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Oh my Sehun!

We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness —and call it love— true love.

Beautiful Love

  Characters Kim Taeyeon   -Cute, Bubbly, Dorky , Loveable , 16, Super Kind, cares for everyone around her, Schools at SM High but Moved to Cube High.    

ByDorkyKidLeader updated
CharactersKim Taeyeon Yang Yoseob
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Mr Angeyo Vs Mrs Angeyo

Yoseob and Sunny are married but they're not got along well. They hate so much each other. They compete with their angeyo. But what if happen to Sunny when Yoseob started to go out with another angeyo girl.

Bykikie_cassieangel updated
CharactersBEAST Yoseob, SNSD Sunny, Rainbow Jisook & 2PM Taecyeon
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Unexpected Marriage

The Kingkas in SM Cube High School.....

BySnsdBiggestFan updated
CharactersSNSD , Beast and Other minor characters!
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Do it like a dude

Some boys think that girls cant be like them but the keep thinking girls are all over them and to girly to be like a fighter. As for these boys they always underestimate their girlfriends and Yes they are players. They only learn their lesson when they underestimate the wrong group of girls.They get messed with...

Byilovejoker89 updated
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Title : SCHOOLOVE   Author : Park Ra Rin   Genre : Friendship, romance, comedy   Main Casts : Im Yoon Ah ( grade XI ) Lee Gi Kwang ( grade XI ) Kim Hyo Yeon ( grade XI ) Yoon Doo Joon

Byparkrarin updated
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Friendship to Love

Yoseob is a member of beast. They are popular. Yoseob has a crash on IU. IU refuse, he was heartbroken . Sunny is a hyper, cheerful girl. She is a member of SNSD. She don't like seeing people sad & depress. Because of Yoona & Kikwang ,Sunny got to Yoseob. They become friend, until Sunny started to have feeling for Yoseob.

Byyoseob_luv updated
CharactersLee Sunny, Yang Yoseob, BEAST, SNSD, IU.
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Unsecured Love

What if you're the daughter of the president? Then when you're mother died you start to disobey youre father then you're father hired some private prosecutor for you?! What if someday you start to fall with one of youre private prosecutor?! Will you tell youre prosecutor that you fall in live with him or just sit at one side?! This story start when a spoiled girl named tiffany hwang is guarded by two handsome prosecutors Prosecutor Lee Gi-Kwang & Prosecutor Yong Jun-Hyung!!

Byb1a4hyunnie updated
CharactersLee Ki-Kwang,Tiffany Hwang,Yong Jun-Hyung,Im Yoona,Lee Jung-Hwan
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15 reasons not to fall in love with her [HIATUS] [UNDER EDITING]

This is my first time writing a fanfic. Please support my story. Forgive me if its not well done. GogoB2STfan and Caitlynlyn ©2012

ByCaitlynlyn updated
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Our Fate ♥


ByAnellaxx updated
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Living with 6 guys under one roof?

Lee Sunny is kind and helpful. One day she got a job to be a maid in 6 arrogant guys' house. What will she do in order to handle this 6 arrogant guys?

BySunshinerseob updated
CharactersSunny, Yoseob, Dujun, Hyunseung, Junhyung, Kikwang & Dongwoon
With2 chapters, 34 subscribers, 1310 views, 18 comments

Two Different Worlds Met

  Two different people with opposite attitude and character.     Main Characters:     Seo Joo Hyun or simply called "Seo

Byerilyn updated
CharactersSeo Joo Hyun (SNSD), Lee Gi Kwang (BEAST) and some other kpop appearances..
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Without Saying Goodbye

Kikwang and Jessica are dating for 4 months but one day, Kikwang has to leave her but he knew she will totally hurt so he decided to leave with saying anything. Will they met back or just ended their relationship just there?

Bykikie_cassieangel updated
CharactersSNSD Jessica, BEAST Kikwang, SNSD Yoona, KwangSica & YoonKwang
With1 chapters, 18 subscribers, 1460 views, 19 comments

It's Over

Everything is over, Oppa. Everything! - Jessica Jung I still want you, Sica ah. - Lee Joon I'm here for you, noona. - Lee Kikwang Mianhaeyo Sica onnie, I love Joon Oppa. - Im Yoona.

ByCutieBubble updated
CharactersLee Joon, Jessica Jung, Im Yoona, Lee Kikwang, SNSD, BEAST and MBLAQ
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