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Choosing the Right One

Kris needs a Queen, so he and the council decided to have 20 girls who will live with Prince Kris for one month. Will Kris find love or will old friends be reunited or taken away?

Way Back Into Love

Everyone knows about Donghae and Jessica. Everyone knows how much they love each other. They are the perfect couple. That's what they say. But are they really the perfect couple? Were they really made for each other?   Yoona has always had this huge crush on Donghae. Everyone knew about it too. But not Jessica or Donghae. But Dongh

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CharactersDonghae, Yoona, Jessica, Super Junior, SNSD
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Oh My Husband!

    'Why do I keep running from the truth, all I ever think about is you.' 'Am I crazy or falling in love?'

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CharactersKim Hyun Joong, Jung So Min, Lee Donghae and Im Yoona
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City Hunter //Yoonhae ver.

20 subscribers to start this story (: Main Characters: Lee Donghae as Lee Mi

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CharactersDonghae, Yoona, Taecyeon, Jessica, Taeyeon, Leeteuk, Seohyun, Yonghwa, Hyuna, Sunny, Sungmin, Yesung, Yuri, Siwon, Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Shindong,
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Sweetness Of The Heart

  Once upon a time, something happened to me.  It was the sweetest thing that could ever be.  It was a fantasy, a dream come true.  It was the day that I met you.   Trailer:

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CharactersDonghae, Jessica, Siwon, Tiffany, Yoona, Taecyeon, Kyuhyun, Jaejoong, some SNSD and Super Junior
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Secret Love

This is my first time so please do not be harsh when it comes to the reviews. English is my first language but I do admit I'm very horrible when it comes to grammar. Pictures are found on google images, THEY ARE NOT MINE. 

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CharactersDonghae and Yoona
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How's Life Again?

Everybody loves SNSD's Yoona. Everybody except herself, that is. Yoona's like a robot now. She doesn't express feelings. She understands that everybody loves her, but it's not because of her many talents, because she's pretty and popular. This all lead up to Yoona shutting herself from the world. She's numbed all her feelings. Joy, sadnes, anger, disappointment. Nothing. The only thing she knows is t

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CharactersSNSD, Super Junior, DBSK
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Love Never Fades

My first story on Asianfanfics! Basically I will be editing my story after it is finished. This is because I rarely have time to write my chapters yet alone edit them. Thus, I am sorry for all the spelling and grammar errors.  

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The world that is meant for me

What will you do when you wake up one day; the world that you knew wasn’t the same anymore What will you do if you fell for someone who isn’t meant for you to love? Will you fight for that love or you’ll forget about it

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CharactersYoona, Donghae, Krystal, Taemin, Insoo
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When things weren't so abnormal.

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Treat Me a Fic!

A place where I humbly request any of you who's interested to write me a fic of one (or more) of my OTPs in return of karma prizes (Total prize: 6750 karma)

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Charactersyou and me, along with my OTPs
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Hidden Love

I actually made this for YoonHae but i found it interesting if i add HaeSica. I really dont hate Jessica-unnie nor Yoona-unnie i actually love both of them, i love YoonSic <3   So dont hate this FICTION, i actually made it for both YoonHae and Haesica fans out there. But truth my bias is yoona so i love YoonHae, well i also love Haesica tho. but not as much as YoonHae.   So I'm not done with this yet. I want you guys to think or more like do i

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We Got Married! (DaraHae Edition! "The weird couple")

Dara who came from the unique hip-hop girl group 2NE1 was called to be the onscreen wife of Super Junior's Donghae! At first both groups was worried since they found Dara and Donghae are really awkward to each other... They can't approach each other that well they can't even sit next to each other... But as the show goes on will this Fish can fall in love into some like this weird Noona who came from Mars? Specially all the DaraGon fans and also YoonHae fans are kinda against it! Will the D

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CharactersDARAHAE! Daragon, Yoonhae
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Say Yes

  Characters: Super Junior  

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CharactersSiWon, Tiffany, Super Junior, SNSD
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Cheot Sarang (First Love)

" There's no love like the first. " - Nicholas Sparks " The future for me is already a thing of the past, you were my first love and you will be my last. " - Bob Dylan " No, this trick won't work.. How on earth are yo

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Happy Family

I decided to do a new fiction even though i didnt finish my other one.. i ran out of idea.... Maineh...      

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Hope You Change

Past is Past I really hope you change But now i realize We just a past with memories

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CharactersDonghae Jessica Yoona
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Cry (울고)

  Things fade away as years go by just like how Jessica and Donghae’s friendship had. It was a beautiful friendship silenced by days, weeks, months, years in which Donghae had slipped from her life with the set of friends and values. But somewhere in between, Lee Donghae realizes what he had been missing. A story about friendship, love, struggle, and tears.      

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CharactersJessica, Donghae, Yoona, Yuri, Eunhyuk, Heechul
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All My Love's For You

She love the way he loving her.. She love his patience when treat her for loving back.. She love everything about his personality.. Until..    

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CharactersMy one and only SooWon Jjang !!
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Sk8er Boi

He was a boy, she was girl, Can I make it anymore obvious?     Inspired by Avril Lavigne's hit song, Sk8er Boi. Poster and background by:

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CharactersDonghae, Jessica, Yoona and more
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Jessica -She didn't have family -She stay with Yoona's family -loyal in friendship -never trust in loving someone -she love Yoona so much because Yoona is the only one that she close to.   Im Yoona -Has a wealthy family -Yoona found Jessica when she in kindergarden. -Always protect Jessica as she protect her. -She has a oldest brother name , Sungmin   Sungmin - Yoona

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CharactersYoona, Jessica, Sungmin, Taemin,
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By: ©Jung Hyun Kyo Disclaimer: All cast credit SM Entertainment. Cerita disini milik saya. No copying! Dont forget for comment! Length: Drabble—155 Words “Kamu tahu? Kau bagaikan bidadari dari berbagai jenis rusa!”kata Donghae—cheesy kepada Yoona. “Tapi kan oppa malaikat dari para ikan!”Tawa Yoona tergelak,dia tertawa dengan tawa Alligator-nya. Donghae hanya tertawa dan merasa sedikit kesal,dia harus membalas ledekan dari visual SNSD ini. “Tapi kamu yang

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Still The One

How do you watch the one you love, love someone else? Ever since she met him, Jung Jessica had mixed and unrequited feelings. Lee Donghae, the boy she had become best friends with six years ago, was the man she was in love with today. As the months go by, Jessica will ultimately have to make the decisions. She's not sure she's strong enough to make. Throughout the series of events, prepare to uncover the truth - from the moment they first spoke to each other, to the day Do

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CharactersJung Jessica (Girls' Generation), Lee Donghae (Super Junior)
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Guilty Pleasure

Wherever there's a spark, there will likely be a flame and wherever there's a flame, we can easily be burned. And the guilty pleasure can only be embraced.

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CharactersSeo Joohyun | Cho Kyuhyun | Im Yoona | Lee Donghae | Choi Sooyoung
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사랑의 신비 Mysteries Of Love {HIATUS}


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CharactersLee Donghae ⇢ Im Yoona ⇢ Choi Siwon ⇢ Tiffany Hwang {MANY CHARACTERS WILL BE FEATURED IN THIS STORY}
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Just A Glimpse

Have you ever wondered how it feels like to just know what happens to your idols off cam? How they become like that? What happened during the time they go down from the stage and go back up again?     Won't you want to take a glimpse?

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