Background image

Can anyone help me how to insert background image to a story?
kenihun 1 week ago
@Baekhyunprincess Anytime!
1 week ago
@kenihun thank you!
kenihun 1 week ago
Oh, I mean at the very end of Foreword box, I'm sorry.
kenihun 1 week ago
I assume you already have the link?
If that the case, you have to click Edit Foreword of your story. After that, at the end of Description box, you will find "add background..."; click that and paste the link you have. Lastly, click save.

You may want to wait for a few seconds though, for the link to work. I have once pressed the save button right away and it didn't work. So, I left it like few seconds before pressing the save button again. However, it may vary in devices. Hope it helps!