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Pop Goes My Heart

Dara was the perfect girl but a single mistake turns her life topsy turvy. Can she cope with the humiliation and growing pressures? Can she let go of her fiancé when his best friend is the father of her baby?

Remember Me

By BellVK Updated
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Blank. Everything was blank. She couldn't remember her age, her hometown, her family, her friends. Heck, she didn't even know if she had a family, if she ever went to college or even if she had a pet.


By Francean Updated
Characters Jessica Tiffany Jeti
With 46 chapters, 31 votes, 222 subscribers, 13600 views, 274 comments

My life isn't the best but I got over it and live "better" and "happier" now. I may have a smoking problem, well that's what people say. I disagree. I think it's normal to have a smoke every once in a while. It is a bad habit but it makes me relaxed and happy. But who knew something , or shall I say someone, replaced it. ~ ~ ~ 

All I Wanted is To Be Yours

By Niknaks Updated
Characters Kim Taeyeon, Tiffany Hwang, SNSD MEMBER
With 21 chapters, 13 votes, 403 subscribers, 70 comments
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Hello! :) This is my first Taeny fanfics. And I just want to share it to everyone, I know that there are lots of Taeny fanfics here and I'm not sure if someone already has this kind of plot, but I'm sure there is a unique twist for each and every story so kindly spare this some

Love Dimension

By iamjessica09 Updated
Characters kim taeyeon tiffany hwang choi sooyoung jessica jung kwon yuri im yoona sunny lee kim hyoyeon seo juhyun
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  A game of love. There are two characters in this game that fall in love with each other but what if one day the owner of these characters met? Will their love in this game can apply in their real life? Will they remain only as characters? Or the other way around? -- Game Characters: Taeyeon: -Prince Taengoo Tiffany:  -Princess Miyoung Jessica: -Icy Jessi Yuri: -Mighty Yul Sooyoung


By anafluffy Updated
Characters taeyeon and tiffany
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when something happen in your life and change it

Not A Chance

By Mushroom15 Updated
Characters Taeyeon Kim and Tiffany Hwang
With 3 chapters, 14 subscribers, 210 views


If Only..

By fantasy101 Updated
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“Do you have any regrets?” The voice could be heard again, this time it sounded closer. “Of course I have regrets…” The woman said. “What is your biggest regret?”        There was silence. The old lady didn’t answer the question. “Would you allow me to go back?” Her hand was lowered again. “What would you change?” The vo

The Internship

By totawk42 Updated
Characters Tiffany Hwang, SNSD ot9, Amber, Taeyang, Onew
With 12 chapters, 26 votes, 261 subscribers, 4830 views, 57 comments

Tiffany Hwang, social-holic college student, has no idea what she's gotten into when she begins her summer internship at a very interesting corporation.

When Will You Be Mine?

By Taelovestephi_ Updated
Characters Taeyeon Tiffany Nichkhun
With 6 chapters, 3 votes, 1660 views, 6 comments

anneyeong sones/taeny shippers! this is my first time writing a fanfic. i will slowly improve my story writings xD.  hope you guys will enjoy! ps im still editing    Taeyeon fell in love with this girl named Tiffany since high school.  taeyeon will always be there for tiffany no matter what. they've promised each other that no matter what happen they will be there for each other. but tiffany broke the promise. after

When Extremes Meet

By Daejangnim Updated
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Do opposites really attract? It's Complicated. What will happen when two extremes meet?

Meant to Be

By sooshi9 Updated
Characters Sooyoung Yoona
With 16 chapters, 11 votes, 169 subscribers, 8270 views, 181 comments

“..maybe she was right, maybe some people doesn’t meant to be happy..”   “I love her, I am madly in love with her, and if there is one thing I could never doubt about, it’s me madly in love with her..”     “You don’t trust me, do you? you just never do..”   “I thought we could live the happily ever after, as I grow up and learn that forever doesn’t exi

The Prison Years

By Sukie1245 Updated
Characters Ailee, Taeyang, Tiffany, Nichkhun
With 5 chapters, 7 votes, 110 subscribers, 1660 views, 16 comments
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In this society we were able to live freely. That was until we reached a certain age. We all lived with our birth parents, and hung out with which ever friends we had. But once we entered high school we were assigned our status. We had no say in where we would end up, we could either be in the  rich, the poor, the populars, the nerds, the jock

Eyes, Nose, Lips

By HwangBae Updated
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um amor, um coração.


By taenypathy Updated
Characters Taeyeon, Tiffany
With 18 chapters, 104 votes, 704 subscribers, 20830 views, 180 comments

Where Taeyeon's heart pounds and skips and trips and falls on everything in sight because of Tiffany. But does Tiffany feel the same way?  

Into Your Gravity

By mooogle Updated
Characters jessica jung, tiffany hwang, snsd, side: 2pm, f(x), red velvet, more to come
With 3 chapters, 18 votes, 129 subscribers, 1610 views, 19 comments

It's New Year's Eve, and Tiffany sees a girl across the bar. She wasn't sure when they found themselves standing so close to each other, but she couldn't have thought of a more cliché meeting than this one.

What If?

By rebelkid56 Updated
Characters Jessica Jung, Krystal Jung, SNSD, f(x)
With 13 chapters, 16 votes, 159 subscribers, 69 comments

Jessica has been dating Heechul for a little over a year and he finally proposed, however she isn't quite sure she is ready to get married. Krystal is trying her best to support her sister but she can't ignore the growing pain inside her heart.


By jli2015 Updated
Characters kris, jessica, taeyeon, baekhyun, tiffany
With 1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 140 views

Flashbacks... and memories can ALWAYS be passed onto the one you love. 

My SoShi Teacher

By iamjessica09 Updated
Characters You as Nam Jiyeon Your Friend as Shin Yeonhee Kim Taeyeon Tiffany Hwang Seo Juhyun Jessica Jung Im Yoona Lee Sunny Choi Sooyoung Kwon Yuri Kim Hyoyeon
With 9 chapters, 3 votes, 46 subscribers, 670 views, 20 comments
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What if one day you wake up, Girls' Generation didn't exist...What will you do? Impossible right? Well Let's see what will happen when SNSD didn't exist in K-Pop world instead become your Teacher! That'll be exciting...   You as Nam Jiyeon Your Friend as Shin Yeonhee

My Special Star

By lilythesone Updated
Characters Taeyeon, Tiffany
With 17 chapters, 22 votes, 802 subscribers, 12270 views, 104 comments
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One might think having all the fame is just perfect right? The media doesn't know the back story of Taeyeon Kim, a famous singer in Seoul, Korea. Taeyeon gets a new manager--Tiffany Hwang, who is suppose to make her life easier, but in reality is making her life turn upside down. "How can a person come into one's life and make them feel so confused yet

Man Love.

By real_locksmith Updated
Characters Taeyeon , Tiffany , SNSD . Girls Generation .
With 15 chapters, 1 votes, 70 subscribers, 1300 views, 7 comments

Story about a woman named Tiffany Hwang , who worked with INTERPOL. She's the most successful young detective in Korea. Despite her achievements, Korean government needs her help to bring down a new drug's syndicates which happening in high school. But , not in regular school. The syndicates had their own vision. They targeting rich kids in town. So all activities they've done are within all star high school where all the riches and brats kids gathering.  However, the case becom

Tough, But We Can

By ShushWhisper Updated
With 11 chapters, 18 votes, 371 subscribers, 6480 views, 69 comments
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“I love her, and only her!”   “I’ll fight for you no matter what it costs. I want only YOU, only US!”        

Lines and Words (Jeti collection)

By JeTidalwavesurfer Updated
Characters Jessica | Tiffany | Snsd | Others
With 26 chapters, 37 votes, 628 subscribers, 14940 views, 164 comments
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Craving for Jeti? Your Jeti heart missed a puzzle piece? Well're at the right place. A Jeti ff collection, mostly one shots :)   Oh you see that bracket [    ] in a story title? It's

Not Intended |TAENY|

By Kryssn Updated
Characters Kim Taeyeon, Tiffany Hwang, Im Yoon Ah, Seohyun, Yuri, Jessica
With 10 chapters, 15 votes, 302 subscribers, 3500 views, 45 comments
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Huyendo de un compromiso y de su familia, Tiffany se refugía tras un trabajo de criada sin saber que, su jefa; Kim Taeyeon, terminaría siendo la persona a la que sus padres tenían pensado comprometerla. La pregunta aquí es ¿Taeyeon sabe quién es su empleada? ¿Tiffany sabe que su jefa es su prometida?


By Redfoot Updated
Characters Taeyeon | Jessica | SNSD
With 8 chapters, 248 votes, 1481 subscribers, 19320 views, 387 comments
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It's a marriage between the odd, in which the pain has replaced the happiness.        


By piecesoflife Updated
Characters Tiffany Sooyoung Jessica
With 12 chapters, 42 votes, 253 subscribers, 6420 views, 129 comments

If there’s something that makes Tiffany thinks she’s different from the others then it’s her ability to see ghost. Yes, that ability gives her hard time sometimes but she never has any problem with it. That’s until she meets a ghost that asks her to fulfill the ghost’s simple wishes, wishes that Tiffany quickly finds out aren't so simple after all.