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Fatal Attraction

It's not love that changes you. It's who you fall in love with. And whether those changes are made for better, for worse, for good or bad, or maybe all of the above, you'll never know until you let go.

Powerful Nine

As the most powerful kingdom was being disture,the queens sents her nine daughters to the human world,few days after they were born,sending them around the world,each of them with a necklace.When the girls turn 18 years old,they move move to Seoul,to attend Seoul Arts College,were they meet and realize that they are sisters and they have special powers that they can use to stop the new evil that is about to rise

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Revenge Is a Double-Edged Sword

Jung Yunho is a young, billionaire guy who doesn’t care about any girls until his half-younger sister passed away. Going out seeking for revenge, his aim is his enemy’s half-younger sister who lives all by herself.

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CharactersKwon Yuri & Jung Yunho
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If I Lose My Self

  She has limited time, or so she thought when he comes into her life. She knows that it's unfair to give up into the temptation when she will eventually leave the world. She will only left pain for him. But sometimes, short time is more than enough to show how big and strong one's love than a life time.

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CharactersKwon Yuri and Jung Yunho
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Those Days

No, it's not about an adult diaper story.  It is about the innocence of a young couple, of how they defined love during the times when friends' opinions matter and when they had to maintain their grades to get to good schools for college and of how bittersweet it is to find someone you

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CharactersJung Yunho || Kwon Yuri
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Piggyback Rides and Goodbyes

Hi Yunri shippers!   Happy Valentine's Day! Sorry for the late gift. Work has been hell lately that's why I wasn't able to update my other fanfics. Hope you like this two-shot (can't make it short for a one-shot). I haven't proofread this so your getting it raw (just started this evening). Please subscribe and comment. It'll help me write better stories :) I would also appreciate IF someone is willing to make a poster for this story (haha)! 

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The Varsity Party Scandal

It was supposed to be a night of social and fun among the school's noble athletes who bleed everyday in practice to try and win some shining, shimmering gold medals and trophies for it.  But morning came, and the lives of Jung Yunho and Kwon Yuri suffered more than just a hangover of their lives.   Pictures, videos and blogs about an unthinkable scandal between them was

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CharactersJung Yunho | Kwon Yuri
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The Olive Branch

Kim Jaejoong. A sinful man who gets into a ton of trouble almost every day. Not that he's a devil or anything, but he's more of a rebellious teenager with no dreams or goals whatsoever in his life. With a father who tries to beat him up without getting caught by the police, a mother who is out in the country to make money, and his friends who take advantage of his rich state, he doesn't see a reason to liv

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CharactersKim Jaejoong (JYJ), Jung Jessica (SNSD), Jung Yunho (DBSK), Kwon Yuri (SNSD)
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R e v e n g e ♚ G a m e

 ~Character ~

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A Housemate

Jung Yunho. A geek & nerd who lives with his playboy friend finds out they will be having a new housemate but don’t know when she/he will arrive. Will Yunho be able to cope living with a new housemate under th

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The Country Calls

  Kwon Yuri.                 

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CharactersKwon Yuri ll Jung Yunho ll Shim Changmin
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    Kwon Yuri : A lonely soul. She is terribly afraid of being alone, and she keeps her fear at bay by enclosing herself in the city life. She always puts on a bright face, hiding her true self, although she wishes for someone to love her for who she really is. Somehow, she cannot seem to find any real friends who 

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CharactersKwon Yuri ll Jung Yunho ll Kim Jaejoong
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The Family

    She is the youngest daughter in the family. She is the spoiled one. She has nothing to worry since her borther and sister will take care all what their father has left. All she has to do is enjoying her life, pursuing her dream, and live as pleased as she want. But when the problem comes and none of her siblings can manage it, all hope left is her. Will she willing to giv

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CharactersJung Yunho and Kwon Yuri
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Commit Suicide

"if our love is tragedy why are you my remedy of our love insanity why are you my clarity" Clarity-Zedd ft.Foxes

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CharactersKwon Yuri,Jung Yunho
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Lost and Found

Yunho, with a budding career in photography/videography, comes back to Korea for a documentary stint. He uses this opportunity to look for Yuri, his childhood friend and first love. He had hoped everything’s well for her as much as it was for him during the time they were apart. However, Yunho finds her in a hell hole with a devil dressed as man.

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CharactersYunho, Yuri, Yoochun
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Yunri's Short Story

    I decided to change it and make a drabble instead. Hope you don't mind with it. You can even request a story, give me a plot and I'll try to make it.

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CharactersJung Yunho and Kwon Yuri
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Top Secret

  They've been dating for 6 months. It's her longest relationship while it's his shortest relationship   She's the type that fall in love and fall out of love easily   He's the type that take a long time to love but when he does, he wil

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CharactersJung Yunho, Kwon Yuri, and the rest of snsd &dbsk;
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Lucky To Have You

Yuri is a simple and hard working girl. She will do anything as long as she helps her sister, Taeyeon in their financial problems. Until she meets a guy named Yunho and he offered a job to her to be his girlfriend..     Do you think yuri will deal to his offer?.. What if they fall in love to eac

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CharactersKwon Yuri and Jung Yunho
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Cloud Yunri

Hi guys! This is going to be a Yunri drabble collection. So it'll probly be a collection of one shots or small stories. Hope you enjoy! I'll also be updating "Before U Go" very soon ^^ 

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Before U Go

Hi, this is my first one shot, sorry if i have grammar mistakes =.='. I'm in love with changseo and yunri. So it does contain a little changseo in it. Hope you enjoy ^^ its only a short drabble. Please comment!  Its based on DBSK song "Before U go". I recommend you guys listening to it while reading. Even though the lyrics have a sad meaning, i might make this story a happy ending  

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CharactersYuri and Yunho
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[K+] Show me your love [short ficl YunRi, YunJae, MinYul]

Chapter 1     Coc Coc ... ... _ It 's time , sir ! - Her voice his staff rang costume   _ Okay ! I immediately   [ 'll Be okay ! There would be nothing to worry about ... This tour is empty t

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[K+] Show me your love [short ficl YunRi, YunJae, MinYul]

Chapter 1     Coc Coc ... ... _ It 's time , sir ! - Her voice his staff rang costume   _ Okay ! I immediately   [ 'll Be okay ! There would be nothing to worry about ... This tour is empty t

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Three Nights of Forever in Tokyo

After a heart break, Kwon Yuri went for a vacation in Tokyo to start anew.  The beautiful busy city is a good place for her to forget the harsh past she had endured and she could start anew when she was away from the people she already knew.  There, she met Jung Yunho, the mysterious guy who was also from Korea, and Ryo Nishikido, a hot Japanese guy who fell in love with her at first

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CharactersKwon Yuri Jung Yunho Nishikido Ryo
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Runaway Hearts

I’m Krystal Jung, Jung Soojung in Korea. But, just call me Krystal, this is America. Okay? Cool. Ha, you’re probably wondering what this story is about. Well, it’s about how my life went a little crazy, just kind of out of nowhere… Okay, so maybe not out of nowhere. My parents had a bit to do with it, so did Jess. But I’ll get to that later. Basically, this is a story about two very broken people. One, afraid of falli

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sweetest sacrifice

its about a girl that sacrifice her love for other people happiness,

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Characterskwon yuri, jung yunho, yoona , taecyeon
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ExoYul's Collection ♪♪♪♪♪

      Welcome to my ExoYul oneshots The place where Yurisistables can come together!

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