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EXO-L.....it has begun

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he's not a girl.

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EXO fans overload 'EXO-L' global fansite servers shortly after launch

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EXO... what?!?

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EXO announce fanclub name, 'EXO-L'!

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EXO's Official Fanclub Name EXO-L

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Fandom name: Exo-L?

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EXO release teasers for their upcoming reality show 'EXO 90:2014'

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Goodbye to Exotics. Hello to EXO-L.

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explain to me

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Kindergartners dance to EXO's "Wolf"; the results are surprisingly good!

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EXO's Kai and Sehun grace the cover of 'Grazia'

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I was Wrong, and I'm proud :)

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Taemin, Kai, Sehun, and Soyu reported to appear alongside H.S.g.R on 'Running Man'

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Exo's rappers

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EXO's Chanyeol, Lee Dong Wook, Jo Se Ho, and Shin Sung Woo enjoy an outing in BTS photos from 'Roommate'

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EXO's names according to Siri

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More Edits :)

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EXO's Baekhyun describes his group's early days on 'Roommate'

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Details and image released for EXO's new show 'EXO 90:2014'

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EXO preparing for a new variety program with possible guest appearance by Shinhwa

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oh. hell. no.

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