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so what do you write:

That's a good question, so glad you asked. Basically everything. I write a wide range of themes from fantasy to college stories, and sometimes even mixed. I definitely prefer to write fantasy, though. (I fancy myself as a fantasy author, silly me.) 

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Posted on November 30 2017
what would you suggest to new readers:

If they want to get a taste of my work I would suggest checking out things like The Asylum and The Blade of Amethyst... I would suggest a more light-hearted story but I don't write many of those.

#suggestions #whattoread
Posted on November 30 2017
Jaesang asked:
wtf do you do, sit on the toilet and wait for fic ideas to come out of your

Actually no. Although I might try that some time. 

#ask #authorquestions
Posted on november 30 2017
why are your stories subscribers-only:

Due to incidents with plagiarists and my friends being victims of plagiarism, I set them on subscribers only. I feel bad about it, but I do what I have to.

#plagiarism #subsonly
Posted on november 30 2017
who is your favorite muse in fanfiction:

Kim Jongda(mnhe'shot)e. He's so easy to write and ugh, I am in love with this man (someone help me and save my marriage please). He fits every genre, every theme, everything. Yeah, Kim Jongdae. 

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Posted on november 30 2017
I'm becoming a certified Chen author and I don't even mind."
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Posted on november 30 2017
are there other authors you suggest:

Oh, absolutely. I happen to be surrounded by talent. I would suggest throwingpineapples, Blu3Wind, MissMinew, and Lindanele for starters. It's been a while since I really read anything on Asianfanfics, but those four are a good introduction. 

#authors #suggestions
Posted on november 30 2017
where do you see yourself in four years:

Moved out, working, having a published book or two. Maybe even dating. I'd like to cross that bridge when I get there, so we'll see in four years.

#future #unclear #fouryears
Posted on november 30 2017
krisyeol_always said: 
write an about me or basically just describe me in a nutshell and I'll rate it out of ten in accuracy

"A child of the antichrist who has a compulsive need to write every idea I've ever had down into a full story and then stress myself out about finishing them. And Lee Sungjong."

#thisisme #summedup #1000outof10
Posted on november 30 2017
how long have you been writing:

Not even I know the exact time. As far as I can remember, I started when I was seven or eight. I may have been younger. It's been a long time. I started writing fanfiction when I was thirteen, though. 

#writing #time
Posted on november 30 2017
#appreciation #chen
Posted on november 30 2017
could we have spoilers for your new story:

I would love to say yes, but no. I don't like spoilers. It's one of those read-and-find-out stories. Oops!

#chenyeol #fanfiction #spoilers
Posted on november 30 2017
what's your newest story:

Blood In Silver, which I expect will become a masterpiece. Before anyone asks, yes, Chen is one of the main characters. 

#stories #newworks #bloodinsilver
Posted on november 30 2017
captain of the chenhope ship.
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