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Personal Message

Facts about me and K-pop



1) SUJU's no other was the first K-pop song I've heard.

2) After School bought me to K-pop.

3) I've got obsessed with EXO for quite a long time. Monster was the first EXO mv I watched.

4) It took me nearly one month to properly figure out all the EXO members names. :D

5) I've fallen in love with Lay :)

6) Seventeen's don't wanna cry and BTS's I Need You are becoming my favorite, along with EXO's Baby and Don't Go and Black Pearl.

7) I love all the girl groups, but SNSD and 2NE1 are the best. Now Blacpink too :D

8) For me, Chen's voice is the best, Taehyung is close second. And for girl groups, Hyorin and Taeyeon.

9) Taehyung, Sehun, Mark, S.Coups, Taeyong, Myungsoo, Vernon, (Kris and Luhan) and Yixing, the  handsomest's XD

10) I adore Lisa.

About Me

 Hey, it's Lisa, the absolute exo trash from India....


I love Exo the most.... but

It's impossible to not to love the others

So, I love each and every other groups, boy or girl


(Actually, I love everything this beautiful Mother Nature has blessed us with)


So spread love, don't hate

Hate is the cruelest word in dictionary

Don't be cruel.

Keep smiling, it brings love and joy even to the saddest heart 

Love, Smile, Laugh