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About Me

Annyeong, I'm Vanessa, but call me HyoYoo. I live in Los Angeles, USA. I'm really friendly so come talk to me anything. You can always come to me when you need any help or if your just simply bored. /smiles brightly
I'm pure byuntae and a weirdo, I love skinship, so don't be shocked if I touch you anyway, mostly hugs. I will be younger than most of you all but that shouldn't bother you, right? haha
If there is anything you need, just ask ahead, I'm pretty open about information, unless its really personal, haha~

Lets Talk About Love
Relationship Status: Taken

Name:  Phoebe
Since: July 31,2014
Message: Saranghaeyo yeobo, please take care of me deh? :)
The History I Make

My past isnt that bad but not that great either. My parents are divorced, im in major depression and everyone has been backstabbing me. Normal things some people would go through. People say I use my past to get people to talk to me but I dont like attencion. I'm sorry but I'm not like those girls. Think again please.
My life isnt as easy but some people go through more than me, and i understand that. I wish everyone the best they can possibly get. Good things do come around the corner once in a while.

I Can Trust You

~ Tricia (not online)
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The Song That Shows How I Feel

LU:KUS So Into You