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♧ Simplest Words can Inspire Others ♧


☆ Courage others, yet remain firm in your criticism.

☆ Don't judge ty OCS when your OC is just as ty.

☆ Critique, but don't condemn.

☆ Creative imagination is key!

☆ And finally, end of critique should uplift the person, not (fully) dishearten.

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Semi-life is My Reality


Hai! My name is Lizabeth, and I'm a bit of a nerd, and I'm an average teenager living the phases of teenage life. As of current, my life isn't that all interesting, and I make up for it by writing and doing productive work, but truthfully, it's not all that productive. I like reading fanfiction, but I don't mind alternating real life situations into contemporary fantasy.

I am in love with Kpop boy bands, and Jrock boy bands! ^_^ I am a fan of EXO, BangTang Boys, Big Bang, F(X), 2NE1 and One Ok Rock.

I love reading contemporary fantasy ((Harry Potter, Divergent, Percy Jackson, Chronicles of Narnia, Illusive, ETC...)) I suppose it's real life, but that change of reality that's different from the normal. So, I'll probably write in modern time with flakes of fantasy. Mainly, I could type this on any other fiction/Writing website, but I've found interest in this site for... my reasons, which I will withhold to myself.

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Energetic Xtremely (young) Oppas = Fangirls ♧

I thought this might be a bit entertaining, so, I decided to create to this questionnaire pertaining to the only Kpop band I'm familiar with (currently). Maybe these questions would inspire you to think of answers, too.

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Q: Which (EXO) member can you relate to the most?

A: Honestly, I can relate to D.O the most. He seems introverted, and doesn't carry (many) socializing skills, and barely laughs at common humor. He's very organized, arguably a perfectionist and gets agitated easily. Not only that, but cocky in his talents. Yup, D.O and I would be twins.

Q: Which (EXO) member is your opposite?

A:  Tao, Baekhyun, Chanyeol. Infinity Tao. Childish, loud, annoying and... Brash, are not my thing, but I find it admirable.

Q: Which (EXO) member would you talk to first?

A: Honestly, Chen, and maybe Kai. Chen doesn't have that, "look at me, I'm EXO and you must know my name." Vibe, and Kai could be that transfer/foreign exchange student that I could befriend and hang out with. 

Q: Who's your favorite member?

A: Tao, Chanyeol, Xiumin and Kai. 

Q: Who's your least favorite member?

A: Lay, Suho, Chen and Luhan.

Q: Which (EXO) member is your ideal type?

A: Ah, probably... Chanyeol. I think he would bring fun and optimism, and would raise my moods. He's usually outgoing, and very sociable, so he would balance out my introverted side. I could say the same to all other childish members, but Chanyeol knows when to become mature and serious, so yeah.

Q: Favorite (EXO) power? 

A: Teleportation (KAI), Telekinesis  (LUHAN), and Flight (KRIS).

Q: Which (EXO) member would you be?

A: Baekhyun, or Kris.

Q: Pale or Dark?

A: I don't care.