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Can U Smile?

by eternalapluself updated on
Tags: sunggyu taeyeon woohyun wootae infinitexsnsd taegyu gyutae
Chapters: 23 | Votes: 6 | Subscribers: 36 | Views: 1300 | Comments: 19 |

  ... Read More

My Boyfriend's Bestfriend

by haimephobic updated on
Tags: apink infinite romance woohyun exo luhan chorong
Chapters: 6 | Comments: 4 |

... Read More

My Boyfriends are my Brothers??? (Do You Love Me's Sequel) [BUSY]

by shiro123 updated on
Tags: hoya infinite myungsoo sungjong sungyeol woohyun you
Chapters: 16 | Votes: 1 | Subscribers: 35 | Views: 1660 | Comments: 9 |

Annyeong!!! ^^ This fanfic is well..... about Infinite and you ^^ and this is also a sequel of my story Do You Love Me?... Read More

The Doctor.

by sticklegs updated on
Tags: apink bomi fluff infinite romance woohyun
Chapters: 17 | Votes: 4 | Comments: 9 |

The Doctor.   ... Read More

1 - 4 - 3 [Subscribers Only]

by haremgoddess updated on
Tags: fluff infinite romance woohyun you exo kyungsoo
Chapters: 8 | Votes: 4 | Subscribers: 43 | Views: 430 | Comments: 15 |

Just when you think everything was going as planned...  ... Read More

Infinite Recommendations

by rebelliousbear updated on
Tags: hoya infinite myungsoo sunggyu sungyeol woohyun recommendation
Chapters: 32 | Votes: 2 | Subscribers: 36 | Comments: 6 |

A whole bunch of great Infintie stories that I've read on this site that deserve a lot more attention/credit/readers! I've realised that EXO have become the trend on here these days, and becaus... Read More

Baby Steps [Subscribers Only]

by ilamby_koalala updated on
Tags: fluff sunggyu woogyu woohyun baby
Chapters: 2 | Votes: 41 | Subscribers: 583 | Views: 4290 | Comments: 120 |

Hatred can turns into love. It will eventually in the end. But love also can turns into hatred. That’s happening to Sunggyu and Woohyun. They used to love each other—t... Read More

Before the Dawn

by Million_Girl updated on
Tags: angst drama infinite myungsoo woohyun cinderella exo
Chapters: 2 | Comments: 3 |

It seems that as if ever since she was, Jung Ella have been cursed. Her mother died on her eighth birthday... Her father remarried a devil who brought two stupid step-brothers in he... Read More

My wife's gardener

by CallingForYourGrace updated on
Tags: infinite sunggyu woogyu woohyun
Chapters: 8 | Votes: 7 | Subscribers: 104 | Views: 2560 | Comments: 30 |

Starting a new job, Woohyun took an instant dislike to home owner - pale, stern and lame in one leg guy. On the contrary, his beautiful wife immeditely attracted attenti... Read More

Back in Time

by love_RAVIoli updated on
Tags: angst hoya infinite namwoohyun woohyun you leehowon
Chapters: 1 | Comments: 2 |

Alis Choi is a 24 year old fashion designer with pretty much everything a girl wants- a huge closet, brains, beauty, and a boyfriend. Only problem is that she feels like her relationship wi... Read More


by elailee updated on
Tags: angst infinite missa woohyun min woomin minhyun
Chapters: 10 | Votes: 6 | Views: 1170 | Comments: 37 |

Woo(hyun)/Min(Young) Angst ... Read More

Infinite: Behind the Scenes

by serafin updated on
Tags: dongwoo hoya infinite myungsoo sunggyu sungjong woohyun
Comments: 2 |

Imagined how our boys are behind the cameras, flashing lights and all the glimmer and glamour of the K-industry? ... Read More

Harmonizing Voices [Subscribers Only]

by negiramen updated on
Tags: fluff sunggyu woogyu woohyun
Chapters: 15 | Votes: 172 | Subscribers: 987 | Comments: 822 |

[SEQUEL]... Read More

Backstage and Waiting Rooms [Subscribers Only]

by rion_01 updated on
Tags: infinite oneshot sistar soyu woohyun sisfinite
Chapters: 10 | Votes: 4 | Subscribers: 86 | Views: 1610 | Comments: 25 |

    Compilation of oneshots starring Infinite's ... Read More

Woo-Ya's Text Messages

by GOOBERS updated on
Tags: fluff hoya infinite woohyun yaoi wooya crack
Chapters: 61 | Votes: 13 | Subscribers: 46 | Views: 3590 | Comments: 106 |

These are just Woo-Ya's random text, which I took from Sung-Yeol, who got a hold of Woo-Hyun's phone. Nah, I'm just kidding, but yeah, t... Read More

Enemies in Love

by missdauxian updated on
Tags: comedy romance schoollife woohyun you bap daehyun
Chapters: 12 | Votes: 4 | Subscribers: 55 | Views: 1790 | Comments: 30 |

  Ever since preschool, Bang you and Jung Daehyun are known to be frenemies (more like since they were in their mother’s womb). They always pick a fight with ... Read More

Yeollie in charge of LOVE

by Roxana updated on
Tags: comedy myungsoo romcom sungyeol woohyun chanyeol
Chapters: 17 | Subscribers: 6 | Comments: 3 |

To go on a date with his dream girl, Sungyeol must fulfill a certa... Read More

There is No Such Thing as True Love [Members Only] [Subscribers Only]

by JunhyungLuv updated on
Tags: comedy hara junhyung romance woohyun yongjunhyung you
Chapters: 10 | Votes: 9 | Comments: 21 |

You had always believed in True L... Read More

Since... When???

by BABYzDAE286 updated on
Tags: hyuna infinite romance woohyun
Chapters: 13 | Votes: 11 | Subscribers: 68 | Views: 2030 | Comments: 34 |

    hye u all... i'm come ba... Read More

You and Me...Baby Makes Three

by kpop2min updated on
Tags: infinite sunggyu sungjong woogyu woohyun kids
Chapters: 10 | Votes: 5 | Subscribers: 72 | Views: 2280 | Comments: 19 |

Woohyun and Sunggyu have gone through the steps. Falling in love when Sunggyu was 21 and Woohyun was 19 then one year later they moved in together and then after celebrating their 5th year aniver... Read More

Anniversary - Woohyun [Complete]

by Lovrodney updated on
Tags: namwoohyun woohyun jealous lovrodney
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 1 | Comments: 4 |

When he gets jealous of Hoya... Read More

Living With Six Step - Brothers [Subscribers Only]

by hazie_inspirit updated on
Tags: chunji gdragon sooyoung woohyun yongguk doojoon kris
Chapters: 11 | Votes: 2 | Views: 2370 | Comments: 30 |

When Mr.Kim died, all his sons flew to Seoul, Korea to greet their father for the last time. Kim Soo Young who was Mr.Kim's only daughter shocked seeing six strangers were at her appa's fun... Read More

Between Contracts and Marriage

by Rhapsodic updated on
Tags: fluff infinite romance sunggyu woogyu woohyun
Chapters: 6 | Votes: 5 | Views: 2200 | Comments: 17 |

Where one finally decides to do the craziest thin... Read More

Goodbye, summer. [Complete]

by hoyayeobo updated on
Tags: infinite sliceoflife sunggyu woogyu woohyun
Chapters: 1 | Votes: 6 | Comments: 6 |

  "I want my summer to glow again."... Read More

Flaming Charisma oppa or Dubu oppa??

by SHINeePreethi updated on
Tags: key shinee woohyun confusion minhoxoc onewxoc onsicacouple
Chapters: 8 |

Hey!!! This is my third story so far.... I get inspirations from all the stories here on AFF but the imagination is totally mine!! Th... Read More

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