Doctor Stranger feels

So i am curently on episode 5 of doctor stranger and I can't continue without saying how I feel so far.
1. I think Seung Hee is Jae Hee
2. Soo Hyun seeing that her mother actually cared for her is making me want to cry........ in chemistry
3. I can't watch this without being in the feels

I swear its like I have a love hate relationship with k-dramas because every time i watch one it makes me hate it and love it at the same time lol ^u^/T-T
1 week ago
@OuKanha lol
OuKanha 1 week ago
Ooh I was so obsessed with this drama whilst watching it! I practiacally binge watched all the episodes in like two days XD!
1 week ago
OMGG GIRL WAIT FOR IT!! There's so much that's going to happen and rbh this is one of my fav dramas!! I love it so much that I hate it!!
1 week ago
4. i also think doctor Jae Joon is an -hole