Please help me!!!

I love someone who never loves me....I'm friends dzoned ...he just used me to make his crush jealous ...but now he is committed with an other girl ...I'm depressed . If you like to discuss my problem PM me

What should I do??

[deactivated] 5 months ago
@exoknksvtbtsnct Thank u dr for ur concern ...I've started ignoring him already and it seems there is no problem for him even if I go out of his life so it's the best option to forget him
5 months ago
Honestly, no matter what you tell, I will never understand your situation. I've liked someone for 7 years, and that wasn't too much for him but it is for me. And even now, when I see him, my heart skips a beat everything I've forgotten how he looks like. I mean, it's a magical thing and completely unexplainable so if you want to move on, you can. But there's a part of him in your heart that will makes you always want to stay close to him so he will feel safe, even when he wasn't meant to be yours. Being friends is alright, okay? Another option was wait for him? Of course you can, that's it if you're strong enough. As for me, loving this person of mine taught me to be stronger than my other friends who's complaining about their 2 months heartbreak. It all happens too fast and unconsciously, and 7 years passed, I could move on, squealing over other guys, but he's still there in my heart, just isn't as deep as before. Can't you see? The point here is feeling heartbreak and accepting that you love him even when he wasn't meant to be yours is a process of forgetting someone, a process of moving on. You telling us about this means you've had enough and probably it's time to either forget everything or do something bold like pounce on him or some stunts like that. And by trying to get his attention, that will only happens, only if, you really want him. Andddd only if he shows a few signs of flirtation. Only if he actually interested in you back, which is impossible if there isn't any drama plot like holding hands, exchanging sweet glances, books dropping and getting assignment together, will never happened in real life. Accept it. So, girl, pull your now and make a choice. It's hard, but I promise you, as amazing as you're feeling right now because of his-so-called-perfection, you will definitely feel the same when you're falling for the next guy, who probably, might be, would be your true soul mate, twin flame, whatever. That unimaginable guy that you think will never choose you, do exist. He just didn't see you yet, and maybe you never did to him, too. Wait. Just wait. Patient always worth it. And this amazing guy just needs the right time to come to your life.
[deactivated] 5 months ago
Yeah moving on will be the better option i think
5 months ago
Just move on.