Personal Message

Hello i'm Cheonsa_Jeonghan. I'm a writer, a roleplayer and professional fangirl and stalker. lol I like writing angst, romance and fluff. I also like cliche love stories (for some reason) I enjoy writing mpreg and crossdressing aus too! 
My bias group is SEVENTEEN but i'm multifandom af. my biases in svt are all 13 members tbh but i have my top 5. its jeonghan, cheol, mingyu, jun and the8 ! I love yoon Jeonghan, obvs. and my main OTP is Jeongcheol but I LOVE A LOT OF OTPS I SWEAR. I have a lot. I should post my bias list somewhere. I stan a lot of girl groups. my main gg biases are red velvet, twice, blackpink , aoa and gfriend. i love my girls seol, eunha, yeri , jisoo and mina !!  
If you wanna know more, hmu in my sns accs. I respond as fast as my time would allow and I need friends. Lmao see ya around!