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25 to Life

Jongin is a dancer with a genius level IQ, but even his intelligence can't stop the events that follow once his innocent Kyungsoo gets tangled in his web of lies.

Finding Prince Charming

Bykariboo17 updated
With36 chapters, 268 votes, 1468 subscribers, 47580 views, 849 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Born of King Yunho and Ara, Jung Jessica was Korea's very own crown princess. Until she was ten she studied in San Francisco before returning to her mother country. She was the perfect girl and the lady every man in Korea would want to have as a wife. Since the choosing of her soon to be partner is near, Jessica escpes in hopes of finding her Prince.  She didn't know love. It didn't revolve around the Palace. Her parents were married by force, even Jessica and her sister Krystal wi

Choosing Her Future Husband

Bybaloy82 updated
With47 chapters, 60 votes, 1078 subscribers, 36520 views, 888 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

      Jessica with her younger sister Krystal agree to his Father

How can dog and cat fall in love?!

ByStepIsDumbo updated
CharactersKim Taeyeon, Jessica Jung
With45 chapters, 203 votes, 1003 subscribers, 1179 comments
StatusCompleted, Members Only

This is a Taengsic fanfic!   Cat and dog always fight with each other.   How can dog and

Between The Two

Byitsawish updated
CharactersSNSD Taeyeon Tiffany Taeny Yuri Jessica Yulsic
With44 chapters, 102 votes, 970 subscribers, 62120 views, 1037 comments

"Choose. Me or your job?"   Between the two, how can I choose? Between the two, can you try to understand me? Between the two, you chose her over me..   A story between the two, Kim Taeyeon and Tiffany Hwang. What would happen if the other one found out her other half have already found someone? What would happen if they worked in the same place? What would happen if the other one have not mo

It's complicated

Bybrntbbdass updated
CharactersKim Taeyeon and Hwang Tiffany
With75 chapters, 33 votes, 440 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Two people who destined by fate. Best friends who promise to not to leave each other. They together experience how to fall in love in such a complicated way.

Romantic Street (A Detour To Destiny)

Byyurilooowell updated
CharactersKwon Yuri, Tiffany Hwang, Kwon Sunkyu, Choi Sooyoung, Jessica Jung, Kim Taeyeon, Im Yoona, Kim Hyoyeon, Sunny, Seohyun, Ok Taecyeon
With178 chapters, 103 votes, 727 subscribers, 68230 views, 1836 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

To escape from marriage arrangement, Tiffany ran away from home in search for her true love, her childhood prince. However, she was caught up in a detour, meeting the campus heartthrob/single father Yuri. Is it the will of destiny that brought her to him or it's all nothing but a mere detour on her journey?   Lo

Inside the Life of Jessica Jung

ByJungSowon updated
With19 chapters, 80 votes, 713 subscribers, 14270 views, 366 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Fanfic based on real-life dramas that we see on Soshi.

Playful Secrets and Surprises

Bycookie1026 updated
CharactersTaeyeon | Jessica | Sunny | Tiffany | Hyoyeon | Yuri | Sooyoung | Yoona | Seohyun | Krystal | Siwon | Jaejoong | Yunho | Boa | Taehee | Minho | etc.
With36 chapters, 27 votes, 610 subscribers, 94 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

When two players meet, all trouble breaks lose.

How to Get Mr. Tan Guy

Byyulsicsaranghae updated
CharactersJessica Jung, Kwon Yul
With58 chapters, 27 votes, 31090 views, 672 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Since i love YulSic THIIIIIIIIIIS much! i will dedicate my first fanfic to them and also a little bit late for kwon yuri's birthday. Sue my schedule! T______T it will be a genderbender because i'm inlove with Manyul! kekekeke

TaeNySic Scenarios

Byss1_kewl updated
CharactersTiffany Hwang Miyoung, Jessica Jung Sooyeon, Kim Taeyeon, others
With171 chapters, 72 votes, 571 subscribers, 24850 views, 321 comments

Scenarios, drabbles, fics dealing with my favorite OT3: TaeNySic.

The Yuri-Effect

Bychoikufu updated
CharactersKwon Yuri and The SNSD gang
With102 chapters, 38 votes, 556 subscribers, 60610 views, 1382 comments

   Kwon Yuri is a simple 18 year old High school student, there’s nothing abnormal about her. Until one day children from the future(as the children claim) pooped out of nowhere suddenly claim Yuri is their parent worst this children are from different mothers.. Mayhem, chaos and comedy created by the Yuri-Effect!

Not So Love At First Sight (SNSD One-Shots Collection)

Bykariboo17 updated
CharactersSNSD Members
With6 chapters, 52 votes, 527 subscribers, 11680 views, 120 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

And so I have officially started my own one-shot collection!    I won't be accepting any request because I'll only be able to update if I get an idea. Some of you probably know who I ship but don't worry I don't plan to just write about them. But for the first few chapters it might center around Yoona pairings first because I've written my ideas about them already. XD   There would be gender-benders so for those who aren't a fan of it really skip a story


Bymyniah09 updated
CharactersYuri Jessica Sunny Seohyun Taeyeon Hyoyeon Sooyoung Yoona and Tiffany
With14 chapters, 28 votes, 510 subscribers, 7420 views, 119 comments
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  BREAKING NEWS “Snsd member Kwon Yuri and her parent got into a big accident.. Unfortunately her parents didn’t make it and snsd kwon Yuri is in the critical situation right now. We will be back for more details about this news. Let'S pray for the safeness of our kwon yuri”   “who …are…you…?” she said like  a kid   “You don’t remember me? Us?” I asked. She shook he

2 lives

ByRain2855 updated
CharactersKim Taeyeon, Jessica Jung, Tiffany Hwang, Yuri Kwon, etc..
With60 chapters, 48 votes, 469 subscribers, 29090 views, 356 comments

Kim Taeyeon, a big pop star in SEOUL at day time. But at night...a big time thief who stole from the rich and give it to poor families. Will she always be lucky and never get caught? Or will she crumble, when her secrets is expose?

Love Is Weird?

Bytorres updated
With18 chapters, 50 votes, 462 subscribers, 8460 views, 159 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

  It is wrong to fall for my own student.....but what can I do? I'm a fool when it comes to love. -Jessica Jung     I should not agree with the stupid bet! Now look at me....I'm a pathetic girl who lost in love. -Im Yoona

Love Is Love

ByDatingTaeny updated
With23 chapters, 12 votes, 451 subscribers, 8900 views, 227 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

One-Shots de diferentes parejas de SNSD. Diferentes escenarios en cada capítulo. Diferentes tramas.  

The Best Friend Contract

Byrilakkuma95 updated
CharactersIm Yoong, Jessica Jung, Kwon Yul, Tiffany Hwang, Choi Sooyoung, Sunny Lee
With22 chapters, 41 votes, 439 subscribers, 11520 views, 262 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

     Im Yoong and Jessica Jung have been best friends since birth. When they were 10 they drew up a best friend contract. It's been 7 years since they drew that contract up and both have been keeping the promises written, but what happens when one of them breaks one of the conditions?

PBB SNSD Edition

Bytheend_s updated
CharactersGirls Generation SNSD
With14 chapters, 80 votes, 427 subscribers, 13380 views, 588 comments

Magbubukas na ang pinakasikat na bahay sa pilipinas ang Pinoy Big Brother house SNSD edition! Kakaiba ang edition na ito dahil walang maeevict kada linggo, mananatili ang siyam na babae ng isang daang araw sa loob ng bahay ni Kuya. Ano kaya ang matutunan nilang aral sa pananatili nila rito? Abangan sa mga susunod na kaganapan.

I Hate you that I Love You

Byangel17 updated
With52 chapters, 66 votes, 405 subscribers, 38080 views, 319 comments

Do you believe in this saying? "THE MORE YOU HATE THE MORE YOU LOVE" What will happen when you fall to the person you least expected? JESSICA JUNG -the queen of snsd high school -rich, beautiful and a.k.a "Ice Princess

My Mind Can Forget, but My Heart Can't

ByYoonAddict93 updated
CharactersSNSD's Taeyeon and Jessica & SNSD Members
With21 chapters, 36 votes, 390 subscribers, 153 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

For years, Taeyeon and Jessica were in a relationship that both of them thought would last forever. However, from just one car accident, everything was taken away from Taeyeon, and Jessica had long-term amnesia. Jessica's parents brought her to America, an

Against All Odds

ByGrandpaBacon updated
With62 chapters, 60 votes, 388 subscribers, 24290 views, 556 comments

"Krys baby.. Look at me.. Look at me.." "When I tell you to run.. You run.." "When I tell you to hide.. You hide.." "When I tell you to fire.. You fire.." "And if its inevitable.. Kill me.. Before I kill you.."

Devil Next To Me

BysoneSYoungster updated
CharactersSooSica, a little YulSic, Sica's mom, Soo's dad, Tiffany and Yoona...etc
With26 chapters, 42 votes, 384 subscribers, 14010 views, 416 comments

  Jessica Jung has a long time crush on her classmate, also known as the most popular girl in school, Kwon Yuri. One day, her friends encouraged her to give a love letter personally to her after school. But things turn into chaos when she gave the love letter to the wrong person, who is none other than the school’s devil- Choi Sooyoung.   She tried to explain to her that it was all a misunderstanding, but Sooyoung wanted what she wants...and her desire was Jessica.

How it all started

Byjessimylove updated
CharactersIm yoona, Jessica Jung, SNSD and other idols.
With17 chapters, 34 votes, 370 subscribers, 5900 views, 114 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

The almighty SNSD went clubbing and met 4 mysterious girls. What they dont know is that their lives will change drastically after that night. And this is all how it started...