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8 days before going back to school

By Chanyeol61Seohyun11 posted

1st Day of School

By Taezki posted

As the day passed, my willing to go to school decrease lol [HIATUS]

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Hoarding A Secret

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Guys...School's up in A WEEK.

By kyuhyun_08 posted

Club activities

By MeikoM01 posted

Dear, you bastard. [Entry One]

By itzmee21 posted

Giving Up

By Taeyeon_LoveSNSD posted

I WANNA CRY....ToT....

By m_nanakim posted

I can do this! Fighting!

By ckaz99 posted

Looking for a good graphics person to do a poster for my new story

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Students' Council

By icefire posted

Poem for School...

By RemeRis96 posted

Graduating High School!!!

By hakunamataetae posted

Crush Zaman Sekolah o_O

By namstar_chingyu posted

❝ senioritis ❞ // 최재화

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Miracles in November

By chokyunay posted