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Living in a small town of Beacon Hill, in the shadows are creatures you never thought excisted, and it appeared that all of them go to the same high school. The only thing missing, is you and your unique self to join us in this mysterious yet wild place.

Let Loose

By vainfuldreams Published
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 15 subscribers, 2990 views, 6 comments

Hello everyone! This is my first time writing an f(x) fanfic. This story is available on winglin too but I advise y'all to read it here. Okay? Well, "Let Loose" is about f(x) mainly. It centers around all of them: Victoria Song, Krystal Jung, Luna Park, Sulli Choi, and Amber Liu. It is about friendshhip, integrity, loyalty, and understanding. For this story, I've written in different points of views so I hope I won't confuse anyone. [ C A S T ] Victoria Song Krystal Jung

You Said Remember Me

By minifantasy Published
Characters Lee Donghae, Victoria Song
With 88 chapters, 10 votes, 130 subscribers, 41070 views, 125 comments
Status Completed

Ok, I'm not sure about this story but I'm going to try to post up the forwards first then post up the first chapter. Well I hope you enjoy this story whether you like the pairing or not. This story is a Mystery/Romance/Drama genre. Since my other previous stories haven't had much drama in them I'll be sure to include some dr

Dear My Lover...

By LoveKpop Published
Characters Victoria f(x), Choi Siwon (Super Junior), Kim KiBum (Super Junior), Kim Young Woon (Super Junior)
With 3 subscribers, 720 views, 1 comments

Hello ^^ I'm new here in AsianFanfics.. here is the forewords :) Staring : Victoria (fx) as Shim Yoon Ji Choi Siwon (Super Junior) as Kim Sang Jun

A Summer's Desire! [♥]

By jjwyl93 Published
Characters Kim Jaejoong ; Jung Yunho ; Fictionals ; Victoria f(x)
With 35 chapters, 2 votes, 96 subscribers, 29350 views, 264 comments
Status Completed

It’s the summer of 2010 and the only thing the young ones want to do is party until the sunrise. With the sky as blue as the water and the water as blue as the sky, this story’s setting will take place in Maui, Hawaii, the island of love and passion.  

The Pinky Promise

By AppleJaJing Published
Characters Kang Jiyoung and Lee Kikwang
With 10 chapters, 1 votes, 28 subscribers, 5920 views, 27 comments
Status Completed

One promise made by a pinky. 'To be with you forever.' Will it come true? It's only a pinky promise. What is it's value? To Kang Jiyoung it means everything to her.

It's True Love

By nisyaz Published
Characters Victoria Song , Onew , Lee Jinki , Nichkhun , f(x)
With 11 chapters, 56 subscribers, 18090 views, 30 comments

Victoria, the absolutely gorgeous f(x) leader. Nichkhun, the guy anyone who's anyone talked about. Onew, the one who's most popular with his Onew Sangtae and dorky SHINee leader It all happened at a Samgyupsal house.  TRAILER! 

All About Variety

By nisyaz Published
Characters MBLAQ , SHINee , F(x)
With 3 chapters, 29 subscribers, 3420 views, 42 comments

banner/poster credits : SeraphinTears EVERYTIME YOU READ A CHAPTER, REMEMBER TO LOOK AT THE Author's Note first. There might be something I want to tell you before reading.  I'm still wondering about the f(BLAQ) couplings, and I already have my Shiny Effects couplings, maybe if you could suggest any f(BLAQ) couplings? -please not JoonVictoria/Thunstal- I watched idol army, and started to seem okay with f(BLAQ) couplings.. And GO/Thunder with Victoria, was kind of good, wat

Marriage with a Handsome Man

By little-hopper Published
Characters Nickhun, Victoria,
With 43 chapters, 5 votes, 34360 views, 235 comments

Marrying a handsome guy was everyone's dream, even to Victoria. She had her life all planned out, but than realize, marriage with a Handsome Guy doesn't mean anything. Everyone may be pleased and proud of him but to her own view, he was a heartless man. Not only must she go through marriage but to also please her mother in law who treats her like a maid.

True Feelings - one shot

By khuntorialover Published
Characters nichkhun; victoria khuntoria
With 4 chapters, 21 subscribers, 11640 views, 9 comments
Status Completed

Story : True Feelings -one shot Characters : Nichkhun Victoria -khuntoria Plot : What actually happened after the 11th episode of WGM... Who can tell when fiction stops...and real feelings begin ?

Before the Beginning

By Everytimeyoublink Published
Characters fictional, kevin woo, others
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 4 subscribers, 1580 views, 7 comments
Status Completed

A journal. It can keep so many memories, good or bad, As an anonymous writer said, “A dull pencil is better than a sharp mind.” This is the story of one who believed in writing down everything even if it wasn’t important. 

A Simple Love Story

By Anne60 Published
Characters Cho Kyuhyun & Victoria Song
With 21 chapters, 59 subscribers, 13140 views, 66 comments
Status Completed

I was on my way my doctor's office and feeling lousy at that time,and as I thought  the timeline of my life, a story came to my mind. So I thought of writing a story for somebody that I have come across in my life ,who sort of threw me off and made  quite an impact. And so I thought of putting Kyuhyun on this one,since I have never written  Kyunnie a real story yet and yet he is one of my favorite in Suju and yes putting Victoria on this favorite in F {x}. This story will

My Love Song

By xSUJUx Published
Characters Victoria nickhun lee joon Jessica
With 7 chapters, 38 subscribers, 5410 views, 18 comments

Victoria is a Chinese girl whose mother was a very famous stylist but died of cancer. Which mada Victoria very sad so she decided to give up her dream of becoming a singer even though she is very good at singing instead she will pursue her mother's career as a stylist in Korea because that's where her mom was really born

WGM : Once and Again [One-Shot]

By rssj1314 Published
Characters Victoria Song f(x) | Nichkhun Horvejkul | 2PM | Kyuhyun Cho | Changmin Shim
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 14 subscribers, 2850 views, 10 comments
Status Completed

When it came to Victoria, Nichkhun always got jealous, or weary, very easily. This was a well-known fact by all of South Korea. But when his jealousy gets just a little too out of hand and he realizes he can't seem to control his actions (which never happened before because he was all round perfect...) things take a turn, and seemingly for the worse. Some things just can't be said, done, or felt just once. How many times will it take for this "International Couple" to become aware

Clover Leaf

By madmagician Published
Characters Victoria , Nichkhun , Heechul , Seohyun , Leeteuk , Narsha and Ryeowook
With 1 chapters, 14 subscribers, 2080 views, 6 comments

This story is about how does love really deserves to you. This is also about how friendship really last. This is a fictional story that was written with inspiration...

I wish 2011 be forever ^^

By firnash Published
Characters Se Kyung , Jonghyun , Yoona and Key
With 5 chapters, 5 comments
Status Completed

SHINee's Kim Jonghyun : A really handsome boy, a captain of football team, got a bestfriend and a girlfriend . He is a popular guy at school. Girls do like him , but Jonghyun don't really like them . Likes to write lyrics , also playing guitar and piano. Very rich $ Shin Se Kyung : A new girl , likes to take picture .  Pretty and got cute smile . SNSD's Yoona : Head cheerleader , Jonghyun's girlfriend , really love him , she wou

Imperfect Love

By fishypie Published
Characters nichkhun victoria soeun kimbum yesung
With 10 chapters, 17 subscribers, 5500 views, 9 comments
Status Completed

So Yi Jung, Kim So Eun and all their friends were studying at a college-like school. It was their first day of school. Kim So Eun, being the extremely studious type of student, loaded her arms with many thick volume of books. To her, its always important to have books around her without books, she will

You're my destiny, not.

By jessicachu22 Published
Characters Alexa, Kim Heechul, Leeteuk, Victoria, Siwon, Donghae.
With 5 chapters, 2 comments

It is just another love story that is different from the others with conflicts in between.

Thailand Prince’s Love Story

By misumienai13 Published
Characters Nichkhun, Victoria, 2PM, F(x)
With 3 chapters, 2 votes, 53 subscribers, 9410 views, 9 comments
Status Completed

Annyeong! It’s my third three shots and it is the first time I write a fanfic without Super Junior as the main actors. Well, this is a story about The Thailand’s Prince and Victoria. This surely is a romance full of tragedy. I might not really good in describing how they feel, but I’m pretty sure a thing which we work hard on would come out good. I hope you like it x) So, precaution, English is not my first language so I think there will be grammar errors. Please understand.


By dreaming777 Published
Characters Victoria Onew shinee fxband
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 8 subscribers, 2330 views, 17 comments
Status Completed

Victoria as math teacher while Onew as her student... This story based on f(x) song- Me+U, hope u enjoy!

[One-Shot]Sorry That I Loved You (Past and Present)

By rssj1314 Published
Characters Nichkhun Horvejkul Victoria Song
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 32 subscribers, 5010 views, 16 comments
Status Completed

Nichkhun was the one who fell in love with Victoria first; he gave her everything she could have dreamed of and made her fall in love with him. Now, seven months into their relationship, he finds that he can't stop hurting her while aware of the wrongs he's doing. He just can't stop. So he decides to end everything, once and for all. But Victoria has other plans. A/N: Song used: [Sorry That I Loved You] by Anthony Neely. I skipped chorus repeats.