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Hi, I am your shameless crack authornim hidden-tracks you may address me simply by tracks~ *sips wine* I'm 21 this year, been active on this site only recently since September 2017 - before that I'm just a phantom lurking on this site with 0 activities. I write fanfiction (mainly VKOOK) with the aim to incorporate mindblowing s(e)x scenes inside similarly mindblowing plots to org(a)smically mindf(u)ck my readers on their g-spot. Don't read my M18 stories if you're under 18, I don't want to scar you for life...unless you want to be scarred then I'd say whalecum XD 


If I friend requested you then it means I want to be friends with you obviously XD I want to make friends with the writers I subscribe to and the readers that subscribe to me or even just simply people with the same KPOP interests as me i.e. those that fancy the same kpop groups as me so let's stay mutuals for a long time sweethearts <3 and for folks with similar interests that want to friend request me, go ahead because I love making new friends. Saranghae chinggus  <3 



I love mainly BTS and iKON. As a hardcore ARMY, my ultimate bias is Kim Tae Hyung who I hypothesize to be an endless blackhole because I seriously tried to unstan him but I can't. My ultimate bias in iKON is Junhoe because this man is PERFECT from his voice to his jawline and to add on he has a unique sense of weirdness and humour which I absolutely adore. Both Taehyung and Junhoe have deep bass voices which is what gets me sqealing every single time I listen to BTS or iKON's music. 

My current newest girl group obsession is RED VELVET. I have a woman crush on Irene who to me is arguably the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in awhile, besides myself and my mum of course. Everytime I see Irene's face I question my uality.

I'm an EXO-L too wait hola DON'T FIGHT ME I love both BTS and EXO and I won't tolerate any bulls(h)it saying that I can't love both because to me they are all amazing and beautiful artists #SpreadLoveNotHate #FanWarsNeedToStop P.S. I AM LOW-KEY OBSESSED WITH KAI, THAT HUMAN IS BEAUTIFUL I THANK HIS PARENTS FOR MAKING HIM EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE. I also think Kyungsoo is a genuinely cute person :)

I love GOT7 too and my bias switches constantly between Jackson and Bambam like my indecisive brain is perpetually confused, unable to settle on choosing one boy permanently because both HOT AS F(U)CK DON'T FIGHT ME.

SNSD is my classic favourite girl group. I used to learn all their songs and dances and even perform them like seriously I miss them y'all, I miss my yuri oppa too to no ends T.T #OT9

DBSK is my classic favourite boy group dont even talk about them to me I love them too much I've watched their variety shows, learnt their songs etc they are part of my childhood and part of my soul and it still breaks my heart everytime I reminisce them T.T #OT5



No ads on my wall, I won't read them. PM me if you must.

Again, if you want me to check out your fanfic, do not wallpost me. PM me if you must and ask politely. Be nice and I'll be nice back.

Do not rush me for updates in a disrespectful manner.


And for those who read all the way to the end of this YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTELY AMAZING HUMAN. Stay awesome, have a nice day and peace out :) <3