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Chapter 77: :'c
stephanie1138 0 points #2
Chapter 77: Love it!! It's not cliche. The plot is interesting too.
k_i_m_v_i_v_i_a_n 0 points #3
This will be my first time reading this and the forward makes it sound really good
Ckykok #4
Chapter 19: omg thankyou for putting it back author-nim! i read it back then in highschool and now i'm already writing on my undergraduate thesis
AnitaSA #5
Chapter 77: I actually subscribe this story from a long time...I rarely open up my aff acc....and its already completed...I spent lots of tissue while reading the sad really tore my heart...I was so inti the story. YOU DID A REALLY GOOD JOB AUTHOR NIM I LOVE YOU SO MUCHHHHH THANKS FOR THE BEAUTIFUL STORY!!! xoxo
AnitaSA #6
Chapter 77: I actually subscribe this story from a long time...I rarely open up my aff acc....and its already completed...I spent lots of tissue while reading the sad really tore my heart...I was so inti the story. YOU DID A REALLY GOOD JOB AUTHOR NIM I LOVE YOU SO MUCHHHHH THANKS FOR THE BEAUTIFUL STORY!!! xoxo
Ygdexo #7
Swpsndiwn T.T this was so sad ;A; I keep coming back to read this whyyy. Zico and her didnt even find out about their feeling for each other in the end *sobs*
mylovejj #8
Chapter 77: OMGG This is the best story I rede so far ..I cant beleive all the characters died..this story made me laught, cry and happy..thank u author-nim
BakaKristin #9
Chapter 77: Wow. This is an amazing story. And this story really made me realize that not ALL stories end with a happy ending. Really great job!
[deactivated] #10
Chapter 77: I REALLY hate sad endings author nim. And the fact that I thought this story will end up with a happy ending which it didn't.... makes my heartache. Nevertheless... You really did a really good job making me as your reader feel so much emotions while reading this.
munaali #11
Chapter 21: it's a real greet story ^^
Yuki2591 #12
Chapter 77: This is one of the most amazing story I've ever read~! I loved it but hate the fact that all three main characters had to die in the end T.T i was hoping for a happy ending! ~ but overall i loved it! Thanks for writing such an amazing story ♥
LittleSunny #13
Chapter 51: can't get over both the happiness and sadness of this fic even finishing this fic for long time ~
It is tragic yet unique n special <3 with wondeful n amazing characters. I cherish it alot <3<3
author-nim, you are so amazing :) <3 <3
Hotpinklady #14
Chapter 77: Love u for this amazing fic but at the same time hate u for making them all died authornim.. hehehe. I love this fic authornim. Hwaiting...
miruka #15
Chapter 77: Omg ㅜㅜ what should I say.. this is one of the best I ever read!!! The plot and characters are developed greatly. Author-nim waeeee ㅜㅜㅜㅜ now what about jaehyo ㅜㅜㅜ I teared in shock knowing his truth ㅜㅜ I stupidly spoiled myself by accidentally scrolling thru comments aaaa this bittersweet ending ㅜㅜ thank you for the great story author-nim, like zico, you are jjang!!
Chapter 77: I can't believe you killed off all three characters... Crying and now I'm reading another one of your stories. Plz don't kill of anymore people or at least save the good peopleeee. I like your work though so don't get negative lol. :)
xX-I_Rove_Ricee-Xx #17
Chapter 77: Not to be creepy or anything but I LOVE U AUTHOR NIM !! haha xD i love ALL your stories and this fanfic is on my top 10 list <3 i love the way you write , usually your stories make me cry or laugh or both xD and the stories you write are never boring ; keep up the great work author nim CC; haha omg im still crying why do they all have to die TT^TT <//3
ch3nya #18
Chapter 77: Even though this story was the one that made me cry the most i freakin love it! Ohmuhgosh it was a freakin amazing story! Oh gosh i'm still crying
emptyvoid #19
but...this plot is absolutely amazing.
and tbh i don't even know anything about block b but the plot is just so oijgiaojg thanks for making this story ><
AppleAnt #20
Chapter 77: What a sad ending....but I still love this fic very much!!!
jcx305 #21
Chapter 77: this was really sad, but i really liked it.
-misshellopanda #22
Chapter 77: Yeahh. Love is bitter and sweet. you make me learn something meaningful in this story. I love this story. I like how you make your story different than others and admire how you arrange your plots perfectly. Continue your great work! hehe
xxRizuixx #23
Chapter 77: I loved it . It was different than any other fanfic . Because of this I admire your work so much for writing a tragic story with an unexpected ending which threw most of us off yet in a way you made the saddest ending the best . I'm not very fond of gang stories but this is an exception .
MsStealYourOppa #24
Chapter 77: the last chapters had me in tears
This was such a sad fanfic, but it was so perfect
jellar #25
Chapter 77: Oh My God~I only can say this.
Oh my tears are falling..So poor ...
I never read a sad fanfic before but this fanfic is really touch... ><
* Baby Don't Cry Tonight *I should listen Exo song ....
Catherine0303 #26
Chapter 77: why why why did they all have to die ??? </3 Kris my poor baby :(
Chapter 77: This so good I'm tearin up. T____T I loved the ending!
tariluvsjotwins #28
Chapter 77: Kris!!! No!!!!!!!!!!!(!!(
*heartbroken......very heartbroken..

""Best story evA!!
GcielrooD #29
Chapter 25: I'm starting to re-read this story all over again. and I dont get bored.

I told you..this is the best story I've ever read in AFF. trust me. even I'm not kris hardcore. but this Amazing story make me love him more..
tariluvsjotwins #30
Chapter 26: i really feel like smacking the living shiz out of Zico right now!!! just confess already....gaaaawwwd!!
[deactivated] #31
Chapter 77: AIIIISSSSHHHHH~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!! Wae!!!??? Why did they all-- Ugh. TT^TT But it was a good story :) Only I'm still bitter because my husband-- *chokes**sobs**breaks down and cries* Ah, jinjja :'( Gonna miss reading this, though =\
idol-obsession #32
Chapter 77: This is so freaking amazing. I'm glad you didn't write a cliche ending and this is just beyond perfect. It's so sad but so beautifully written. So many plot twists<3 I wish you had mentions block b though at the end...
TheOfficialDork #33
Chapter 77: Amazing. Absolutely brilliant. The drama in this fic was too good .. such great plot twists as well. I mean, the cold Jaehyo as Jungah's biological brother ? lol. Dang.
I'm glad it wasn't like most fics where the characters magically come to live & usually there's a happy ending or some . This fic really tears at your feels. ;c I don't think I was the only one that cried. You're an amazing author. I can't wait to read the fics you come up with.

All in all, this whole fan fiction itself was bittersweet. Author-nim, jjang ! ~
pUrplenErd #34
Chapter 77: Omg! This fic has so many emotions, feelings and love <3
GcielrooD #35
Omg!!! This is
the best story I
ever read..
minchoiho #36
Chapter 77: One of the best stories i've ever read.
Acctually i don't really like sad ending,probably bcs i usually read happy ending stories...
But this one is amazing!!so dirrefent from others..this fic made me laughed,blushed (bcs of kris ofc),cried..
You really wrote an amazing story!! Thank you for wrote this dtory ;;
[deactivated] #37
Chapter 77: I read it again and it never fails to make me cry.. *sob* TT^TT
KaiBaekhyunLoverr #38
Chapter 77: Oh. My. Effing. God..... <3333333333
KaiBaekhyunLoverr #39
Chapter 70: Oh my goodness... do you realize... omg I just cried. No joke I bawled my eyes out. I sound like a pathetic loser but I was crying so hard because of this chapter. Oh my effing god. How could you let zico die like that!? WHYYYY (trying to say you're an amazing author and writer who personally touches your readers' feelings and emotions. Omg)
allorysayshi #40
Chapter 77: This story......SO MANY FEEEEEEELLLLLSSSSSS </3