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Which story would you like to see first?

  • Midnight Lover (JinKook)
  • Private Lessons (YoonMin)
  • Innocently Yours (VMon)

Personal Message

Hello, everyone! 

I'm Libby, and it's so nice to meet you!


This is my new account, so I hope you all like it!
Formerly known as 'calmgoddess21'



About Me

Ultimate K-Pop Group: BTS/Bangtan Boys
Bias: Kim Seokjin/Jin
Favorite Song: Boy In Luv
Favorite Ship: JinKook

Favorite Underrated Group: Up10tion
Bias: Lee Dongyeol/Xiao
Favorite Song: Catch Me
Favorite Ship: Weigyeol

Favorite Concept Group: Vixx
Bias: Kim Wonshik/Ravi
Favorite Song: Light Me Up
Favorite Ship: Navi