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Chapter 32: My heart breaks... Soo Jin experience hearrbroken for the first time.
Chapter 2: The second hand embarassment I feel after reading... my gosh Soo Jin... haha
Sehun would make a hot gangster in rl XD
Chapter 46: I like this! Hope to see more great stories from you! :)
Miikorin #5
I quite like the plot and how gentle sehun is but the thing is that you made sojin character seems like self centered egoistic girl and bratty plus how she always end up get into trouble seems unnatural to me. You describe it as if sojin herself want to get into trouble, like i can see it beforehand everytime she will get into trouble. Maybe if you reduce the mind talking sojin 'hell yeah i'm ahn sojin' a little bit it will be better i guess. But since this is you first fanfic, it's great that you can write good first plot like this. Fighting!!
Tbh i always like fanfic, i've read it from this site since 2011 and found a lot of amazing stories but i'm sorry this isn't it.
This story is pure gold..i really love itt
Chapter 48: Wow. This was a great story. Though I wonder whatever happened to YooRa.
Chapter 45: So, I'm confused. Whatever happened to Yoo Ra? Did Se Hun say something to her? She's not pestering Soo Jin.
Chapter 36: Oh man, Yoo Ra is going to get punched when Sehun finds out what she did.
Chapter 20: Se Hun is slowly weeding himself into Soo Jin's life. LOL!
Chapter 14: Oh wow. I'm so sad about Sehun. :(
wow i'm excited to read this story.
wow i'm excited to read this story.
DinoChenChen #14
Chapter 45: Loved it
I'm reading this again.♡♡♡♡
whiterose12 25 streak #16
Chapter 45: Reading this wonderful story once again ^^ and that BaekYeol moment :))))
Chapter 45: One of the best fanfics I have read. Authornim, I really love the story. I'm going to read this again.. Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful story with us!!!
Chapter 45: A great story...Soo Jin thoughts and feel is so real.Love how she thinks..and finally realizes that she cares for awesome story .
Thank you..
Chapter 45: I'm reading this again
whoisyouz #20
swaglord #21
Chapter 45: cute story!!
I really enjoyed reading it..
thanks for sharing it with us :)
rarasiputricantik #23
Chapter 48: AHHH i really love your story, i finished it in two days<33
mia171996 #24
Never get bored with this fic even if read many times....... This is one of the best fic..... Thank you authornim for writing this..... Its my favorite
Chapter 44: Ugh finally it was like going in circles all over again if she didn't admit
kaixoxo01 #26
sehun is so cute
KimsKibum #27
Chapter 45: Guy: *breathes on Soo Jin*
Se Hun: *Appears from nowhere are dropkicks him* Dont touch my girlfriend!
Kyungsooa #28
Chapter 47: i'm honestly surprised by this story, the first four chapters were (i'm sorry) pretty badly written, but the plot was still good so i gave it a chance, turns out the writing did a complete 180 and turned really good! great story, now i'm off reading the other ones! keep up the good work!
Yo! Hehehe
Simaexo #30
Chapter 1: Second time reading its one of my favourites
Fambamexotic #31
Chapter 1: Second time reading. This is one of my favorite fics <3
FirexIce #32
Chapter 35: The story always ends with 'stupid gangster kid'.Lol
zahramalik #33
Chapter 13: I love this fic very much. I read this fic for nth times. Sorry I don't count how many times I read this fic -_- . But seriously this fic is one of those best fics I've ever read. Good job author-nim. Actually, I love all your fics ^_^. Keep it up author-nim.
I love gangster Fics! Gonna check this one out
beastot6 #35
Chapter 18: love your story. goodjob author nim
Chapter 24: 2nd time reading this, but still got butterflies in my stomach just like the first time....From my opinion sehun seems to be stalking soojin... Cuz everytime soojin gets in trouble, sehun was always there to be the knight in shining armour... Not so sure about this cuz its been a long time since i've read it
ssupv1 #37
Best story ever!
Simaexo #38
Chapter 45: It was really a great story i felt every moment of it
tierara #39
Chapter 37: I cried reading this chapter im so emotional bye