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Trapped in a K-Drama

Nam Eun Hee is trapped in a parallel K-Drama universe and encounters the most cliche drama scenes. In her journey, she meets seven typical male protagonists. How will this affect her story? (OC x Infinite)

Take it or leave it

By mcluckysy updated
Characters Sucharat Manaying - as Pie Suppanad Jittaleela - as Kim Arisara Tongborisuth - as Jane Soranut Yupanun - as P'van Intira Youenyong - as Aunt. Inn
With 10 chapters, 8 votes, 34 subscribers, 1450 views, 14 comments

This story tell us the true meaning of love no matter who you are and what you are it doesn't matter. What does matter is you being in-love and being love... This is for tiaom fans mostly. I wrote this story because ever since i had watched yes or no 1 & 2, i've been inspired to write the story but never had a chance cause i'm afraid no one would like it. For one's because i'm a frustrated writter, wh

Let Me Make It Right.

By Coffee28 updated
Characters Kim, Pie, etc.
With 36 chapters, 17 votes, 266 subscribers, 9040 views, 310 comments
Status Subscribers Only

love comes like a thief, it steals your heart, and your mind, When you realised you were falling in love, Maybe it's too late already. And He asked himself, Can I find the way to her heart? What will you do if someone you loved being hurt so she lost on her mind, she cannot find her way to go back? That's happened to this man, and he chooses to make a revenge, but his choice makes h

puzzle - pieces - puzzle

By oitoit updated
Tags tiaom
Characters kim, pie, mean, fern, mike, van, jane and lots more
With 36 chapters, 10 votes, 62 subscribers, 9870 views, 128 comments

hey guys! we met again!.. now, i'm starting my second fanfic on my birthday!! this story gonna be a bit different from 'it's war' that full of drama, angst and whatever.. i'll be updating this story soon, so hope you gonna like it..! p/s : sorry for the title, i don't have any sense of naming something..

Brightest Wallflower

By violetteRyna updated
Characters Tina Suppanad & Aom Sushar
With 4 votes, 7 comments
Status Subscribers Only

wall·flow·er Definition: [slang] A person, usually a woman, who is socially awkward or who attends but sits out of the action at social events. She sees things, she understands them but she keeps quiet about everything that’s happening in her view.  

The Diary

By ruthfj updated
Tags tiaom
Characters tinajittaleela, aom sushar, mike, Mario, puey, mean, jane
With 11 chapters, 6 votes, 41 subscribers, 1940 views, 26 comments

My second story that keep playing in my imaginations. Welcome to supporters and haters. Enjoy.

You believe me now, don’t you?

By norman updated
Characters Tina Suppanad Jittaleela, Aom Sushar Manaying, Mean Appitha KlaiOudom, Pei Thanaphat, Dew Arisara, Inn Budokan
With 47 chapters, 32 votes, 284 subscribers, 72870 views, 503 comments

  To begin with, Tina is a daughter of the owner of Jittaleela Group. Talking about her father who owns the company, he is very powerful, every businessman and other person have to pay their respects to him. Jittaleela Group is a company, which imports all brand name products and exports back Thailand’s products. Without his company, other product company wouldn’t be able to export and import well. Back to Tina, she is as powerful as her dad but not in a business way, but all with gi

Yes or No 3

By Fukulot123 updated
Tags tiaom
With 5 chapters, 1 votes, 31 subscribers, 1250 views, 13 comments

Based on the movies Yes or No 1 & 2, I decided to write a book 3 concluding what happens to the love between a tom and a girl after being together for so long. Don't get me wrong. I have a boyfriend and my first impression of the first part of the movie was that I wouldn't like it but opening up my mind to the plot of the story, together with the chosen actresses, I fell in love with the story's twist and so with the sequel of it.  

What was that?

By frankbubulalady updated
Tags kim tiaom pie puey
Characters kim pie puey
With 13 chapters, 16 votes, 122 comments

  I wasn’t sure how to start this. But somehow there is someone out there keeps pushing me to do it. So, here it goes. I don’t know if it’s even closer to what you guys might expect from an amateur like me. But I know something, if I don’t dare to try it, I might not know if I ever can do it, am I right? Yes, I’m going to write about my favorite couple, Kim and Pie.   

Yes or No 3, Me and You, Against the World

By loafbread updated
Characters Zee Matanawee Keenan, Aom Sushar, Tina Jittaleela, Meen Appitha
With 8 chapters, 8 votes, 202 subscribers, 120760 views, 107 comments

THIS IS JUST A FANFICTION, THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS YES OR NO 3 After the taping of Yes Or No 2, the crew wants to have Yes Or No 3, at Tina's birthday party, she invited everyone in her phonebook, and of them was Zee Matanawee Keenan, or simply as Zee, Zee is a lesbian, she looks like a boy and is a famous Thailand Singer. then at Tina's Party, she decided to have a surprise singing duet, and she chose Zee and Aom..... and the movie's director P'Nay was there to w


By Fukulot123 updated
Tags tiaom
With 4 chapters, 4 votes, 18 subscribers, 12 comments

What will you do if you still love your past?  

Dare on You

By violetteRyna updated
Characters Tina Jittaleela, Aom Manaying & many more
With 2 chapters, 12 votes, 33 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Silky long hair, flowery skirt and fluffy blouse once were a part of Tina when she was excited over the puppy love towards her senior, Mike who made her believe the story of first love. Yet to her misfortune, by the time she knew about first love, Tina also learned about heartbreak and betrayal occurred on her once Mike left her high and dry for unknown reason. Two years past and now, she is a devastatingly h


By stubbornako updated
With 1 chapters, 10 votes, 109 subscribers, 930 views, 24 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Why is it not acceptable to love her when I was only bound by an agreement, which was not even my choice in the first place, and not bound by blood? ---------- I promise you, princess of my heart... no matter what I have to go through... no matter how much pain I have to bear... I'll fight for you...   and you will be mine...   I will be yours.   -Kim

What Does The Future Hold (DON'T DOUBT MY LOVE'S SEQUEL)

By biglittlesister updated
With 3 chapters, 11 votes, 172 subscribers, 1610 views, 56 comments
Status Subscribers Only

If we could predict or even forecast the future, are we ready and dare to know all the truth?  

When he met her

By Chastine updated
Tags aom kim tiaom
Characters Kim,Aom and Van
With 5 chapters, 2 votes, 22 subscribers, 610 views, 11 comments

Love story

Lead the butterfly on

By YesOrNo updated
Characters Aom Sushar and Tina Suppanad
With 3 chapters, 4 votes, 128 subscribers, 11 comments
Status Subscribers Only

"Don't lead me on. Love me or leave me, as simple as that." I loved her. And I thought she loved me too. Unfortunately, love just doesn't work as it does in movies and books, does it?  

Somewhere in Time

By heisenberg updated
Tags tiaom
With 28 chapters, 25 votes, 118 subscribers, 12600 views, 241 comments

Time is an intangible yet formidable force. Nothing and no one can go against it. Two people, tied by fate yet separated by time. What will become of their love?   This is my second tiaom fanfic, I


By stubbornako updated
Characters Tina Jittaleela, Aom Manaying
With 11 chapters, 10 votes, 164 subscribers, 2880 views, 52 comments
Status Subscribers Only

What will you do when you have planned everything to aim your goal in life… and suddenly, your world starts to rumble when an invader from out of nowhere flips your world upside down, distracts your sanity, and as determined as you are, has another goal in mind which counteracts against yours? You want your dream job... but your love invader wants your heart.  It all started with a big mess... and the chaos begins…

We love as we wish

By YesOrNo updated
Characters TIAOM
With 3 chapters, 9 votes, 221 subscribers, 12 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

We love as we wish Tina wants to marry Aom. Aom wants to marry Tina. However, Aom's parents don't want her to marry Tina.

My Valentine

By tiaomlover_14 updated
Characters Kim,Pie,Mario,Ter,Shin,fern,Jane,Mike,Van,Beam,Puey,Nerd,Mean...
With 26 chapters, 10 votes, 71 subscribers, 10810 views, 63 comments

This is about two people whose afraid to fall inlove because of different reasons,two minds with different perspectives, two hearts that always keep running away from love, but what if in the middle of the way those hearts bump into each other?. Will they escape again running to opposite paths ? Or let themselves fall and walk hand in hand? <3 

First love,Last love

By MARIAJMH updated
Characters Tina Jittaleela & Aom Manaying & others
With 6 chapters, 5 votes, 33 subscribers, 1260 views, 28 comments

Tina is a nerdy looking girl but most people don't know her real identity but will she reveal her identity     


By suejue updated
Tags tiaom
Characters The most present must be Pie and Kim also the yes or no team .
With 1 chapters, 7 votes, 166 subscribers, 840 views, 14 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only


My Sweetheart Is A Gold Digger ♥

By biglittlesister updated
Characters Kim (Tina Jittaleela), Pie (Aom Sushar), Zee (Matanawee Keenan), Tavee (Reuchanok Meesang), Yam (Mean Apittha), Mike Pirath,Nan,Hongyok etc
With 5 chapters, 13 votes, 77 subscribers, 3120 views, 70 comments

From the FUTURE-To the PAST

By MARIAJMH updated
Characters Tina Jittaleela,Aom Sushar And others
With 4 chapters, 4 votes, 25 subscribers, 1070 views, 22 comments

What if you can time travel and find the love of your life will you risk everything you have for that person? And tell the truth?  


By ravenrhen updated
With 13 chapters, 12 votes, 4320 views, 54 comments

A typical story of a friend who loves her bestfriend but her bestfriend likes someone else, But seriously, who creates just typical story? Of course it would be full of twist


By NicoleTaya updated
With 5 chapters, 6 votes, 49 subscribers, 1590 views, 8 comments
Status Completed

Lovin is not easy and to fall in love is not easy and to trust someone is not easy