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                                                                      Name : Choi Min Ki

                                                                                    Stage Name : Ren | Len
                                                                                    D.O.B : 3rd November 1995
                                                                                    Position : Maknae , Mood Maker
                                                                                    Weight : 56kg
                                                                                    Height : 179cm

                                       Ideal Girl:A girl who “lies down looking at the blue sky above the green fields”.
                                               Personality: Unpredictable cute guy with metro ual charm

                                          *Looks above and blushes then hides my face* I'm innocent~                          

                                               Single and Forever Alone Taken   married                                         

                                                  by:The cute,y,and beautiful Minji


She is the most sweetest,cutest,funniest,and iest girl,I mean look at this~

So~~~~cute~~~,but guess what~

SHE IS MINE~~~~*Hugs her protectively*,if u hurt or flirt with her*craks my knuckles*you will need to go to the hospital after im done with you.

I'll ask her one question which would be...

anyway~,Nice to meet you :),how are you~?

I like having friends,so I hope we can be great friends


I'm cute please dont hurt me~*hide my face*or i'll get Jr hyung on you~

Jr hyung:


He takes very good care of me when I feel bad or i'm sick,he looks out for me basicly.

I'm his angel of darkness(only he understands wat that means)

Anyway.....*smiles*I'm very shy around Noonas,so if I act shy its not acting,its for real.

My hyungs and me:

Aaron hyung:


Minhyun hyung:


Baekho hyung:

My buddy list~:

Yeeun noona~:


My favorite noona so far in this rp.She is nice,and careful.Which is why she is the first person on my list.

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picture spam of awsomeness~




I am an epic person rping @ house of epic~~!!