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Sookris (188 sookris fanfics)

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♡~Wings of the Heart~♡ RP

Live. Love. Two four letter words that keep us going. You can't find love if you don't live. There is no need to scourge the globe, we will help you discover true love. It could be anyone, so join our lovely journey today!

'Twas only a Dream

By kevinandme updated
With 11 chapters, 7 votes, 28 subscribers, 490 views, 19 comments

I am a hardcore NINJA^^  

New Year, New Love? (ONE- SHOT)

By icecreampop updated
Characters Sooyoung and Kris
With 7 chapters, 5 votes, 119 subscribers, 1230 views, 20 comments
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

She was rejected by her crush on New Year. His girlfriend just broke up with him on New Year. What happen in this two broken hearted if they meet on New Year? Will love bloom between their broken hearts?

Forever or Never?

By icecreampop updated
Tags sookris
Characters Sooyoung Kris Victoria
With 11 subscribers, 90 views, 1 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Sooyoung and Kris is now a happy couple with their relationship. Many people dont like their relationship especially the fans of Kris in their school and Sooyoung always receive a bullying in there school but Kris is always there for her As soon as Kris will introduce Sooyoung to his parents, it also the time that they announce the engagement of Kris to a chinise girl named Victoria. Will these young couple overcome the hindrance s in their relationship? Will they stay together until FOREVER or

Playing with Mr. Wu Fan's Heart

By IamacrtfiedPOOHlover updated
Characters Sooyoung, Kris, Luhan, +Some other Artist
With 44 chapters, 20 votes, 464 subscribers, 15260 views, 381 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Deceptively Simple

By GiangDam updated
Characters Choi Sooyoung; Wu Yi Fan (Kris), EXO and SNSD members
With 9 chapters, 6 votes, 2340 views, 42 comments
Status Members Only

Upon the arrival of Kris Wu, Choi Sooyoung plunges deep into the dark and deceptive world, her chapters inscribed upon mystery and danger. Within every corner she turns, there are brutal lies and impalpable reality, both endangering her and the people arounds her. There is none she can trust. Yet, Sooyoung is attracted to Kris, who seems to both serv

Taking and Leaving

By paperwwings updated
With 1 chapters, 2 subscribers, 140 views, 1 comments
Status Completed

A wandering soul (literally) amongst the Dead. A meeting with the living. A crossing of the unspoken boundaries. Will he finally find his place hovering between the living and the dead?

The Five Points of Harmony

By flow19 updated
Characters Choi Sooyoung, Kris Wu, Im Yoona, Shim Changmin, Song Jaerim, Kim Soeun, Lu Han, Oh Sehun, and many more
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 35 subscribers, 610 views, 12 comments

First Drabbles

By kassoopeia updated
Characters Choi Sooyoung, Kris Wu
With 6 chapters, 2 votes, 9 subscribers, 360 views, 8 comments
Status Completed

Just a collection of drabbles that suddenly went out of my head. ^_^

The Love Stories of Mr Wu

By LadyTiara updated
With 5 chapters, 5 votes, 34 comments

My name is Kris Wu Yifan. You can call me Kris or Yifan, but I'd prefer to be called as Kris. I'm actually a Chinese, but since I was 4 years old my family imigrated to Seoul. My family, my friends, and even myself know that I'm gorgeous. Don't protest just agree. I'm a manager in one of

Beyond Infinity

By syncopatedkeys updated
Characters Choi Sooyoung, Kris Wu, Im Yoona, Zhang Yixing (Lay), Luhan
With 7 chapters, 5 votes, 89 subscribers, 1800 views, 68 comments

  The Wu Clan Prophecy (1500 A.D)

There is a place....

By kevinandme updated
Tags sookris
With 5 chapters, 1 votes, 5 subscribers, 170 views, 3 comments
Status Completed

I compiled all my SooKris related one shots and I came up with this. From the title itself, it's inspired from Kris' song 'There is a place.' This will probably the closure for the series of one-shots I made for them. This will also give way to my new SooKris story! ^^ I know you are tired of hearing or reading SooKris stories I made, but I just can't get enough of the two of them. So please, I hope you take time to read and comment. ^^  

Christmas Cookie

By irrelevxnce updated
Characters Sooyoung and Kris
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 6 comments
Status Completed

In which the holidays didn't sit well with her, yet this tiny gesture of sweetness made the tables turn upside down.


By redcoloredfan updated
Characters Sooyoung Choi,Kris Wu
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 3 subscribers, 270 views, 2 comments
Status Completed

Yes she do.She can do anything that impossible for you.And the one,Is it.

Galaxy Love Summer

By Chenni3121 updated
Characters Kris, Sooyoung, JamesLee, Tiffany, Amber, Chanyeol, Soojin
With 6 chapters, 1 votes, 60 subscribers, 650 views, 4 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Yifan used to be a very happy kid back then. But everything seems to change after his parents got divorced since he was 10. He started to become more quiet and he loves to be by himself. But that doesn't changed his love for his mom. He loves his mom. She's the only person that he got in his life. The one that he can depend on. Yifan have seen his mom's struggling alone just to raise him. He would do anything just to make her happy. But he didn't expect that one day, his mom is going to adopt

My 12 Students ^_^

By soocious updated
Characters Sooyoung|Xiumin|Luhan|Kris|Suho|Lay|Baekyhun|Chanyeol|Chen|D.O|Tao|Kai|Sehun|SNSD
With 7 chapters, 11 votes, 127 subscribers, 1540 views, 44 comments
Status Subscribers Only

[SOOYOUNG POV] I did my best to be in that place and i succeed. I reach my dreams to be a teacher,but not really a teacher,a SUBSTITUTE TEACHER only for 9 Months.Haha XD But i promise that i will be a real teacher soon.FIGHTING :D Then in that school,i met my students.Of course

Rebounds,Freestyles And Speed.

By Ohhani2 updated
Characters Sooyoung,Kris, .Luhan,Sehun and other Exo members
With 6 chapters, 5 votes, 53 subscribers, 950 views, 24 comments

Meet sooyoung a girl who sacrificed everything she had just for the sake of Basketball and presently she attends an all boys school which concentrates only on Sports. She had to disguise as a boy to get in. Join our sport minded princess as she juggles to balance her dreams and three Hot Guys: One a cheerful and cute swimmer. The second a kind and cool Motor-Cross racer and Finally the harsh and annoying captain of the Basketball team. Come along with sooyoung as she tries to survive in this sc


By irrelevxnce updated
Characters Kris Wu and Choi Sooyoung (face claim)
With 1 chapters, 5 comments
Status Completed

In which for once, he felt right. Yet she proves him wrong with her insignificant little secret.

We Are Meant to Be (Ongoing)

By Jangryeomin updated
Characters Kris Wu, Choi Sooyoung, Victoria, Park Chanyeol, Oh Sehun, Im Yoona (Minor role), Choi Junhong (Minor role) Kim Jongdae, Luna
With 10 chapters, 3 votes, 31 subscribers, 1560 views, 15 comments

A successful Chinese businessman, Kris Wu is leading a contented life with sufficient wealth, social and business needs. The only problematic part was his girlfriend, Victoria. Going steady for almost two years, Victoria gradually became more and more demanding and sensitive as each day goes by. After getting ditched by Kris as the young man could no longer stand her attitude, a cheerful and pretty young lady, Choi Sooyoung came into Kris' life and Kris grew aff

Perfectly Imperfect Mr. and Mrs. Wu

By kevinandme updated
With 72 chapters, 21 votes, 145 comments
Status Completed

Like what i said on my last entry on the Soo-HET writing contest, i would definitely write a SooKris fanfic, so... HERE IT IS!!! *insert fangirling* I am DONE!

Glamorous Reveries

By irrelevxnce updated
Characters Choi Sooyoung and Kris Wu
With 2 chapters, 4 votes, 12 comments

A story of two people behind glamour, flashy cameras and runways.Wherein simplicity collides with perfection—as something much more exquisite than designer shoes rises up the surface.

P. S. I'm a Wolf

By iamangeline updated
Characters Sooyoung, Kris Wu, Sooyoung's mother, students, teachers, SNSD, f(x), EXO
With 26 chapters, 6 votes, 31 subscribers, 1460 views, 22 comments

Choi Sooyoung is only an average girl with average grades, looks, and expectations. That is, until she meets Kris Wu, a darkly handsome boy with decidedly wolfish characteristics. 

I Looked Across and Fell in Love

By flow19 updated
Characters Choi Sooyoung, Kris Wu
With 1 chapters, 12 votes, 15 subscribers, 650 views, 16 comments
Status Completed

He knew better than to believe in love at first sight. But, really, how the hell was he going to explain this? Kris Wu and fluttery could never co-exist in the same sentence, even if it’s what he was feeling at the moment. Fluttery. Yuck. He wa

Files of The Dead

By flow19 updated
Characters Choi Sooyoung, Cho Kyuhyun, Shim Changmin, Kris Wu, Jung Yunho, Im Yoona, Choi Siwon, Amber Liu, Kim Heechul, Jessica Jung, Seo Joohyun/Seohyun
With 30 chapters, 40 votes, 198 comments

Psychic Research and Investigation Center Seoul, South Korea Case File # 001

Vampire and I

By Krisoo updated
Characters Sooyoung ( snsd ), Kris ( exo m ), Takuya (cross gene )
With 6 chapters, 2 votes, 27 subscribers, 1570 views, 16 comments

Sooyoung is a human girl who was borned as a descendant pure witch. It makes her be hunted by all kind demons, includes Kris and Takuya.