Why is being white so desirable to people around the world?

For a long time, I've seen people go through extreme measures to look like a white person. I've seen dyed blonde hair and blue coloured contact lenses being used on a daily basis. I understand it's a choice to how you look, but I'm talking about the people completely abandoning their nationality and pretending to be something they are not. Yes, it's their choice but I just find it frustrating. Why can't people embrace their nationality? But my main question is, why is being white so desirable to people around the world? Is it because they are assumingly more beautiful? I have no idea. Please, do not bash or judge in the comments 3
23 hours ago
I really have no idea. All races are beautiful, I guess it just depends on your version of beautiful. Though there are a lot of white people who try to look like other nationality's. I guess it's just because it's more desirable to look like someone else because we don't think we're pretty. That's my theory.
empathy 1 day ago
@Armyster You're still a teenager, there's no need to state biological facts because you're always growing. Whether you're 15 or 95 you're always learning so no need to be hard on yourself!

Of course people don't mean to be mean but that's what we call micro-aggressions so I hope this girl you know has some thick skin.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask! Whether it's about race or just life in general. I'm only 20 so I may not be that old but still, haha.
Armyster 2 days ago
@empathy No but I should be an adult. Adulthood starts when childhood ends so I've been an adult for 5 years in the area of psychology, 6 in the point of biological view and according to my church 2 years. And adults know like 85% of all stuff because they watch news. I only read what Kim Kardashian wore last Friday.

But I'm sure it's different in the mid US, here in North people are very curious, a black girl I know have gotten very weird questions, such as if her blood is thicker (asked by a 15-year-old girl) and people don't (usually) mean to be mean, expect one man in a coffee shop and some 10-year-old boys
empathy 2 days ago
@Armyster Honestly, my feelings weren't hurt it's just that living where I live I have to deal with a lot of crap from people way worse than you. From your profile I can see you're still young and hopefully someday you can understand that hairstyles aren't just hairstyles.

I have black hair, as in hair that is naturally thick and is extremely big. Throughout my life I have been told my hair is ugly, that it's too big, that it's too distracting for (white) people. I also live in a primarily white state in mid-western America so people love to judge here. I even got sent out of school because my own natural hair looked "dirty". Now, yes dreads are just a hairstyle BUT for people like me who if were to wear it in our own countries and go to work, we'd probably face losing our jobs. I once got kicked out from my job training for having dreads and they told me to come back with "better" hair. I've also been fired for wearing my natural hair in an Afro because it wasn't presentable enough. If people want to wear dreads they can, but the fact that I as a black woman get judged for wearing them but everyone else gets to say it's "cool" and wear them without judgement is wrong.

ps: You're not a monster, you're just learning and the fact that you replied to me means that you're a decent person who just needs to just open up to more perspectives.
Armyster 2 days ago
@Persont Same thing was in Europe in some century, I can't remember which one and for same reason, rich people were more pale. But nowadays, being pale here in Europe is a bad thing, because it means all you do is work so you're not a rich person who can fly abroad and spend a week or two in your beach house :'D It's funny how it changes. Same goes with abs here, earlier it was like "oh you have abs you must be a poor farmer" but nowadays it's like "oh, you have abs, you must work out a lot, you must a have a lot of free time and a nice job" and also being chubby was good because well, food costs money, but nowadays it's all being skinny. I wonder what is beautiful in 22nd century.
Armyster 2 days ago
@empathy Fine. All I'm saying that it's a hairstyle, but if it's so important to you, then fine, I'll start to judge it as well. I'm sorry I clearly hurt your feelings, I didn't mean to and I am sorry about it. Apparently I am that horrible teenage monster who has no experience about the real world.
Persont 2 days ago
are we talking about idols dyeing their hair and liking paleness and wearing contacts? (thats what i'll talk about today cause im korean and im not about to write about things i have 0 background on). the thing is, in asia (more specifically korea), being pale is considered good, and beautiful, because korea has always been full of farmers and fishermen- so most people were really tanned. But rich people, who never had to work outside, ended up really pale, and rich is generally associated with beautiful because rich people have more resources and time to focus on beauty and because they don't have things that might come with being a poor laborer (scars, pockmarks, sunspots) and that association of pale=rich/elegant/beautiful has stuck in korea (however it hasnt in the western world). so in korea, pale=beautiful. as for hair dye and contact lenses, i'll have to agree with missminew- exoticness, being striking, standing out is a big thing in the kpop industry- its another way of being different, and its fine by me as long as there's no cultural appropriation (is bad, bad, v bad).:)
empathy 2 days ago
@Armyster There is so much ignorance in this comment, I'm honestly not even shocked. You basically said, "I'm white, I'm liberal, and y'all minorites should get over it because I can't do whatever I want :'( !" How sad. But it's not like I expected a white person to understand the complexities of being a minority and facing actual racism. Go and have your pity party and go wear some dreadlocks. You could also call me the n-word while you're at it. Have fun! :'))
Armyster 3 days ago
@MissMinew Btw I have a great story it has nothing to do with this topic, but my forefather lived in German in 17th century, then he stole stuff (apparently a lot of stuff) and was sent to a jail to SWEDEN (God he must have stolen a lot of stuff) and then he got transferred to Finland (which was part of Sweden at the time) and when he got his freedom back he just decided to stay in Finland, he bought two storehouses for food (I don't know where he got that money from tho) and I have no idea what he did for living but now, 400 years later, I'm living here, two kilometers from those storehouses :'DDD

Tho my family is a lower middle class, the government owns the storehouses now and there's a museum that isn't a very good one. I went there once and God it was a two silent museums next to each other.
3 days ago
@Armyster I'm pretty sure you misunderstood the debate with dreadlocks. Taeyang was called out for it, Taemin was called out for it, Kai was called out for it. And mostly by black people. It really has very little to do with the hairstyle itself and everything to do with the fact that black people (particularly African Americans in America) are still belittled when they have dreadlocks while on everybody else it's a fashion statement.
I'm white too, I get it. I get those "default racist" comments as well. But sometimes there is more beneath the surface. And unless you're German, you're not really suffering from what your forefathers did, but you benefit from white privilege, whether you want it or not. You can't change it. Acknowledge it and use it to make life easier for those around you as well. (And also ignore those who cry racist at every little thing because those people are awfully exhausting to listen to and they're not going to help you learn anything useful.)
Armyster 3 days ago
I mean like I'm white. And I kinda hate it since people say that since you're white you can't have real problems because you're a spoiled brat and very selfish. And because you're a teenage girl you don't want to work, money grows in the trees and you just party every single night. No, no, teenage girls don't do that, or at least not everyone.

But yeah, it look like because of people in 16th century were bad I must be bad as well. Like, my country didn't even have colonies, but it's still our fault. It's already done, let it go, 5 centuries ago and why do I have to pay for something that happened before I was born, or when my parents or grandparents or grand grandparents even lived? Not everyone are like this but I really don't like it when people come and say this to me. Like sorry that I'm white, but I didn't choose it. If I had a change to choose I would have chosen not to born at all. I don't have a problem with people not being white but surprisingly many have a huge problem with me having an opinions about politics or economics and I'm a liberal.

I also hate it when people say you can't do certain stuff because you're white. Like having dreadlocks. Because it's considered as being rude. According to, badatsum, other white people. But Yongbae (Taeyang from Bigbang) has dreadlocks and it's completely fine. IT'S A HAIRSTYLE, c'mon!

Sorry I wrote this long I just hate it when people come to me being like all white people are horrible go and kys because PEOPLE CANNOT CHOOSE WHERE AND WHEN THEY BORN. Thank you. You can't, I can't, no one cans.
3 days ago
I have a friend who's very sad about this matter. MissMinew said it well, it's all because of history. It's more like a thing that people have grown to, without realizing - but also people tend to think their race is more beautiful than the others.
It's just a preference. If people want to look whiter, let them. If people want to tan themselves, let them. It's not abandoning their nationality if they want to have a certain kind of appearance. If these people really want to look paler or tan themselves, it's really all up to them and what they want, and you can't go telling them that what they do is wrong
3 days ago
I'm not so sure it's about being white, per se, I think it's more being Western, which is consequently seen as white.

I know that many black people are more favorable of black people with lighter skin, considering lighter skin to be more attractive. Also, there are a lot of debates about whether or not people of African descent but not from Sub-Saharan Africa should even be considered black. A lot of censuses consider them white.

While I'm not exactly experienced in the topic, (white girl in a nearly all-white town in one of the most Western countries in the world...) that's what I think.
3 days ago
What I see about people making their hair blonde and wearing blue lenses is just that they enjoy sporting those stuff. I haven't seen the case in which they abandon their nationality... :)
3 days ago
No. It isn't because we're more considered "more" beautiful. It's because of history (at least in America) where white European settlers were douchebags and being white and/or white-passing meant you had a much better life than if you weren't. In Asia, being pale (not white, mind you) was a sign of riches and thus minimal labor in the sun. The blond hair and blue eyes (which is particularly Northern European - and not just white) probably came to be during WWII where Hitler was a douche and eradicated people that looked differently. History do weird things to our society, but I think that's a huge part of it.
Also - it should be noted that colors are a more North American concept - it doesn't really exist in Europe where your nationality matters a lot more than your skin color.
And of course that "pale" doesn't equal "white" and that in some cultures "pale" is the ideal - not "white".
When it comes to blue contacts on K-idols I think it's primarily because it's exotic and new. I mean, they even wear brown contacts so changing it up once in a while is probably just a thing that goes with concepts, hairstyles and new hair colors.
3 days ago
@gidae1 glad I'm not the only one who thinks so :)
gidae1 3 days ago
I also don't understand that. For me it's not really understandable why people try everything just to be white. I mean, everyone is beautiful in his or her own way. And the way we're born, our nationality makes us unique.