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OkSooyeon 0 points #1
Chapter 77: I'm crying.....
Ammargeddonn #2
Chapter 77: Shld have kept one alive...
cupcakekrazy #3
Chapter 77: I read this fanfic again and still cried harder than the first time
good job!!
Donajimin #5
Chapter 77: This is so sad...
giyongchyxxx #6
finally it's back!!!
gielidya #7
Oh my God...
I just found this fic..n asked maself why missing this one for sooo long...
But then i realize, there's a lot spoiler below..that cause me not to read it hixxx..
I'm so sorry authornim..i'm sure this fic is a masterpiece but i can't stand crying a river for ma babe (kris/zico)..huhuuuu
Fluffydar #8
Chapter 77: The waterfall I am making now is huge~ All of them dying and all these truth bombs flying everywhere. Too many feels. I'm dying.
nfs_95 #9
Chapter 77: why?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Niho16 #10
Chapter 77: Omg why why, why must they die :(
But still loved your story, especially with the plot twist at the end. I really didn't expect it.
normalgirl #11
Chapter 77: Whyyyyy..... since she discovered kris and am holding my breath... i think they should reward you author nim for that hahahha must of your stories are hold breathing... but I don't regret reading them:)
Keep going author nim you have all my support
OHMYGOD!! This is like my gangs bible from years ago! And I must say this story is like one of the things that got me into aff (and also making gang au my favorite!) I remember checking a few months ago but couldn't find this ㅠㅠ
I can't believe it just got featured now?
Anyway I will be rereading this and I'm gonna bask on the feels lmao
loveyellowxoxo #13
Chapter 75: First Zico's death made me cry and I cried so much I'm not even flinching when Jungha dies?? But this is brutally sad like this fic is the angsty shiz. My lord I feel so depressed like Kris lost his love, Jaehyo his sister. FLUBBERING DUCKS THIS IS SO SAD
Sweetart #14
Awe the last few chapters got me so emotional T^T
karden_bhutia #16
Chapter 67: I'm a hard core Kris wu's fan..but I fell in love with jaehyo and are soo sweet and a lil selfish and make some move..and Yi fan..don't cry baby..everything is gonna be all right ..great story author nim!
lufanfan #17
Chapter 77: this isn't even second lead syndrome because he wasn't technically a lead but this story seriously has me effed up in my jaehyo feels
hlakupaw #18
I am impressed, I'm going to have to check out more of your writing because this really brought it home. My heart is going to need some time to heal, sad love story though. Love Kris but Zico love was the best, pure and beautiful to beautiful.
ana02_02 #19
Chapter 24: This is sooo depressing T^T I feel like punching someone right now T^T
Missmaya #20
Chapter 12: T-T
ana02_02 #21
Chapter 18: Authornim~ TT TT TT TT TT
ana02_02 #22
Chapter 14: My heart just broke into thousand pieces TT
ana02_02 #24
Chapter 12: My heart is aching TT
ana02_02 #25
Chapter 11: This is soooo frustrating TT goddamit they both like each other TT why gotta make it complicated TT damn you ZICO!!!!! Urrrrrggghhhhhhhhhhh
Hermin #26
Chapter 77: Omg dear author i dont know whether you read this or not but from my deepest part of my heart the truth is this story touched me. I had written many comments to many authors and many stories presisly 550 stories but i know this is the only ONE THAT MADE ME CRY MADE ME SORROWFUL .best wishes for your next works.WITH LOVE,ADDAL RAKKINI.FROM INDIA
_felicia_mariah #27
Saw it was featured and was like why not read it to see that it's by one of my favorite authors on here. Welp I know this is going to be good. Seriously am subscribed to so many of your stories too lol
congratulations on the feature!
Chapter 77: Oh my goodddddd I forgot how much I loved and obsessed over this story!!! Reading this again after so long and all my emotional feels are backkkk ughhhh. Beautiful story!! I feel like I just ended a really good drama and don't know what to do with my life. Damn. Probably gonna reread it now.
Chapter 9: HOLY CRAB- THAT HEATED MOMENT IN DA CLUB- your story is awesome! :DD
congratulations ;)
Wow I still remember that I used read this story in 2012 and that's the reason why started to follow exo omg, I want to cry when I saw this.
choco_angel1 #35
Chapter 1: Congrats on your feature!!!!!!!!
vanillamochis #37
Congrats on another feat
Omg. I thought this story was in private. I miss reading this!
congrats :)