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lilac109 0 points #1
Chapter 2: Annyeong, chinggus! Thank you for the support for this new ff. I wish I could update quickly but work and life has me tied during the week. I will try to update weekly, if I can. Thanks to Supermich_zero (for creating an account! I appreciate that, chinggu!) and YEighty for leaving your kind words. Hope you like "Off-Balance" ^_^ Till next update! SoLim fighting! (could be quite literally for this fanfic. lol)
YEighty #2
Chapter 1: Seoulmate it is so great !
Soul matchmade in heaven and on earth !
Love to the earth to the sky ! Next chapter, I am ready ! Thank you for the story, thinking of solim playing this role is daebak !
You published one book why not a second ! What about giving your story to a producer movie, it would be so wow ! Good day !
Supermich_zero #3
Chapter 1: Woohoo!!! I just had to create an account now coz i realized i never did set up an account and dropped any words of my undying admiration to your work "Half a year". So here i am doing it now. Oooohhh I'm guessing the 200th client is... *wink wink*