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Chapter 4: Aw, poor Chanyeol ;-;
Byundiva #2
Chapter 19: I really love this!! Keep writing ♡♡
Miokon #3
Aww, I love Chanyeol here, awkward but adorable.
A good story, so thank you. ^^
Chapter 19: I remember the first time I read this fanfic back during the time you published it and that was really the first fanfic I'd ever managed to complete. I LOVE the way you write, the characters, story, everything. I'm so happy my bestie recommended it for me back in 2012, because it's seriously my favourite fanfic ever. I came back to it yesterday night, finished it tonight, and it's really as good as I remembered it, if not better now. Thank youUuUuUu for making this~ you're the best ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
EXO-l_army1 #5
How cute
Chapter 19: After 4 years I read thus again because I was like checking my labels and this was tagged as my 'favorite' to be honest I forgot the story plot so I read it and I recalled why I labelled this as my favorite!! I Love This Fic!! I Love awkward Chanyeol!!
Chapter 8: Chanyeol is soo good to everyone. My reaction is the same with Baek when I read Chanyeol finished his homework
Chapter 7: I lovelove kai so freaking much
veronicaB #9
I reading for the second time. Love this
Iyesss #10
Chapter 19: Love the plots with all the fluffs and right amount of angst in between ❤️
Chapter 19: I really really really love this story..
I smile laught pout and cry when read this..
Its so beautiful cute heartwarming and heartbreaking
Thanks for this amazing story ♥♥♥
TotallyKaiwaii #12
Chapter 19: I love this fic so much
MilaT96 #13
Chapter 19: I love re reading thia~
MilaT96 #14
Chapter 14: This chapter hust breaks my heart </3 i love baek, but here he is just too clueless and 'ruined' yeolie's dream </3
MilaT96 #15
Chapter 12: I found this again and had to reread <3
killmemore #16
AngleNight69 #17
Chapter 19: This story was so nice.I can't stop reading it even though I'm really sleepy right now.haha
Chapter 19: Thank u for this beautiful fanfic authornim! I should've been memorising my speech for tomorrow but I ended up reading this and couldn't stop :') I love awkward Chanyeol so so much :') thank u again for writing this omgg *adds to list of fav fanfics*
ChanBaek69614 #19
NenaUnnie #20
Ah yes, one of the first fanfictions I've read, brings back memories, I really loved this story, made me fall in love with chanbaek even more. I remember how I was thinking 'Baek, why you have to be so stupid', haha. Now I want to read it again. Thank you for writing this!
Chapter 19: This fic was amazing :)
jenjenbyun #22
Chapter 19: Thank you for writing this. Omg. I really love Kai's character in here cuz hell its like me and then chanbaek I'm asdfghjk love this!
MilaT96 #23
Chapter 7: I just hate baek so much atm... But still i can't... I really thibk he hust doesn't realise
exo8090 #24
Chapter 19: Its been like 3 days and im still not over this.....
Chapter 19: Gosh..the feels...!!(;ω;)
exo8090 #26
Chapter 14: T.T
exo8090 #27
Chapter 13: :'(
exo8090 #28
Chapter 4: I have a really bad feeling about jonghyun....
Chapter 19: AHHHHH I love this story so much! Its beyond cute! Clingy Chanyeol is adorable. Ugh but when Chanyeol was crying and heartbroken, my heart broke too </3. But luckily Baekkie pulled his head out of his and fixed it. The ending was super cute too and very fitting. I loved it, thank you for writing this. You did a great job :)
Nyieist #30
Chapter 19: Here you go my heart ❤️
Take care of it, it's you're responsiblity now
Chapter 19: It's a cuuute~ and fun reading xD thanks for writing :D
Zeebeer #32
Chapter 19: This is such a cute fic! I loved reading it, thank you for writing this story :) xxx
Tykkii #33
Chapter 19: I'm so late to the party but omg the story was written so adorably! The sad parts got my poor heart aching and it was PAINFUL
But Jesus all the fluff I'm dying Baekyeol is life. I'm bloody baekyeol trash again thanks to your fic HAHA

/throws love to you/ A baekyeol story I'll probably reread at least 100 times when I'm sad
shinhara22 #34
Chapter 18: I wpuld just call them my life partner maybe?
shinhara22 #35
Chapter 11: Omg poor chanyeol ><
qxcqxc #36
Chapter 11: .........oh wow wow okay i feel really awkward reading this chapter
Luigi0 #37
Aww that's so cute!! Loved it!