About Me

Kim Taeyeon and Stephanie Young Hwang; they are...

I'm a huge sone. Girls' Generation is my fav group if you haven't noticed. Been with the girls for roughly 8 years now. My blood will forever be pink. 

If you want to chat with me then do drop a msg on my wall or PM me. But please don't send me one message then never speak to me again. It just makes my wall/inbox messy.

I'm a reader. Recommend me a taeny, yulsic, yulti, jeti, yoonhyun, yoonyul, yoonsic, taengsic, soosica, soori, soosun, sootae, kryber, or chomi fanfic and I'll be sure to check it out.

I'm a writer. I write taeny fics since I mainly ship taeny, but if someone asks me to write a yoonyul fic, I most definetly could. The problem is that I often get writers block and can't update anything. 


I'm a female student from the midwest. My age is somewhere between 13 and 17. I enjoy playing the piano, guitar, flute, clarinet, trumpet, and percussion instruments (although I find snare a bit difficult), but I wish I could play the saxophone. 

I love to play football, soccer, tennis, softball, kickball, basketball, and floor hocky. I will beat you at floor hockey anytime, anywhere. I'm also pretty good at foosball.

*I miss my old About Me. TT It'll be back soon once I find more pics. Haha*