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What if Tiffany Hwang, and Kim Taeyeon weren't born in the US/ROK? What if they never became famous? What if they were born in North Korea?


By elf_exostan27 updated
Characters OC (You) and EXO
With 11 chapters, 10 votes, 96 subscribers, 3810 views, 10 comments
Status [M]

Can you guess whose your perfect mate?    EXO COLLECTION  

Only You

By ArraAinaa updated
Characters Kim Jongin , You , Exo
With 27 chapters, 13 votes, 546 subscribers, 7680 views, 42 comments
Status [M], Subscribers Only

▼ they said I deserve the best . but if the best isn't you I don't want it ▼    

Keep her shut

By adrenalinkata5 updated
Characters exo baekhyun luhan you angst
With 21 chapters, 12 votes, 210 subscribers, 7040 views, 71 comments
Status [M]

The main image says "Youngjae" but he is just gonna appear from time to time. The main story is focused on Baekhyun. ^^

Of the Most Sensual Type of Art

By Msaprilfools updated
Characters Kim Kibum (Key) x Shin Ha Rin (OC)
With 3 chapters, 82 subscribers, 480 views, 3 comments
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

In the midst of recital exam preparations at Seoul Arts Institute, an intimate, forbidden rendezvous was occuring between a music major and a professor in one of the soundproof practice rooms.    TRIGGER WARNING: This is a teacher/student pairing, and some may find that offensive. If you do, I suggest not reading.  Poster Credit: BabyCopGurl

First Love or New Love

By yeolsunn updated
With 5 chapters, 3 votes, 8 comments
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Prologue   The house was big for you. From the second floor you can see the view of the beach from the balcony of your bedroom. You sighed. This wasn’t what you want to be in your life. Married to a man whom you don’t know. A man whom you met once from family dinner. It was unexpected.  

It started with being KIDNAPPED !! ♡

By DaeYee updated
Characters Luhan Kai Sehun Himchan Kim WooBin and more
With 52 chapters, 39 votes, 982 subscribers, 21090 views, 295 comments
Status [M], Subscribers Only

                      Your husband unfortunately died and you felt miserable everyday.It's like the whole world fell on you.But...what happens when someone who loves you alot finally came out from jail and had only one thing in his mind. That is to make you his.Is he still the rough beast or did he became an angel just for you???  


By Casely updated
Characters Daeryong, You, Hoya
With 15 chapters, 11 votes, 95 comments
Status [M], Members Only

I remember you once telling me that complication wasn't something you were into, and yet, here we are. I hate the fact that things have gotten so confusing between us that we don't know what to do with ourselves anymore. People have always said the type of relationship we have is dangerous, that it is like a game in which someone will always get hurt. Well, I refuse to keep playing this game with you

Killing old feelings

By Dubyuli updated
Characters EXO-K Kyungsoo and YOU
With 12 chapters, 18 votes, 185 subscribers, 2310 views, 90 comments
Status [M], Members Only

It was five years ago since I last talked to Kyungsoo face to face. We were close friends in high school and I may or may not have felt a bit more than that. But his traineeship at SM entertainment took him away from me. I tried to keep in touch, but it was barely possible. Of course. So I let him be and watched him grow out to be an idol from afar. Five years later I'm asked to int

ONE in SEVEN chances

By caramel_macchiato updated
Tags romance you bts
Characters BTS, OC (you)
With 3 chapters, 2 votes, 7 subscribers, 2 comments
Status [M]


I Will Never Love You

By tactful_lines updated
Tags you kai
Characters Kai/Kim Jongin, Kang Suhye (OC)
With 16 chapters, 19 votes, 802 subscribers, 13970 views, 92 comments
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Kim Jongin—He was a nice man, just a little wicked. Kang Suhye—She had a reputation, but was all alone. A political marriage between two strangers can never work out, or would it? 

Is It Worth It?

By xMinnieTae updated
Characters Jin-Eun,SoYeong,Minwoo,Donghyun,HyunSeong,Jungmin,Kwangmin,Youngmin,Manager-Nim
With 24 chapters, 2 votes, 124 subscribers, 104 comments
Status [M]

Annyeong! I have so much BoyFriend fics .___. I feel much comfortable writing about them XD.   Okay! before anything about the story. I got this idea from a 'true' story.It deals with Korean models 'pleasing' their..Agency workers? So that they may continue modeling or singing or acting.You can search it on allkpop ^^ but most of them commited suicide (Like the actress from BOF-she played either Sunny or Ginger I forgot ><). But I decided to chan

Poker Hand

By GIRIDELLI updated
Characters You, Daehyun
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 231 subscribers, 1420 views, 11 comments
Status [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

"You know if you're ever caught here, you're dead right?" you eyed at his ego. "The media would ruin your family name, 'the chaebol son caught seen at an illegal casino'." Daehyun chuckled at you before throwing his chips on the table. "Wouldn't you be as well, working as a dealer here?" You didn't respond back to him right away as he continued.

Witness Protection Program I: The Hiding

By lubaekhug updated
Characters Sun Mi (you), Luhan, Kris, OC's, EXO
With 27 chapters, 6 votes, 240 subscribers, 4690 views, 14 comments
Status [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

  T h e m e  S o n g:   W e R e m a i n

Aimer de Nouveau

By hypernovae updated
With 14 chapters, 15 votes, 116 comments
Status [M]

It's been six months since he left.  It's been six months since the war began.   

Cuando Menos Te Lo Esperas

By Clarita1103 updated
Characters SNSD, tú, entre otros
With 11 chapters, 3 votes, 35 subscribers, 840 views, 18 comments
Status [M]

Contiene Lemon, Rated M, drama, comedia, girlxgirl. integrantes de SNSD, tú, entre otros.

Let Faith Attach Us Together

By baekonrubixphoniex10 updated
Characters Song Eunsoo (oc), Luhan, Taehyung (V), BTS and the rest of EXO
With 13 chapters, 4 votes, 159 subscribers, 1530 views, 25 comments
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Can a vampire and a wolf fall for each other? Eunsoo, a vampire will soon discover that she was wrong about wolfs, and soon falls for one. Luhan, on the other hand is a wolf, who lusts for womens body everyday and night, but soon discovers that loving a vampire can be more desireful than a human's flesh . 

You Are Beautiful

By ForeverKpop_0330 updated
Characters Kiseop, You, maybe the rest of U-KISS
With 35 chapters, 2 votes, 52 subscribers, 1450 views, 32 comments
Status [M]

Hey guys! I'm here with another fanfic...i couldn't help but write one about my ultimate bias lol. 

Anything For You

By Taekenheart updated
Characters taemin, you, shinee, various artists
With 18 chapters, 3 votes, 151 subscribers, 1270 views, 30 comments
Status [M], Subscribers Only

You have a hate-love relationship with the members of SHINee as they don't seem so excited to have yet another assistant. The SHINee members try their best to mess with you in hopes to get rid of you however you are tough and detemined to get on their good sides. Will you be able to win each member over? Will you be able to get on the ringleader Taemin's good side? Read on to find out~

Crazy In Love

By irandi0098 updated
Tags you
Characters Kris, you
With 1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 10 views
Status [M], Members Only

You, a girl who likes to have fun by destroying places and doing other illegal activities, find yourself in a mental institution, but one unlike any other. You have no choice but to be there and deal with im everything that gets thrown at you. Where and how will you end up?

Mental Breakdown

By GDsHeartbreaker updated
Characters Kim Jongdae (Chen), Byun Baekhee, Exo-k, Byun Baekhyun
With 8 chapters, 5 votes, 7 comments
Status [M], Subscribers Only

How Beautiful is this life.....          How Painful is this life.... Byun Baekhee was known as the girl who went to study a

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By cagoule updated
Characters you and Idols
With 2 chapters, 28 votes, 93 subscribers, 1230 views, 68 comments
Status Trigger Warning, [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only



By rikkuson updated
Tags you bts bangtan
Characters bangtan bts jungkook v taehyung suga jhope hoseok rapmonster namjoon seokjin jin jimin chimchim
With 1 chapters, 5 subscribers, 90 views
Status [M]

Heyhey~ Back! So this is basically some oneshots featuring every member and you. ;) will try my best!! I think about 4 or 5 members are going to be lol. Rated like from 15-18+? There will some fluff and that's why I rated these oneshots around there. ^^     oh god pls help me i need therapy lalalalala therapy *goes to mental hospital* did u see jungkook's godda

My Lady and I

By eun_mi updated
Characters Kim Jongin/ Kai, OC
With 14 chapters, 23 votes, 247 subscribers, 2820 views, 44 comments
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

4 Kingdoms, 4 Emperors.  All of them prosper, but each Kingdom was known for something else other then their prosperity. The Northern Kingdom was known for its art and literature. The Eastern Kingdom was known for its trading business. The Southern Kingdom was known for its kindness.

Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You?

By jongdaelicious updated
Characters Jaejoong
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 22 subscribers, 70 views, 1 comments
Status Trigger Warning, [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Pairing: Jaejoong x You Rating: M Warning: there will be mentions/use of drugs, , killing

Touched by an Angel *SEQUEL*

By GeumKibum updated
Characters You, Jiyong (G Dragon), Possibly Seunghyun again ;)
With 5 chapters, 2 votes, 28 subscribers, 300 views, 7 comments
Status [M]

[CONTENTID1]Touched by an Angel[/CONTENTID1]   [CONTENTID2]This is a sequel to my fic titled "A Slave to Seunghyun." If you haven't read it, you won't understand this story at all, so please go ahead and read it here: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/743699/a-slave-to-seunghyun-bigbang-choiseunghyun-kwonjiyong-top Or just go on my page, it's listed in with my stories :) [/CONTENTID2] [CONTENTID3]In case any of you didn't know, I'm using (Y/N) as your name. **Cred