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Just another worthless liar.

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I am eatthefxckinthorns.
You may call me Min if you wish.
I am old enough to know better but too young to give a .
I am probably not from planet Earth.
Gender not applicable.
Never judge by the dp.
I am a very odd individual.
By odd I possibly mean creepy.

The following is a list of samples of Min's writing. You can check them out if you wish. Don't run screaming to Min if you are offended or traumatized by any content.

Most soulmates find each other in more normal ways, but every pair finds each other differently.

Yifan's soulmate asks him for nudes.

Rated: M
Status: Incomplete, Members Only
Chapters: 3

I've heard many variations of my life story over the years. The only thing anyone agrees upon is the identity of my mother; and no one can, or will, tell me who my father is. My sixteenth birthday approached, and I still didn't have the slightest idea who he is - that is, until the strange boy broke through my window, claiming to be from another world.

Rated: M
Status: Incomplete, Subscribers Only
Chapters: 3

Ha Maerin has lived her life within the cold stone walls of the compound. She doesn't know what the world outside the towering gray walls is like, but she knows what the world within is like.

Or so she thinks.

When a mysterious stranger who claims to be a human but doesn't look like any other human she's ever met before knocks on her window one night, her life changes drastically-- and whether that change is for the better or for the worse is yet to be determined.

Rated: Not Rated
Status: Incomplete, Members Only, Subscribers Only
Chapters: 6

At first, it was labelled little more than a legend—the story that one day the sun would fall from the sky, caught by the forces of darkness.

Jin Kimyung hadn't wanted to believe it was possible—but the sun has been lost, and it's up to him to find her again.

Rated: Not Rated
Status: Incomplete, Subscribers Only
Chapters: 2