Soomi (9 soomi fanfics)

HE'S A WHAT...?!!

by dolphins updated on
Tags: jaejoong original soomi story comingofage character
Chapters: 3 | Subscribers: 2 | Views: 100 | Comments: 3 |

Coming-of-age story of a college freshman who set out for Hanuel University from Jeju Island.... Read More

Go On

by VictoriaDm updated on
Tags: hwayoung jaebeom jyj kahi soomi hangeng alexandereusebio
Chapters: 2 | Subscribers: 23 | Views: 620 | Comments: 6 |

She was called the problem, she was isolated, and even her band mates thought... Read More

Ghost Love

by tubbyGENx3 updated on
Tags: 2pm jaypark korean lovestory soomi taecyeon wooyoung
Chapters: 40 | Subscribers: 9 | Views: 1250 | Comments: 12 |

A story between two lovers conquering all the imposibilities in the world.  A story about fighting for love, understanding love and letting go.  A story that will touch not only... Read More

Yaiy , You're My Twin ? [Complete]

by yeolliepops updated on
Tags: oneshot soomi twin
Chapters: 1 | Views: 90 |

Hey readers ! I'm back again with my oneshot about TWIN .  yes , twin . Have you ever dreams that you had a twin ? ... Read More

★ Super Junior Hello Baby! ★

by orangezzang updated on
Tags: comedy drama minkyung romance soomi superjunior
Chapters: 10 | Subscribers: 149 | Views: 8220 | Comments: 136 |

12 famous flower boys, a super cute baby, and a single umma? Just what kind of story will become of this?! A rom-com fic that's bound to bring some laughs. WARNING: Contains major cuteness!... Read More

Me plus You

by shawntel95 updated on
Tags: beast junhyung soomi you
Chapters: 7 | Subscribers: 22 | Views: 1550 | Comments: 15 |

this is my first story. :) i hope you like. with my BIAS JUNHYUNG and YOU!   Characters: Yong Jung Hyung... Read More

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