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Before I Sleep

What happens when an idealistic romantist meets a notorious heart-breaker? A Jongkey fanfic, of course.

7200 Minutes

Byspeaker updated
CharactersSehun & OC
With1 chapters, 3 votes, 68 subscribers, 1 comments
Status[M], Subscribers Only

  5 days. 120 hours. 7200 minutes.

Being Kris Wu's maid

ByiamAnonymousM updated
CharactersKris, OC, Exo
With34 chapters, 76 votes, 35960 views, 412 comments

My first time writing M rated. Please enjoy :)

BySilverRue updated
CharactersOC, Chanyeol
With2 chapters, 36 subscribers, 140 views
Status[M], Completed, Subscribers Only

Chanyeol sneaked his fingers straight to her wet drawing small circles and chuckling as he could feel her grip to his hair tighter. Nari can’t even hold it back anymore and she gasp loudly from what he is doing to him. She let go of his hair startling Chanyeol as his fingers let go of the enjoyment from his in a wary look, before Nari bit her lips ily, “Let’s take this somewhere else” she whispered.

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

ByDemilee_16 updated
CharactersYou Daehyun exo bap
With4 chapters, 1 votes
StatusTrigger Warning, [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Don't judge a book by it's cover    

Pumpkin Carving Halloween

BySleepingPrincess updated
CharactersExo-K's Sehun || You
With2 votes, 170 views, 2 comments
Status[M], Subscribers Only

That Halloween you decided to spend your Halloween night together with your boyfriend inside. Far away from the wild night you wanted to spend some time with him, since he was so busy with work. And what would be a Halloween without candies and pumpkins, right? 

I’m not wearing any perfume!(BTS Jimin ver)

ByTheYellow_Xwen updated
CharactersBTS (Jimin) you(Jang hyejin)
With1 chapters, 5 subscribers, 170 views, 1 comments
Status[M], Completed

“You just smell good today. What perfume are you wearing?” - Jimin continues to say still walking over to you  You swallow and answer -“I’m not wearing any perfume today” - you say in a hesitant voice  You start taking small

The fate of a princess

Bylyhome updated
CharactersYini (You), Lu Han, Lay
With44 chapters, 26 votes, 249 comments

You are the princess of the Wang kingdom. Your parents didn’t treat you like a princess. Only your oldest brother treats you like a sister. You live in a small room in a tower of the palace. What happen when your parents finally noticed you? Will your live change better or worse? Characters: Princess Yini (you) - Cheerful - Don’t care about your status - Smart - Don’t like to be a bother   Prince

Definition of Lust

Bymiss_sh updated
CharactersByun Baekhyun, Kim Yeonah(OC), Park Chanyeol, Yura Kim
With17 chapters, 9 votes, 841 subscribers, 9490 views, 33 comments
Status[M], Subscribers Only

  When two best friends began lusting over each other, what would happen?   Baekhyun and Yeonah are two childhood best friends.  they are always together. They'd be lying if they said that they don't feel anything towards each other. But, for them, friendship is more impo

⚜ Kick it in the Back Seat

ByEXOTIC_BANA18 updated
CharactersYOU || KIM TAEHYUNG/ V
With12 votes, 250 views, 9 comments
Status[M], Subscribers Only


Desire Climax

Byullzang_girl updated
CharactersYou, Kai, Luhan, Sehun
With3 chapters, 11 votes, 2660 views, 11 comments

" me!!!! Oh yes!! Ram that big hard in my tight !!  Yes!! Ahhhh harder! me harder! Faster! Deeper!! Yes just me like that!! Ohhh yes baby!!!" "You like that? You like it when in ramming my hard big long in your ty wet ? You like that? You like it when I you senseless?? Ohhh yes!!! You're soo ing tight!!!"  

⚜ War of Hormones

ByEXOTIC_BANA18 updated
With3 chapters, 42 votes, 2210 views, 69 comments
Status[M], Subscribers Only


Thief In The Night | My Muse

By-KekeMato- updated
CharactersSong Hana (OC/Her), Kim Jong In (Him/Kai)
With4 chapters, 7 votes, 12 comments

"Running away from something will just bring you back to it." ...a story where a girl acts in a drama as her job... not knowing it was real...

ing my Korean teacher

By-KekeMato- updated
CharactersEXO, Luhan, You(Song Hana)
With5 chapters, 8 votes, 13 comments

Since Luhan decided to study in Korea, he enrolled to a prestigious school. K.Ace High. Where he meets his hot Korean student teacher.


By909396 updated
CharactersKai You Luhan
With8 chapters, 15 votes, 685 subscribers, 5380 views, 89 comments
Status[M], Subscribers Only

He is one of your brother's best friend. He used to be the most popular person during your high school. Well he still popular right now. He is the heir in his family. He become one of the youngest successful CEO in South Korea. He is typical guy who could kill someone just by sending them his famous smirk, lips and hips moving. He could make girls swoon over him. He always nice towards other people except for you, his wife.

Calypso's Island

ByMegara0709 updated
CharactersOC, Luhan, Kai, Sehun
With2 chapters, 2 votes, 8 subscribers, 50 views, 3 comments
Status[M], Subscribers Only

Luhan is searching for something he himself doesn't know when he wound up in an island and got enchanted by a strange girl. Will he stay? or will he go? Secrets revealed and lies untold, Luhan witnesses them all.

Kiss Me, Me, Just Don't Love Me

By-KekeMato- updated
CharactersYou (Song Hana), EXO, Luhan, Kai, B.A.P, Daehyun
With6 chapters, 10 votes, 19 comments

When thunder and lighting meet... What happens? She had powers.... So did he... What happens with they get used the wrong way? What happens when they get used the right way? When pain meets pain... What happens? Wheh love meant nothing... What happens? ... He was hard. She was wet...  "aaaahhhhh.

He's a Jerk and He's Mine

ByShiningStar_18 updated
CharactersJae Rin [OC] || Kai | Luhan || Daehyun || Sehun || Jimin || Jiyeon [OC] || Krystal
With73 chapters, 66 votes, 1927 subscribers, 42810 views, 611 comments
Status[M], Subscribers Only

He’s a Playboy, a very Bad Boy.

The Sinners

Bysupa-lover updated
CharactersSu Min (OC), BTS
With4 chapters, 12 votes, 107 subscribers, 17 comments


ByMiraeP updated
CharactersAnna(OC), Kris, Seunghoon, Winner, EXO
With12 chapters, 3 votes, 47 subscribers, 950 views, 14 comments

  Moving by myself to Seoul wasn't excactly what I wanted to do before starting Junior year.  But my father had suggested it was a good idea since nobody really liked me at my current school...  

For The First Time...

Bykrychoi updated
CharactersKyuhyun, You (OC), supporting castmembers, Siwon
With4 chapters, 5 votes, 59 subscribers, 1570 views, 23 comments

It's been 4 months since you graduated from the University with  a degree in Communications, however luck wasn't on your side as your time of freedom is greatly decreasing.  What the hell was wrong?  You were smart, creative, eager and ready to take on the working world, but with the state of the economy, employers were wary of new graduates with no working experience.  Desperate and running out of time, you were willing to take any job, as long as it was full time and could let yo

Love is unexpected

Bysugar_169 updated
Charactersyongguk you
With32 chapters, 17 votes, 236 subscribers, 129 comments
Status[M], Completed

You’re an 18 year-old high school girl who was born in a wealthy family. Yongguk is a son of the mafia master.  You’re force to marry him to save your father’s business. He loves you at the first sign but too scared to tell you because he’s afraid that you’ll refuse his love. He always acts cold and cruel to hide away his love for you

Photographer Kim

Byrosinate updated
CharactersKim Myungsoo & You
With22 subscribers, 180 views
Status[M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Photoshoot w/ your favorite photographer, Kim Myungsoo.

Fifty Shades of Lust - READY FOR ENROLLING !!

Byyunggok updated
CharactersKorean/Japanese Idols, Actors and Ullzangs, JGV actors.
With5 chapters, 86 votes, 330 subscribers, 8480 views, 451 comments
StatusTrigger Warning, [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

If You Tell Me You Love Me, I'll Run Away [may be changed in the future]

Bylubaekhug updated
CharactersKyungsoo, Missy; OC
With4 chapters, 2 votes, 21 subscribers, 220 views, 4 comments

    You, Miso/Missy, a twenty one year old in particular, finds being a hostess at a club an inconvenient hindrance. It’s not that you don’t like your job. It’s a relaxed and entertaining job however, unreasonable and depressing. It doesn’t pay well, but that doesn’t bother you especially since there’s this regula

Make Me Yours, Cupid

Bybaochang updated
CharactersDaehyun, OC, B.A.P
With5 subscribers, 30 views, 1 comments

You're just like anyone Else: Looking for Someone to fall in Love with.  You've been on countless Blind dates, setted up by Your Friends and Family. But None of them seemed right. They were either too snobby, a workaholic, or more interested in themselves than you.    He was just Cupid. Trying to do His job: shoot his arrow and find the Perfect Love for one another. After years of watching others fall in Love, he too yearned to fall in Love himself.