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Japanese mini drama 'Spring Has Come' reveals new still cuts of EXO's Kai with his cast members

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Does anyone know what song is this?

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[twoshot] Victimae Paschali Laudes (kaixyou)

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Baekhyun: My Super Plastic PET, Just Leave it to PET! [A Comedy/Fantasy Story Blog!]

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I'm proud of them...

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EXO's Kai stuns with his y abs in 'Elle'

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Forgotten Worlds: Book of Kai

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Wake up Call

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Taemin reveals he and close friends EXO's Kai, BTS' Jimin, and others designed a friendship outwear

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EXO, YoonA, Cha Seung Won, Gong Hyo Jin, & more win awards at 'Elle Style Awards'!

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Ongoing Story ^^

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How are netizens reacting to EXO Kai's acting on his first lead drama 'Andante'?

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EXO's Kai tells fans he only eats chicken during promotions

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EXO's Kai explains why he decided not to go by his legal name Kim Jong In as an actor

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Kim Jin Kyung shares what it was like to work with EXO's Kai for the drama 'Andante'

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Kai and Kim Jin Kyung's drama 'Andante' reveals main poster

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I wrote a thing, Kaisoo.

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to jongin: prologue - explained

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EXO's Kai coldly responds to Yerin's complaints about G-Friend's difficult choreography

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