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About Me

Just a newbie to KPOP World..

My ultimate 1st love is T-ara..

Bias? My first bias is Eunjung.. But then, Soyeon be my bias wrecker.. 😂 Love all the six members though.. BQSEHJ

Their song just awesome.. Especially their B-side..

Then, get to know SNSD.. I forever choose OT9 though..

Bias? It should be Yuri at first.. But then, Taeyeon and Jessica be a bias wrecker as usual.. Then, Yoona also come.. So, now I still confuse 😂😂.. Maybe Taeyeon is the one now..

Then, get to know GFRIEND, APINK, TWICE, IOI, INFINITE and others..

Their song quiet cool..

Oh yeah, forgot to say..

I'm a girl group trash..

And for now, only Infinite get to broke into my list.. And maybe some Wanna One song, BTS song manage to get into my playlist..

Nowadays, I adore almost all the participants in The Unit.. Prefer Unit B more.. Euijin, Daewon and others.. They're so talented.. For Unit G, I prefer Euna and N.CA though.. Can't wait for the final.. Ok.. That's all..

Anyway, T-ara will forever be in the 1st place..