Motivation to write

Do you have any tips on how to bring back one's motivation to write?
zweilts_lawliet 2 months ago
just took a rest and don't feel pressured.
2 months ago
Personally, I have scoured a ton of venues in a desperate attempt to gain my inspiration/motivation back.

Whether it's fanfiction, poetry, or a hardcover book, reading other people's works has tremendously helped my motivation. Plus, it inspired me to, perhaps, broaden my horizons as a writer. I always get an idea that I had never once thought I would have the ability to write.

Over the course of years, I have accumulated around 1,000 songs in my personal playlist because I needed new music to refresh me on inspiration. Sometimes I use it for the mood of the story, wherein I play a handful of musical selections on repeat until I'm finished with particular chapters, or just the entire story itself. Personally, I feel a deeper motivational connection to music and lyrics than I do to reading an entire book. (But reading does help to broaden your vocabulary and grammatical styling.)

Observing ordinary things throughout my everyday routine such as people, places, things, the history behind them, or current events in news. That type of inspiration can be overlooked more often than you think. Sometimes I'll view them in a different way than what they are initially perceived. Also, this can be referenced to how I gain inspiration from music. Sometimes people think, "Oh, I need to look up the lyrics and see the meaning behind song," but I usually try and imagine how it could be, instead of how it really is, and in a way, that gives my creativity a long-needed exercise.

Perhaps if you have another medium, you can switch it up. There's a saying that goes along the lines of, "If you happen to forget something, don't waste your time trying to remember it. It'll eventually come back to you." If I'm not suffering from an artist's block, I'll use drawing to my advantage until my writer's block makes it way back to me. Basically, I try to keep my creativity flowing on a constant basis. If writing happened to be my only medium, I would take a break for a week or so, but get back into it immediately no matter how bad it was.

Writing is almost always a matter of perception. So if you are suffering under the writer's block, perhaps your perception needs a little more broadening. Change things up. Watch the news. Observe passersby in your everyday life. If you have a close friend or family member, they might just be your ticket to getting those creative juices flowing again. Ask them questions about how they perceive a subject or if they're open to honesty, ask them to explain their life story.

Inspiration and motivation is always passing you, the difficulty of obtaining it is just for you to open your mind a little more to something new and something overlooked.
2 months ago
pesonally i get motivated when i look back at everything i wrote by far hahahha...i hope my comments can help
2 months ago
read some fanfics...wander around n just check without reading too much,you will find stories that get much of good feedback n maybe you can get some ideas from those.find those that are barely noticable as well...idk personally when i search for new ff to read,i get hyped to create my own one again. n when i find ffs that are great yet barely noticable , i know there is still a place for everything that i will write.
2 months ago
Listen to music. Different types of music give you different types of idea.
BaeSu-ji-Noona4Ever 2 months ago
This definitely doesn't work for everyone!
2 months ago
- If it was me, I would try reading some new books, or listen to some music, at some point you will feel some inspirations and would want to write something.
2 months ago
read a book, look at random prompts/quotes, music, jolt random thoughts/feelings down
2 months ago
This definitely doesn't work for everyone, but I often force myself to write until I get into the flow of doing so.
2 months ago
1) Read, read, read. Whether it's fanfiction or published books, seeing another person's writing might inspire you to pick up the metaphorical pen and do the same. I suggest you read good stories, but in case spite is your motivation, bad stories is also a starting point.

2) If you lack ideas or have issues getting back in the way of things, searching for prompts and writing based on them is another good option. The main goal is to write as much as humanly possible.

3) If possible, don't proofread the things you write at first. You are your worst critic and if you took some time away from writing, it might feel like a disaster despite it not being all that bad. Write something and close the window quickly after.

4) Another tip that ties in with the first one is that if while reading a story it inspires you or you would've written a scene differently, do just that. Obviously, don't publish it, but it is a good exercise.

5) There is no universal hack. Try out all the feasible options out there and see which one works out the best for you. For some it might be listening to music, for others going on a binge reading.

Good luck!!
2 months ago
Go out and take a stroll. Look at the trees, listen to the birds, watch people have a cup of coffee, see children laugh. Basically these little (but meaningful) in our daily lives are what give people inspiration to write and who knows, might motivate u:)