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When its All Over

Most people would run away from danger, but Yun Mi craves it. She craves the thrill of being carefree and irresponsible. The dream is so real she can almost taste it, but first, she must rid herself of all that will hinder her progress.

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Charactersidols actors tvpersonnalities
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Beautiful Race Queen/Model

ByDearCloud9 updated
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Boys over Flower II: Eternal Love [HIATUS]

Byreyaakoh updated
CharactersKim Hyun Joong,Kim Kyu Jong, Heo Young Saeng, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung Jun, Lee Min hoo, Ku Hye Sun, Jung So Min, Kim Bum, Kim Joon, Kim So Eun,Lee Min Jeong,Kim Hyun Joo, etc.
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  Fall in Love Again for the second time around. A l


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As fiery as sparks. As fast as heartbeats. Previously post

Losing To You

BySophAidenRyan updated
CharactersKim Min Seol, Baek Eun Jo, Oh Ha Ni, Baek Seung Jo, Hwang Geum Hee, Kim Eun Jae, Oh Gi Dong, Baek Soo Chang and many others...
With15 chapters, 10 votes, 142 subscribers, 5850 views, 125 comments

Baek Eun Jo was many things BUT he was NOT a coward! How dare that infuriating girl call him that?! He would give her what she wanted and what he wanted somehow too...

Mix Lyrics

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♂ S O S H I 5 ♀ Graphic ♛ shop { ★ ☆ OPEN ✮ ✯ } ... ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ❀ !

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CharactersCnblue Snsd Infinite Exo Suju ... all kpop bands couples
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Hello everyone:

Fallen Angels (Currently on wait for the time being)

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Fallen Angels

For the Love of Him

ByLovemyphone updated
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For the Love of Him

Her honest mistake

Byyangdee18 updated
CharactersKrystal | Kai | Sehun | OC
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For years, they were unbreakable and they formed dreams together. Dreamed of forever to happen, promised that this would come true but promises were meant to broken. Now, they were still together yet they were so far away. Kai changed into a mysterious and cold man everyone was drawn to, she changed into the drama queen she vowed never to be. They both made a mistake. The mistake of only revolving around each other, the mistake of believing everything they said. Love would never be a


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Shaking Heart

Byiheartskpop updated
CharactersSong Miryung (OC) & Kang Jun (C-Clown)
With46 chapters, 12 votes, 4950 views, 34 comments

      Being pulled together by their parents into an arranged marriage, Kangjun and Miryung met for the first time. They didn’t get along, although their personalities were alike. Both despise each other because of their stubbornness, family names, and pride. However, Miryung definitely caught Kangjun’s attention. He never thought any girl would catch his attention, nonetheless the girl that his parents picked for his arranged marriage, but Miryung most

That Smirk

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›› Title: That Smirk →A u t h o r :: caramel_brulee


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Here, you can find K-pop lyrics of all sorts and maybe Japanese songs and some mashups! :D Hello, welcome to the place where I store all the lyrics of certain songs, you are free to request, I won't mind. For mashups and remixes, please bear with me, all lyrics may be incorrect © to all owners :) note: not all lyrics are color coded ♒ mashup♓ korean

The Acacia Treehouse

Bypauleenisvavavoom updated
CharactersSeohyun, Kyuhyun
With6 chapters, 1 votes, 4 subscribers, 170 views, 1 comments

Seohyun is  9 years old and together with her friend Kyuhyun, 10, their eyes are opened to the way of life in a sleepy provincial county in Korea. Watch as the two share laughs, tears, fears, love, and friendship all in their Acacia treehouse. 

すごい ‹ sugoi, the roleplay for the weirdos // IF YOU'RE SUGOI AND YOU KNOW IT, JOIN US!11!!!! LET'S SEE IF YOU CAN WALK THE TALK B\

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 sugoi rp 

1004 ( Trilogy to B.M.L & S.L.A )

ByPABOSX updated
CharactersBANGTAN (BTS), BAP, You.
With12 chapters, 6 votes, 25 subscribers, 8 comments

1004. A Story of Love. Starring : BANGTAN (BTS) , BAP, You. Trilogy to BE MY LIGHT & SKOOL LUV AFFAIR BANGTAN  

My boyfriend is super playboy.

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CharactersLee minwoo Shinhwa Andy Eric Hyesung Dongwan M JunJin
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Hey..guys.Am Kokonovel.I am a fan of Shinhwa......my friend who always big fans of Shinhwa suggest me to write story for her and Shinhwa Lee Minwoo.So i give it a try,hope u guys support me.(she try to make me crazy with Shinhwa too). Lee Minwoo is known for his talent in song wirting , compose , dance and also his vocal.After Shinhwa comeback , they recieve so much love from their Chango fan club Shinhwa become a top boy band again.Minwoo is the only one in Shinhwa that super play

Dating the King of Jerks

By2yendis updated
CharactersKim Sumi (you), Jo Youngmin, Lee Taemin, Kpop Queens members (fictional), Boyfriend members, Shinee members
With23 chapters, 4 votes, 55 subscribers, 4240 views, 55 comments

  Hi! I’m Kim Sumi, better known as Taylor. I’m the rapper of a kpop group named “Kpop Queens”, but I’m not a normal cute kpop artist, I’m a tomboy. Everything in my life was perfect until THE JERK of Jo Youngmin appeared. And you may ask: how do I know this jerk? Well, I’m filming a drama, starring ME! Yes, I’m the main character and Jo Youngmin.

Pick Up Sticks

Bysmexykpop updated
Characters[Main] Henry Lau, Chaerin Lee ; Lee Donghae, Dara Park
With9 chapters, 4 votes, 20 subscribers, 510 views, 8 comments

There's one thing I learned... It's easier to pick up girls while I walk my dog but harder to pick girls when I don't have my dog and when you're interested in them

Never Again

Bycherry_love_blossom updated
CharactersKim Myungsoo, Hye Ju (oc)
With1 chapters, 2 comments

They've been married for some time now but never once had they share a romantic night, not even day together, but Myungsoo won't let that happen anymore. He's going to make her his no matter what it takes.

Fated to Meet You

Bybling2jonghyunlover updated
CharactersMain Characters: Jonghyun, Claire, Rose, Tiffany [not SNSD], Sophia. Plus other characters added along the way.
With15 chapters, 33 subscribers, 1310 views, 68 comments

Who could have guessed that a guy who sat right next to you in a concert could be the Kim Jonghyun you admire every night before you go to sleep? Claire never thought that she would ever meet any of the SHINee members in person. However, one fated night changed everything. Thinking that the famous idol will never date someone like her, she continued on with their friendship. Love guided them to open each ot

I Can Hear Your Heart

Bydbskgirl4ever updated
CharactersPark Minjoo (OC), Lee Jong Suk, Kai (Exo)
With29 chapters, 490 votes, 2689 comments
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Even if you can't say anything, I can still hear your heart.

Girl with the Americano

BySeunghoon501 updated
CharactersChoi Yura (OC) | Kim Himchan | BAP
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  Money is not everything, but love is everything that destroys one person's life; that's her, Choi Yura's philosophy. No matter how old she gets, she had no intention to fall in love with some stranger. She just wanted to live her life with no trouble. Working, earning money and settling down in one pretty apartment in that bustling city, was her life