Would it be interesting to read a BTS fic where there were polls at the end of each chapter and the readers could decide what might happen next?

  • Heck yeah!
  • eh, not really..

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I love BTS, DAY6 and GOT7 :D (But BTS is my favorite)

(I listen to other groups too, but boy groups, only select songs from girl groups) 








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Hello! I love BTS, DAY6 and GOT7 :D (But BTS is my favorite) I also love BAP, SEVENTEEN, SHINee,BLOCKB,EXO,Super Junior and BigBang, but I just listen to the music, I don't know anything about the members xD

ARMYS WELCOME! If you want to write a fanfic, need help or ideas, and just want to talk about BTS (or Kpop in general), let me know! :) (Totally does not get Let Me Know stuck in her head from saying that...) 

Biases: Jin is my Bias (probably obvious because of my user) He's just awesome! We're so alike it's crazy :P
Doonwoon is my DAY6 Bias, we're both drummers and he's just adorable ;.; Mark is my GOT7 Bias! My English speaking bias yessss
Baek is my Bias for EXO, Sehun is such a close second tho o.0


I pretty much just read BTS ff's, and my ships are: VKOOK
I love them all so much!
I pretty much read any BTS ship tho bc I'm ARMY trashhh XD RIP


Note to peoples:
I Don't roleplay or do that stuff, so don't bother asking, sorry BUT if you need help editing a story, I'd love to! Can be any ship, the only thing is I may not know the characters as the kpop stars, but read it as a normal story and such ^^


 So yeah, basically me ^^ ~Rin







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