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Before we proceed, I have a warning to issue. If you mess with me or my friends, attempt to or do plagiarize us, start needless drama on my wall or a friend's wall, upset my people, diss a ship, idol, or other individual or ideal that someone may like, I will make sure you wish you never came across this . 

If you romanticize , self-harm, abuse, or other such content, I will have some things to say and they may make you cry, since I have been known to lose my censor when people do those things.

Before you ask me personal questions such as my uality, get to know me first.  No random wall posts have made me angrier than "are you gay" from someone I had never spoken to.

Other than that, I really don't bite! Feel free to send me a wall post or a private message and get to know me better.

about min!

Dongmin (also known as Min) is an aspiring graphic designer and author hailing from Middle-of-Nowhere, United States. (Also known as, the state of Oklahoma.) He has been a member of Asianfanfics since September 2015, but didn't publish his first story until December 2015.

He has garnered a reputation among his friends for being the person who always changes his username far too often. There was even a streak where the username change was monthly, and then he changed it twice in one month. However, it seems like krisyeol_always might be sticking around for a while.

Dongmin started actually writing on Asianfanfics after deciding that there weren't enough stories about B.A.P on the site. His attention later shifted to Exo, then Infinite, and finally BTS. Other groups gradually joined the pool of those he wrote about, but his first stories have been deleted and he doesn't write so much about B.A.P anymore. He does enjoy reading about them, though.

Dongmin got into graphic designing in June 2016 and hasn't stopped since. While his original designs, and all of his designs from 2016, honestly, may have been cringeworthy, his latest designs are getting better and better. He may not be on the scale of people like his mom or Kimririn, but at least his designs aren't literal trash anymore!

Dongmin also has a reputation for starting new stories almost as much (or more) than he updates his older ones. However, he's working on that and gradually improving.

Dongmin would like to thank his readers for being patient and supportive of him even when he doesn't update for over a year. (Yes, he has done this.)

He would also like his friends for throttling him whenever he starts a new story when he's supposed to be updating an older one. :D

Though he tends to primarily refer to himself as male, for whatever reason is formed in his brain, Dongmin doesn't care how he is referred to (except on certain days). He uses both male and female pronouns, and occasionally uses it. But that's usually as a joke, so please do not call him an it or he will probably throw something at you.

Outside of Asianfanfics, Dongmin writes his own books and designs covers for them (which he will never use because the designs look like ).

He also enjoys drawing and often draws characters from his books and his fanfiction or a friend's fanfiction. (I.e. Shin Jineul of Inside The Mirror, Jang Dongwoo of City of Goodbyes, and Shin Jineul of Ephemeral Crown).

He started drawing in 2013 and... well, let's just say he's come a long way in drawing as well. He also enjoys reading, which he has been doing for a long time (since he was two or three, in fact).

Outside of these hobbies, Dongmin has physical hobbies as well. He's enjoyed dancing since a young age, and while he hasn't taken professional classes in close to, and possibly over, eight years, he continues to dance whenever he gets the opportunity - be it at home, on the sidewalk, in the skating rink, or when standing in line at restaurants.

He also takes martial arts and is a first degree black belt. Dongmin is also learning to play the keyboard and the guitar, and while he used to take lessons in violin, he's given up on that altogether. His older sister is a violinist, anyway, so the family doesn't need another one, right?

who am i?

A child of the antichrist who has a compulsive need to write every idea I've ever had down into a full story and then stress myself out about finishing them. And Lee Sungjong.


This user is very prone to ranting, cursing, squealing over the gay, and fanboying over anything and everything Lee Sungjong. Also spams people with Lee Sungjong.

I claim people as family members and never let them escape. Sometimes they are claimed against their will. 

Studies have shown that this user tends to miss replies often and make them months later. His stories often suffer the same, or worse, fates. Readers be warned. 

Also, I'm pretty much borderline atheist so most religious conversations would be useless with me oops.

Genre list!

Coming soon gaha

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GROUP NAME // name / name / name

GROUP NAME // name / name / name

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GROUP NAME // name / name / name / name

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GROUP NAME // name / name / name

GROUP NAME // name / name / name

GROUP NAME // name

GROUP NAME // name / name / name / name

family list!

corrupting mum

shimmy shimmy cocomom


peanut eomma

mom who doesn't know she's min's mom

mom who doesn't know she's min's mom #2

gay satan dad/mom

gay elf dad who min inherited sass from

fragger mom

auntie biah who doesn't know she's min's auntie

auntie aemilius primester



min's actual sister

literally min's missing part

twinzie 1

twinzie 2

min's partner-in-asshattery dongsaeng

noona of the year award winner

exception-to-an-important-rule noona <3

evil noona

the head who thinks she loves min more than min loves her

the baby crouton <3

min and sun's daughter (but she doesn't know it)

min's first baby

still min's baby though she may have forgotten

min's granddaughter

my otp list!

Kris x Chanyeol [krisyeol]
D.O x Chanyeol [chansoo]
Kai x Sehun [sekai]
Suho x Chen [suchen]
Kyungsoo x Xiumin [xiusoo]
Kyungsoo x Chen [soochen]

Hoya x Dongwoo [yadong]
Myungsoo x Sungyeol [myungyeol]

Zico x Jaehyo [jaeco]
U-Kwon x B-Bomb [ubomb]

Moonbyul x Solar [moonsun]

Wendy x Irene [wenrene]

Yongguk x Himchan [banghim]
Daehyun x Youngjae [daejae]

Wonho x I-M [wonkyun]
Shownu x Jooheon [showheon]

Krystal x Kai [kaistal]

Those were the otps I could think of (I probably have others buried in the recesses of mind). I do ship other things, though! Those are just my pairings-of-pairings, the ones I love most of all. ;D