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Chapter 10: Ahh, one more chapter left! Noo :< But this chapter was so sweet aw :3 Maybe not when Seulgi was angry at Irene, but the rest was pretty cute haha It's good that Seulgi was okay with Irene going to the U.S, Irene would probably regret not going some time later in the future. I'm proud of Seulgi ^_^ It's such a pity that you yourself couldn't study overseas when you had a chance, but maybe there will be something good on your way someday! :)
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Chapter 9: Poor Irene. I wouldn't be surprised if she and Seulgi caught a cold. But her running away did something good! Her parents will get closer to Irene I think. It's very good ^-^
Now, that I think of it, no one else have to accept their relationship. What's important is they have each other and their parents, and if someone doesn't understand that they just love each other, then they can go and fxxx themselves >.<
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Chapter 6: Kyaaa, they kissed dhjsgsygdsy How fweaking cute! Aw *u*
Poor Irene, she had to experience such a horrible thing :( The teacher better spend long years in jail and realise what he did was a bad thing. And he better don't show in front of Irene or Seulgi ever!
But I'm so happy for the girls <3 And Seulgi realised her feelings! How good ^o^ I'm proud of her :3
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Chapter 11: this is the 4th time I finished re-read this fic. My one of favorites seulrene fics here in aff. whenever I craved for something fluffy I always come here :" Bless you and your imagination! Sumpah ga pernah ga fluttering tiap baca ini. bikin terus pengen meluk guling mulu wkwk.
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Chapter 11: The amount of fluff and angst was great, love the fic
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Chapter 5: *squeal!* The last scene! Omg, so cuuute :3
It's such a pity that Seulgi and Soojung's friendship had a break. Seulgi wouldn't be as lonely during these 2 years... But that way, her and Irene's friendship seems more special, right? ^o^
Soojung did well asking Seulgi if she loves Irene <3 Seulgi will realise her feelings sooner that way, right??? :D
Gosh, I still can't get over this chapter's sweetness XD
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Chapter 4: Oh man. I didn't even take into consideration such a negative scenario. Poor Irene! Seulgi did well though. She could punch Nana and not just slap her (just sayin') lol But it would be probably too much XD
Mrs Kang is such a boss! I hope she will appear some more in the future. Her advice was gold :DDD
Damn, they said I love you to each other! How cute. Now they have to fall very deep for each other. And to do this Seulgi have to make Irene feel better ^o^ (tbh honest I don't think she HAVE TO lmao) XD
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Chapter 3: Something is definitely wrong with Irene... If she wasn't bullied then what? Maybe she was accused of having an affair with a teacher? Or someone much older, if what Nana said had some truth into it. Or maybe someone found out that Irene is lesbian and the word got around? I can't think of more theories right now haha
I'm happy that the girls were having fun together and Seulgi has some friends now. It's so nice to read about Seulgi finding happiness and all ^o^
But I'm afraid of the next chapter, what if... Irene murdered someone!? :O Nah, she wouldn't XD
Chapter 11: ;-; this is so fluffy, I like it
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Chapter 2: I love this story already. The talk between Seulgi and Irene... Them baring their feelings to each other... It was seriously beautiful and so pure. I hope there's going to be more fluff than angst ahead of the two. Both Irene and Seulgi are already hurt, so I hope there will be mostly happiness when it comes to them >3<
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Chapter 1: I can relate to Seulgi on spiritual level lol We have so many things in common, but I can't sing and I don't have Irene next to me lmao
This story intrigues me! The first chapter gained my interest already, and makes me want to read more ^u^
Gonna check the next chapter quickly then! <3
Chapter 11: MOST AMAZING AND HEARTWARMING FF IVE READ SO FAR!! ❤️ So beautifully scripted and written!! Honestly, I randomly came across this ff and decided to just give it a try!! I’m not even a reveluv, what more a seulrene shipper? HAHAHA BUT AWWWW I could literally feel the love between them!! ? thanks author-nim
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Chapter 11: I usually don’t like reading a story that has little bit of chapters, I don’t know why. However this story is beautiful. I finished it and all I can say is WOW. It’s so sweet with a little bit of spice. Good job
This is really good definitely checking it out
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I really love this story~
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this story is so cute that i can't stop re-reading it
Chapter 11: Ohhhhh myyyy goshhhhh this is absolutely a masterpiece. Such an amazing story you have here. It was written very well and if you say english is not your 1st languafe. Trust me it was absolutely fine and great. I hope you'll write more stories. Thank you for this author-nim
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Chapter 11: So amazing and adorable, the best story ever... Thanks a lot ??
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Chapter 11: thank you.
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Chapter 10: thank you for writing this book. i'm not finished reading it yet but i know ill love the ending. i am also sorry you didn't go overseas but i hope you get another chance to chase your dream
Chapter 11: Thank you
Chapter 11: This is definitely in my top RV fics now
Chapter 11: bEAUTIFUL
congrats on the feature!!!!!!!!
Chapter 11: This is the first girlxgirl story I've ever read. And it's so beautiful. I love them both. They're my two biases in the group ^-^ and I loved their story so much *-*
And I know I'm late but I wish for you a happy New year ^-^ <3
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Chapter 6: i mean like i like rv but i dont stan them and,,,,,,
this is so beautiful :'))
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Chapter 11: This was super good!
Chapter 11: ok uhm this is the first girlxgirl fic ive ever read bc i dont stan many girl groups and theyre just not as common to me so idk its hard to find one that catches my eye,,, i saw this and i dont even stan rv??? but like i know their names at least so i was like heck why not and wow this is so beautiful?? what have i been missing??? its literally so good thank u for creating this art :'> anyway my comment is already too long and i have to go bc i need to learn more about rv now, you've gotten me interested c:
thank u so much for this fic, and congrats on the feature ♡
Chapter 11: The feels. Great job author-nim~~
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Chapter 7: I feel giddy when they both getting closer. Also, a day late but congrats for getting featured
Chapter 11: I am lucky cos 8 can read this good story of yours.
Thank you for sharing
And once again congratulation for getting featured
Nice, Seulgi scored during prom ?
Chapter 11: Second time I read this fanfic and I love it! It’s so beautifully written, and I love seulrenes relationship, the smooth way they got closer and how wendy, Joy and yeri were also present through their journey
Chapter 11: Ahhh happy for them. And congratz on getting featured ^_^
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I will be rereading it for a 4th time ^-^ I love your story! Congrats on your featuring!
Chapter 7: Omg her dongsaeng... waeyo!!