay? And I can be quite sarcastic at times so please don't feel offended! And, and, one more thing, I'm a child at heart. I think that's pretty easy to see. But that's all for now. Bye bye c: