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Personal Message



Frei, because I'm Freitty. Hanah because I'm Hanahzing! 

LOL. Jokeeeeee! I'm just trying to be goofy. 

Howdy, awesome creature! 

Thanks for dropping by on my profile!

I would like to give you my personal info, but mmm.

I'm a impassive person.

I don't like people who crave for attention.

 Things I like to do?

Err, not going to say them. It's too ing weird to be mention. lol

Anyway, I'm not really into K-pop that's why I only like few groups. 

Fangirlling is so not for me..


See those girls above? Well, they're the only group that I love!




People that I like..... 

I ship..


MyungYeon and WooMin