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Im Park Jae-Eun, and I am a writer and a high school student. Please read my first ever fanfic STRUM OF LOVE and I hope you'll like and love it. And please post comments and suggestions. Please help me.. I will do all my best to make my fanfic better. Please continue reading and loving it until the end and don't forget the story. And by the way it's a YONGSHIN DOOLEY COUPLE FANFIC.. so this is for everyoneto enjoy..have fun reading it.. KAMSAMNIDA!! AND PLEASE READ ALL MY FANFICS.. I'LL UPDATE SOON,, CHEOLI SALAM!!! <3


#PARKJAE-EUN [박 재-은]


About Me

I am Park Jae-Eun, a writer and a high school student. I love writing, taking pictures, videos and watching koreanovelas (Isn't that obvious?). I love singing, composing songs and the korean band CN BLUE it's just I love them,,,especially Jung Yong Hwa.. I am their no. 1 fan,, I really love their songs.. And they are, he is the reason why I want to learn how to play a guitar and why I wrote fanfics. I am an ultimate fan of Yongshin dooley couple it started when I saw You are beautiful and Heartstrings (koreanovelas). My dream is to become a famous director who is good in singing and composing song, a restaurant, recording company owner and the lovely wife of the emotional guitarist of CN BLUE JUNG YONG HWA.. I will be really and definitely happy when that day comes....