Help! Looking for a co-author! | Sehun x OC fanfic

I'm looking for a co-author to help me with a story that I want to write. I have plotted the whole story already though I don't mind to change or add new plot twists. I need someone whose English is at a good level at least. No need to be a pro, because I'm not an expert either.

The story's genres are as following: romance, slice of life, angst and a bit of drama. It involves angst because of the female lead's past. The characters consist of: Oh Sehun, OCs and Chanyeol or Tao (can't decide on the last one yet as it involves the role of the 'bad guy'). And because I'm not sure if anyone here still reads or writes fanfics featuring Tao since he's not an EXO member anymore. ):

PM me if you're genuinely interested!
Thelittlereader 2 months ago
I can be your co-author!^^
2 months ago
i am intersted, and m'y english is quite good