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The Gentlewoman's Club

Three rules make up the guiding code of the Gentlewoman’s Club: 1) Don’t talk about Gentlewoman’s Club; 2) Don’t wear pink on Fridays; 3) Don’t kill and tell. The trouble starts with the mysterious case of Sehun Oh, cheater extraordinaire.

Shrouded: Sequel to HanChul's Tears

By crimson_xy updated
Characters Eunhyuk Donghae
With 27 chapters, 2 votes, 30 subscribers, 1990 views, 25 comments

Super Junior was never the same after Hankyung and HeeChul died but Eunhae was particularly affected. Donghae watched as his favourite hyung wasted away and eventually lost him and Eunhyuk witnessed Hankyung dying in front of him and felt guilty for not realising that he was going to commit sucide. Who would step out of the shroud of misery first and how would he help his lover to move on?

You've Changed Me

By sikat143 updated
With 22 chapters, 1 votes, 31 comments

A beautiful young lady Tiffany is different from the other girls you already saw she never fall in love since she saw this world.Tiffany actually hates boys a lot she doesnt like it when other people teases her infront of a guy.That's why other thinks she's a boy- like but no, Tiffany is too pretty to have that kind of status.But one of a very unexpected that comes to her life is to meet a very gentleman guy well not really Siwon is just sometimes playboy but w

Fall For Me, Kyu

By alohabb updated
Characters Super Junior's Kyuhyun and Kibum (with some cameos of the other members) and two OCs: Luisa Vergara and Kean Perez
With 1 chapters, 80 views

Kings of Anything Side Story ft. Kyuhyun, Kibum and two original characters: Luisa Vergara and Kean Perez

Eremophobia, Am I?

By skycrawler93 updated
Characters Kim Ryeowook; Cho Kyuhyun; Super junior member, SNSD member and some random characters
With 19 chapters, 6 votes, 71 subscribers, 5400 views, 105 comments

Since this is my first time writing, so I'm going to simply describe about the two major characters involved in this story. I hope you guys like it... Kim Ryeowook He is a 16-going-on-17 boy, normal in appearance but suffer from eremophobia (fear of loneliness). He had this phobia due to a trauma in his past life. So, instead of trying to avoid being lonely, he somehow is avoiding everybody aroung him. As a result, he is always lonely and he is often scare

Chronicles of The Lost Rose's Brothel

By myshadeofpurple updated
Characters Kris,Baekhyun,Chanyeol,Luhan,Kai,Lay,Suho,Zitao, Jaejoong, Heechul,Kangin, SHINee,Zelo,Youngguk,Jessica,Sunny,Fx, OC
With 2 chapters, 80 views

Love seems like a far away dream for those who work in brothels. Some except this and enjoy what attention they can get, while others become empty voids for others to use, not letting anyone close to them, and the last of us, well, we can dream can't we? Join Jade and her family of The Lost Roses Brothel in their quests to find what every desperately searches for in life. Whether it

♂ S O S H I 5 ♀ Graphic ♛ shop { ★ ☆ CLOSED ✮ ✯ } ... Working on latest requests ❀ !

By soshi5 updated
Characters Cnblue Snsd Infinite Exo Suju ... all kpop bands couples
With 25 chapters, 20 votes, 112 subscribers, 2840 views, 51 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Hello everyone:

Just a Normal Day at the Super Junior Dorm

By alishazombidoll updated
Characters Heechul, Leeteuk, Yesung, Sungmin, Siwon, Kyuhyun, Henry, Donghae, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Zhoumi, Ryeowook, Kangin, Kibum, Hangeng,
With 1 chapters, 3 subscribers, 750 views, 2 comments
Status Completed

Heechul is missing, Kyuhyun is corrupting Henry, and Eunhyuk and Siwon are fighting. This might sound crazy but, to Yesung this is normal.

-E S C A P E-

By iSonElf updated
Characters Choi Sooyoung, Lee Donghae
With 42 chapters, 5 votes, 33 subscribers, 3600 views, 77 comments
Status Completed

Like I said... this will be my upcoming fanfic... hope you all support it ^^   Thank you so much @

[Choose Your Adventure] Seoul High: Senior Year (SEMI-HIATUS due to projects)

By rollingriceball updated
Characters YOU, Lee Donghae, Choi Siwon, Cho Kyuhyun, Kim Kibum, Super Junior, other special guests
With 168 chapters, 25 votes, 191 subscribers, 9090 views, 123 comments

  Because you, Kim Haneul are from a poor family in Mokpo, you will not be able to finish high school. Your grandpa, however, left you with an inhertance: a check to pay for an entire school year's tuition, payable to Seoul High School, one of the most prestigious high schools in the country. It would have been great, however... Seoul High is an all-boys school. 

Mr & Mrs Choi

By Oheemgee updated
Characters Siwon || Tiffany
With 12 chapters, 5 votes, 78 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

    A short multichaptered for Sifany I miss them Mushy! Marriage life    


By Rabin93 updated
With 31 chapters, 9 subscribers, 440 views

The group re-appeared in a new world, in different bodies, and different minds. They still have their memories from the other world, but the thoughts of whoever they are in this world are crowding their minds. Love affairs, disasters, and trust are being put to the test. Who will stay together... and who will not? If any do, that is. And will the group fight back against the king? Will they win or lose?    Warnings :Explicit content, YOU MAY CRY A LOT.. (we did), Your feelings

Zombie Apocalypse

By christinegorilla updated
Characters Seohyun, SNSD, EXO, 2NE1, Bigbang, BTS, SUJU & Minors...
With 3 chapters, 6 subscribers, 390 views, 1 comments

The Zombie Apocalypse...Kpop version Happenings are unexpected, but the zombie apocalypse was something no one predicted and was ready for. But, having a concert while unknowingly the zombie apocalypse just started... Can you even handle that?  

Slash Fics Rec for the "High Expectations" Reader

By Dmkeycrimson updated
Characters Exo, SHINee, Suju, GOT7, etc.
With 8 chapters, 150 views, 1 comments

Hello all, Here you will find stories that I would label "re-agains" - AKA stories so good that I would re-read them multiple times~ They will all be:

KPOP HD Resource Lab

By exotic02 updated
With 142 chapters, 12 votes, 149 subscribers, 7690 views, 72 comments
Status Completed

  Looking for High Quality pictures of your favorite Idols or Idol Group? Need High Quality Pictures for your Story Poster? Then you've come to the right pla

I hate you but I love you

By kikis34 updated
Characters Na Yeul (OC), Yesung, Leeteuk, Other Super junior members
With 12 chapters, 1 votes, 12 subscribers, 790 views, 8 comments
Status Completed

Kim Na Yeul is young teacher of languages in one highschool in Seoul. One day she gets really interesting offer. Teaching english Super Junior, one of the most succesful groups in South Korea and her favourite one. But she have never been thinking about they become to her more than only pop idols or students.

You & Me...Worlds Apart

By HyukrianTeam updated
Characters Eunhyuk, Gyuri, Yunho
With 4 chapters, 1 votes, 36 subscribers, 1920 views, 25 comments

A triangle love story revolving three of korea's biggest star :-   Park Gyuri (KARA)   Lee Hyukjae (Super Junior)

The Cruel War of Two Step Sisters

By KyuhaKH updated
Tags hyuna suju exo
Characters EXO, You, Hyuna, Yesung, Lana(as in you) 's Band TS
With 6 chapters, 6 subscribers, 320 views, 3 comments

This is a story about two step sisters. The oldest sisters makes her step little sister to do very single thing. One day their parents decide to transfer to Australia away from Seoul. However the oldest and little sister opposed to leave the country. So their parents left them and bought a house for Lana and gave the big house to the older sister Hyuna. Then the major story starts.............................. ^_^ Lana [YOU]

My Heart is and Forever Will be Yours.. (Re-editing)

By hime77 updated
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 38 subscribers, 1140 views, 14 comments

 …………………………………………………………………………………… My Heart is and Forever Will be Yours…

Dangerous Words

By KoreanGrl updated
Characters [Main] Yunho||Jaejoong [Other] Yoochun||Junsu; Changmin; SuJu; SNSD; SHINee
With 21 chapters, 13 votes, 344 subscribers, 14590 views, 130 comments

He had to return to place he was cast aside from. He doesn't want to. But Jung Yunho has no choice. Yunho must return to Seoul, Korea to take over the Jung Empire. With the added tension from a black haired vixen . . . Nothing is turning out the way Yunho thought it would.


By chenchenmashine updated
Characters FR:ZY and their love interest
With 3 chapters, 14 subscribers, 960 views, 22 comments


Save Me! ─ Apply Open! » WAITING FOR MORE APPS «

By Lee_So_Yeong updated
Characters ─ Your Characters ─ Super Junior ─
With 5 chapters, 6 votes, 19 comments

                                       Save Me! r u l e s 

Horror Stories from Seoul I

By idontgiveameg updated
Characters kpop artists, donghae, eunhyuk, yunho, jia, sunhwa, zhoumi, henry, sunny, sooyoung, kyuhyun, kangin, seohyun, jessica, sehun
With 11 chapters, 4 votes, 28 subscribers, 2550 views, 5 comments
Status Completed

What did Donghae saw in the darkness of his room? What secrets hides the mysterious tower? What dwells inside the grandad's room? A short stories about thrilling incidents that happened to korean idols.

Neighbors 2 Married

By ParkEunMi1 updated
Characters Oh Sehun
With 9 chapters, 12 subscribers, 250 views
Status Subscribers Only

Although a victim to the most popular boy in school, Sehun's bullying, at 11 years old, sweet, soft-spoken, and quiet Min Ji confesses her love to him. Soon after his rejection, she moves away to New York. Five years later, she's back in town for high school, except this time, she's gorgeous, witty, and slightly...errr...crazy. W

Snowed in at the Office

By littleELFBANA updated
With 2 chapters, 11 votes, 8 subscribers, 820 views, 15 comments
Status Completed

"I assume we're thoroughly snowed in, huh?"

Closer to Humans

By mickeywithoutears updated
Characters Cho KyuHyun, Kim RyeoWook
With 17 chapters, 27 votes, 68 subscribers, 2240 views, 59 comments
Status Completed

Welcome to the adventures of me and my wolfy friend, together with this girl I couldn't understand. First, me is sorry for me bad english.