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I always come back to this story and reread it! One of the best Chanbaek stories ever <3
chocolatecheese #2
Chapter 19: Great and smooth one authornim.. congrats and love ya
Chapter 19: After listening to Chanyeol’s cover of Creep and reading this, I cried so freaking much. Honestly at the beginning I thought Baek was hella selfish and a terrible person but he got so much better at the end,, this fic was a roller coaster
Chapter 19: 2 years later and im still crying this was so beautiful
Chapter 19: I love the way you were able to convey their feelings. It was very realistic. I was so glad when Baek realized his true feelings. I kept going back and forth with my sympathies. Good job!
littleyamu #6
Chapter 19: omg i am reading his at 1 am and i jus really want to thank you for writing this amazing fic
i am soooooo in love with and the ending is just supeeer cute
Just here to re-read this piece of pure gold for the millionth time because I went to a bulgogi restaurant and was reminded of Chanyeol xD
[deactivated] #8
Chapter 4: Aw, poor Chanyeol ;-;
Byundiva #9
Chapter 19: I really love this!! Keep writing ♡♡
Miokon #10
Aww, I love Chanyeol here, awkward but adorable.
A good story, so thank you. ^^
Chapter 19: I remember the first time I read this fanfic back during the time you published it and that was really the first fanfic I'd ever managed to complete. I LOVE the way you write, the characters, story, everything. I'm so happy my bestie recommended it for me back in 2012, because it's seriously my favourite fanfic ever. I came back to it yesterday night, finished it tonight, and it's really as good as I remembered it, if not better now. Thank youUuUuUu for making this~ you're the best ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
EXO-l_army1 #12
How cute
Chapter 19: After 4 years I read thus again because I was like checking my labels and this was tagged as my 'favorite' to be honest I forgot the story plot so I read it and I recalled why I labelled this as my favorite!! I Love This Fic!! I Love awkward Chanyeol!!
Chapter 8: Chanyeol is soo good to everyone. My reaction is the same with Baek when I read Chanyeol finished his homework
Chapter 7: I lovelove kai so freaking much
veronicaB #16
I reading for the second time. Love this
Iyesss #17
Chapter 19: Love the plots with all the fluffs and right amount of angst in between ❤️
Chapter 19: I really really really love this story..
I smile laught pout and cry when read this..
Its so beautiful cute heartwarming and heartbreaking
Thanks for this amazing story ♥♥♥
TotallyKaiwaii #19
Chapter 19: I love this fic so much
MilaT96 #20
Chapter 19: I love re reading thia~
MilaT96 #21
Chapter 14: This chapter hust breaks my heart </3 i love baek, but here he is just too clueless and 'ruined' yeolie's dream </3
MilaT96 #22
Chapter 12: I found this again and had to reread <3
killmemore #23
AngleNight69 #24
Chapter 19: This story was so nice.I can't stop reading it even though I'm really sleepy right now.haha
Chapter 19: Thank u for this beautiful fanfic authornim! I should've been memorising my speech for tomorrow but I ended up reading this and couldn't stop :') I love awkward Chanyeol so so much :') thank u again for writing this omgg *adds to list of fav fanfics*
ChanBaek69614 #26
NenaUnnie #27
Ah yes, one of the first fanfictions I've read, brings back memories, I really loved this story, made me fall in love with chanbaek even more. I remember how I was thinking 'Baek, why you have to be so stupid', haha. Now I want to read it again. Thank you for writing this!
Chapter 19: This fic was amazing :)
jenjenbyun #29
Chapter 19: Thank you for writing this. Omg. I really love Kai's character in here cuz hell its like me and then chanbaek I'm asdfghjk love this!
MilaT96 #30
Chapter 7: I just hate baek so much atm... But still i can't... I really thibk he hust doesn't realise
exo8090 #31
Chapter 19: Its been like 3 days and im still not over this.....
Chapter 19: Gosh..the feels...!!(;ω;)
exo8090 #33
Chapter 14: T.T
exo8090 #34
Chapter 13: :'(
exo8090 #35
Chapter 4: I have a really bad feeling about jonghyun....
Chapter 19: AHHHHH I love this story so much! Its beyond cute! Clingy Chanyeol is adorable. Ugh but when Chanyeol was crying and heartbroken, my heart broke too </3. But luckily Baekkie pulled his head out of his and fixed it. The ending was super cute too and very fitting. I loved it, thank you for writing this. You did a great job :)
Nyieist #37
Chapter 19: Here you go my heart ❤️
Take care of it, it's you're responsiblity now