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The HeartBreaker

A guy who suddenly needs someone to pretend to be his girlfriend for a while... And a girl who needs money and to clean up her bad girl image... Suddenly meets each other at the famous Seoul Institute of the Arts school. Is this fate? Let’s find out~

Inside the Life of Jessica Jung

ByJungSowon updated
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Fanfic based on real-life dramas that we see on Soshi.

my hero, my prince

Byyultisiclovership updated
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ahmm, hi! i'm new here and this is my first fanfic, i've been reading a lot of fanfic that's why i try to create my own, hope you love it, thanks. :)     When u love someone and discover them cheating on you, the two things you can do is to break up with him/her and move on to your life, or forgive him/her and  continue to love her/him until that person love you the same way you feel, what if yuri choose to end her relationship to jessica when she caught

Winning Ice Prince's Heart

ByBadoomTaeng updated
CharactersSNSD, Jessica Pairings- untagged; SeoSic, SooSic, HyoSic..
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How to win the 'Ice Prince's' heart.

Rebel Love

ByGabyUC96 updated
Charactersyoona seohyun hyoyeon taeyeon tiffany yuri jessica sunny sooyoung
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Yoona just refused to look ahead. She didn't want to see the younger girl, see her ready to leave. "Unnie..." She heard the voice of her pretty dongsaeng call her. "No." Yoona shook her head, turning around and burying her face on her shorter mother's chest. "Honey..." Whispered her tall mommy while kneeling down next to her. "Don't you think Hyunnie at least deserves a goodbye from you?" Yoona just shook her head harshly

Im inLoVe with my DOG

ByAgie14 updated
CharactersAmber, krystal, jessica, yuri, donghae, ailee, min
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Amber liu is curse since birth cause of her father made a mistake to make a witch get furious of him when he was station in one of remote islands that the US navy had sent for him   The curse made her change into a black chihuahua everytime she gets wet with a cold water and in order for her to get back to her normal self she needed a warm water for it.  Ailee is ambers ultimate crush in school that hates dogs specially chihuahuas cause she thinks they look like rats.

All for Her

ByYoonlakkuma_gwiyomi updated
CharactersIm Yoona | Jessica Jung | Kwon Yuri | Seohyun
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      Are you willing to do anything to make the person you love 'happy'? Are you willing to give everything just to see the 'smiles'? That was Yuri did for Jessica. She did everything to make her happy but then she still can't get the latter's eyes on her, didn't even give her chance to be with her. How will Yuri handle the situation when Jessica already loved someone and found out that it

Loving From Afar

Bydonkei updated
CharactersYuri Jessica SNSD
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Yulsic Fluff..

I’m falling in Love to a Monster.

ByNiteMare95Fx updated
CharactersYulsic, Jongkey, 2Min, Suzy, Kryber, KaiHan, EunHae, Miss A, L.Joe, N, Zelo, Yong Guk, JungKook
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    “YOU ARE MY SERVANT, YOU STUPID ZOMBIE!!” “YOU MAKE ME INTO A ZOMBIE & YOU KILLED MY PARENT!!” “Heh, You are now like me. HA HA HA.” “I am a like you but.. do you know that something you don't have it? A Heart. I have a heart. Not like you, You’re just zombie only”


Byteddymag717 updated
CharactersSNSD You Sunny Yoona
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Im YunHee is Im Yoona's little sister, but no one outside of the Im family and SNSD knows. The reason? Her father.

Amor incondicional

ByMusahri updated
Characterstaeyeon tiffany yuri jessica hyoyeon seohyun sooyoung yoona sunny nicole
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Taeyeon ama a Tiffany desde los 10 años, pero parece que Tiffany no se da cuenta de eso...

Lock and Key

BySilktiger updated
CharactersTaeyeon, Tiffany, Yuri, Jessica, Yoona
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"Remember how I said your eyesmile is the second most beautiful thing I've seen? Well the first is you"

El Club Del Amor

Bywelovetae updated
CharactersTaeyeon Tiffany Jessica Joy Irene
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Tres amigas se marchan un fin de semana a las playas de Seul, pero, lo que parecía unas mini vacaciones placenteras, se convierten de pronto en un monton de accidentes. Mal entendidos, y situaciones increíbles entre lo divertido, y erótico. Tiffany descubre que el hombre con el que se va a casar en unas semanas es h

My idol

By_pinocchio_ updated
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Boygroup ATTACK is famous worldwide. They are under SM Entertainment and are the most wanted boyband in whole Asia. ATTACK: Kim Taeyeon: leader/main vocalis/24 years old Kwon Yuri: vocalist/dancer/23 years old Choi Sooyoung: rapper/dancer/22 years old Im Yoona: face of the group/vocal/dancer/22 ye

Inside These Veins.

Bydeathbyeyesmile updated
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She wonders what it would be like to have her lips on hers, to taste the sweetness of the lip balm she sees her apply, to have her teeth rake across that plump bottom lip as her hands dive into her hair; wonders what it would be like to have her up against a wall, legs wrapped around her so tightly that they could feel their shared pulses between them, feet locked together just to make sure their still intertwined.

Yulsic Oneshot

Bysyrealrockss updated
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I just want to share to you my own made stories about yulsic. Hahaha! Pls enjoy reading! :)   P.S. There are some other characters for extra. The other characters would be more on SNSD. :)


ByMoonlight_09 updated
CharactersTaeyeon Tiffany Jessica Yuri
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Italics - thoughts BLUE - past events

Popular song

Byyulichic updated
CharactersSunny Sooyoung SNSD
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« popular song »    Sunny is awesome. Sunny is cute. Sunny is smart. Sunny is a popular girl. Sooyoung, for the others is just: nothing.  Two completely different girls who share the same secret, a secret that no one should find out if Sunny and Sooyoung

Hated and Forgotten

Bysmjlee updated
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Hi there guys! a new story for you all... It's still Yulsic hehe

Snippets of Time

Byxsunray updated
CharactersJessica, Yoona, Sooyoung, Yuri, Tiffany, Sunny
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Growing up with you— the things we did, paths we crossed and ways we changed. Inspired by this gif:

Is a gumiho?

BySone4everTaeny updated
CharactersYuri, Jessica, Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sunny SNSD
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    Kwon Yuri Edad: 17 años Hija  Mayor de la Familia Kwon Criatura: Gumiho Hermana menor Kwon Yoona Enamorada de Jessica Jung  Jessica Jung

The prince and the princess arrange marriage

Byelelainescobar updated
Characterskrystal, amber, taeyeon, tiffany, jessica, yuri
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The SM University has a lot of students and some celebrities are studying there. But there are only two groups that are very famous and the most rivalry in the school. They are very opposite from their parents. The both groups parents are all partners in the company. The Liu’s, The Jung’s, The Kim’s, The Hwang’s, and The Kwon’s are partners in different companies. They even don’t know why their son and daughters are so pissed with each other. The girls group are: Jessica: -Sis

Black&White; ¿Love?

Bysoshikim updated
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                                                                   “Una rubia empresaria, una morena militar, un escenario confuso, una misión más allá de lo profesional, dinero de por medio, influencias y algo de destrucción es lo que le


ByAmber_Jjang updated
CharactersAmber Liu, Victoria Song, Luna Park, Sulli Choi, Krystal Jung, Taeyeon Kim, Jessica Jung, Tiffany Hwang, Sunny Lee, Hyoyeon Kim, Sooyoung Choi, Yuri Kwon, Yoona Im, Seohyun , Seulgi, Irene, Joy and Wendy
With1 chapters, 1 votes, 50 subscribers, 370 views, 10 comments
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What will happpen when you put F(x), Girls' Generation & Red Velvet together under one roof. In a Island that no one has lived before.     I will update with more details later.

SoShi Entertainment

ByCloudini updated
CharactersSNSD and appearances from other K-Pop Idols
With8 chapters, 37 votes, 291 subscribers, 6650 views, 76 comments
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Taeyeon - Vocal Teacher, Songwriter, DJ Teacher Jessica - Fashion Stylist, Modeling Teacher, CEO (current) Sunny - CEO (former), Variety Teacher, Producer Tiffany - Lead Manager, Fashion Stylist Hyoyeon - Dance Instructor, Variety Teacher, Leader of the Minions (former) Yuri - Dance Instructor, Songwriter, Variety Teacher,  Sooyoung - 

The Stripper

ByGabyUC96 updated
Charactersyoona seohyun taeyeon tiffany yuri jessica sunny sooyoung hyoyeon
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  Yoona was handcuffed while she was sitting down on a chair, her midsection was wrapped with tape, forcing her to stay put on the uncomfortable chair, duct tape ontop of her mouth not allowing her to make any noise and her eyes were covered. She wanted to sigh, but she couldn't because of the duct tape on top of her lips, her friends had took this 'birthday kidnapping surpise' too far, as only  "Is this some sort of sadomasoquist party? because I do