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Oh my Sehun!

We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness —and call it love— true love.

Let Me Make It Right.

love comes like a thief, it steals your heart, and your mind, When you realised you were falling in love, Maybe it's too late already. And He asked himself, Can I find the way to her heart? What will you do if someone you loved being hurt so she lost on her mind, she cannot find her way to go back? That's happened to this man, and he chooses to make a revenge, but his choice makes him li

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CharactersKim, Pie, etc.
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Don't Doubt My Love

If the days didn’t allow us to see each other, memories will, and even if my eyes can't see you, my heart will never forget you – Pie " />

Bybiglittlesister updated
CharactersKim, Pie, Yam, Fern and other characters that will be introduce later in the story
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Is It Destiny?

Here I will write a story titled "Is It Destiny?" , I hope you interest to read my story:-) Ehm, and I'm sorry for the wrong grammar etc, cause english isn't my daily language.   Thank You     Sincerly, Bellberry♫  

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CharactersKim Pie and others
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I Love You Bestfriend

This is my new story guys! hmm and new account! :D im new here. Hope you guys enjoy my story i cannot promise that i can update everyday but please enjoy the story thanks! BTW theres no foreward XD its okay :P

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always be my baby

Sacrifice is the most greatest thing that u can do for your love one. Here....im back after broke up with my stupid damn boyfriend's . He delete all my story... and...stalk me...now...im free...so...enjoy my true Love story that i let tina and aom as my actress. 

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Same or Opposite!?

Aom Sushar Manaying - A teenager girl way toooooooooo normal. She have a normal family, with dad, mom, sister, and goes to a normal school. But her face is not normal, she's beautiful, she's beautiful than any girls that you have ever met in your life! What makes her special? Her secret makes her special, what is her secret?  Mike  D.  Angelo  -  Aom’s great and best friend ever, he is her neighbor. Like Aom he’s a normal boy, too. And he also h

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CharactersAom Manaying Tina Jittaleela Mike Angelo
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The Playlist

This is my first story and probably not my last after this. I hope you like it guys! Thanks in advance. P.S I’m really scared when I posted this.

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CharactersTina Jittaleela, Aom Manaying, Mike D' Angelo, P'van, Jane, Pei, Yam, Zee
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why?? how??

have you been in love with someone you never met but just by looking at that person's face you know that person will be special in your life.

ByMARIAJMH updated
CharactersKim Jittaleela, Pie Manaying, P'Boy, P'Van, Jane, Yam and others more that I'm going to introduce later
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Paper Planes

Prologue: Have you ever been in love with someone who doesn't love you back? That you thought you are for each other but you're not. How about this? Have you been loved by someone you can't love back? Well, it's fair now! You love someone who can't love you back, and someone who loves you but you can't love them back. But for me. Life is really so unfair. Actually it's because you can't tell a lion not to eat you because you didn't ate them. Hmm, that's life. We can't change it.  

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my yes or no

Memories are great but that's all they are...

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Characterskim, pie, yam, van
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Our Story

Kim is a handsome tom/les her family lives in london but she stays in thailand she is 20 years old she is very kind she have a killer smile but she is a loner person she dont like clubs alcohol or beer, Pie is a beautiful girl she loves new friends and her best friend she's 20 years old she came from a wealthy family but she lived by herself because her family went to USA she's also a spoiled brat but she is kind, Puey is a gay he likes van he's pie's best friend he is 20 years

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Somewhere in Time

Time is an intangible yet formidable force. Nothing and no one can go against it. Two people, tied by fate yet separated by time. What will become of their love?   This is my second tiaom fanfic, I

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My Life With Her

- Kim is the most good looking guy among the three,he had everything, house, car, money, but he doesn't understand and know love, everything is boring to him, since he was a kid, every girl write a love letter to him but he doesn't even bother to open it. - Aom is also the main view of guys, in one second she can take your heart away, she's been everybody's crush since she was a little girl, she once has a boyfriend, but he betray aom and that make her sad. So she decided to be strict

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A fluffy story about kryber and tiaom.  Amber Liu a handsome girl heir of the Liu corp. youngest daughter of the Famous Liu kind hearted and sweet girl very popular among girls and some boys Smart especially in math and science

Byawesomeber updated
CharactersAmber Liu, Krystal Jung, Tina Jittaleela, Aom sushar, Zee keenan, mean Appitha
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She's arrogant and I'am Gangster

    Sometimes, in order for you to be perfectly happy, you just have to free those people who means so much to you.     Not because you don't care anymore but it's a way of letting them feel that too much is not always tolerable.    NO ONE LOSES SOMEONE BECAUSE NO ONE OWNS ANYONE.

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You believe me now, don’t you?

  To begin with, Tina is a daughter of the owner of Jittaleela Group. Talking about her father who owns the company, he is very powerful, every businessman and other person have to pay their respects to him. Jittaleela Group is a company, which imports all brand name products and exports back Thailand’s products. Without his company, other product company wouldn’t be able to export and import well. Back to Tina, she is as powerful as her dad but not in a business way, but all with

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CharactersTina Suppanad Jittaleela, Aom Sushar Manaying, Mean Appitha KlaiOudom, Pei Thanaphat, Dew Arisara, Inn Budokan
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Summer Love

He saw her, he walked towards to her with his weak feet. Trying to walk faster, but he couldn’t. Ages kill his agility. “Pie, is that you?” He tpuched her shoulder, asking a petite woman in front of him. She turned her face, squinted to see the man who called her clearly, “Who are you?” She asked.   “I am Kim. Do you remember me?” He took off his hat, his hair is grey, also Pie’s.   “Who is that, mom?” A young woman appears beside her, she is beautiful, taller than

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I Love You,Stupid!!

  p/s:This is my first time writing a fanfic.So,my English grammar etc. may not be good.But I will try my best for finish this fanfic.My story maybe not interesting as other story.Just enjoy it!!  

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CharactersStarring: -Kimhan Jittaleela (Tina Suppanad) -Pie Mindara Manaying (Aom Sushar) -Yam Klaiudom (Apittha Kalaiudom) -Mario (Mario Maurer) Other Characters: -Fern -Boy -Van -Jane -Air -Zee -Nam -Mike -Shone -Top
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puzzle - pieces - puzzle

hey guys! we met again!.. now, i'm starting my second fanfic on my birthday!! this story gonna be a bit different from 'it's war' that full of drama, angst and whatever.. i'll be updating this story soon, so hope you gonna like it..! p/s : sorry for the title, i don't have any sense of naming something..

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Characterskim, pie, mean, fern, mike, van, jane and lots more
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Amber liu   rich kid handsome tomboy humble,sweet,caring,funny very loyal especially to her friends smart especially in math,english and science campus royalty but doesn't want to much attention likes to play

Byawesomeber updated
CharactersAmber liu krystal Jung tina jittaleela zee keenan mean appitha aom manaying
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Falling in love with you unexpectedly

An unlikely story about two individuals, both wished to fall in love and find their fate. Fate definitely played her part and set the lives of two people in an experience they will never forget.    One who seeks acceptance and love, the other for someone to love and cherish. Only a few claimed they have found their true love, so

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CharactersTina Jittaleela (Kim), Aom Sushar (Pie)
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My U.P.O

MAIN CHARACTERS:   TINA JITTALEELA 23 years old Live alone since 18 years old because her parents passed away Independent & Tough Did a lot of part time since teenager Now working as a police officer Knows and has defense skills Cold personality, good in hidi

ByBozchay updated
CharactersMain Characters: Tina & Aom. Supported Characters: Ion, Mr.manaying, Daniel, Kins
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As One Loving Ice Cream

Reading some other's piece of art Inspires me to write this fanfiction. I want to know the feeling of the authors having their art being praised. This would be my first tiaom fanfiction, this story is just purely finctional and some part of the story is Based on mixed traditions of Tha-Philippines. I hope all o

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    Main characters: Tina Suppanad Jittaleela

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Charactersaom sushar, tina suppanad, baifern, mario maurer, mean apittha, zee matanawe, peii,
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