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Could you please make some of JR from Nu'est?
Or Zelo from B.A.P?
Can I use some scenery icons in making a personal layout in rpr? ^^
SoaringCliche #3
Chapter 2: DOOJOON <3
He's so awesome XDD
SoaringCliche #4
Chapter 17: Those are cute ^-^
SoaringCliche #5
I have a 'comment'
How about B2ST/Beast or F(x)
I'm such an addict by the way
Cute Icons ;3
[deactivated] #6
Chapter 12: These are pretty~ *_*

How did you make them?
_snowqueen #7
Chapter 11: Ahh!! G-dragon!!! You're good at making icons!
_snowqueen #8
Chapter 9: Thank you!!! Can I upload them in aff? The icons are very wow! Kamsamida!!
_snowqueen #9
Can I request for some Luhan icons please?