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Himchan overload [Gifs, mostly]

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About Himchan and Jongup

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HELP US BABY Project for 1000th day

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Excuse Me (Japanese): Yongguk and Himchan teasers

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B.A.P ATTACK ! - 정복일지 제11장 [NAGOYA_OSAKA]。(⌒∇⌒。)

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Yongguk Dubstep vs Himchan Guitar?

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Let's all just take a moment....

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What is Tennis to Himchan

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I'm Married To Himchan?!

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pretty chan

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daenaeris chan

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Flexi Chan

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shirtlifter channie

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Of Himchan and Bandanas

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I love our fandom

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Remembering the old days ~

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Cosplay! (B.A.P and BTS Version)

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Dance of the Dragonfly

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herchan photoshop

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Fafiction Requests?

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My Brother guesses who is who in B.A.P

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Accepting Himdae Prompts! (CLOSED)

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