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Luhan is the quiet loner boy who sits alone at lunch, sits alone at the bus stop, gets picked last for everything; the boy everyone tells you to avoid at any cost or he'll just break your heart

4 . 8 . 6

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Being friend since childhood , always together . Had fallen in love without realizing . It was really hard to not to resist it , and it became bigger ,

: : Hey : :

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 : : Hey : :   "g-go away." "Hey, what happened???" ''go, ,'' ''Heyyy '' ''.....''  

saying i love you

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CharactersXiumin | Chen | Multi-Kpop Stars
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“If a man ever tells you he fell for you at first sight, punch him. It’s just another way of saying he wants to get you in bed and stop wasting time.” Xiumin kept it in mind. He believed it to be true, that people that tend to say “I fell for you at first sight” was just a plan to get you into bed and never have the intention of actually falling for you. Upon entering high school, he was constantly confessed to by his upper classmates, more specifically his male classmates

Deadly Thoughts

Byimmaturefan updated
CharactersMinhee & EXO (not all of them I guess)
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This is a girl who has a terrible power. These are boys who go to the school and live a normal life. When they see her, the game begins... Who will be the winner? Who will win the girl's heart?      

High School Romance

ByBorami updated
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Just being good looking and rich gets you instant popularity at SM High, for Kai, Chanyeol, Sehun, Chen, Kris, and Suho that is. These six are the most popular and richest guys in school, they are called the kingkas. They are somewhat spoiled, each being a bit more spoiled then the rest. Being innocent and studious gets you branded as nerds at SM High, for Kyungsoo, Baekhyun, Luhan, Xiumin, Tao, and Oliver. When these

Project 88

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CharactersEXO {d.o, kai, luhan, sehun, baekhyun, the rest to come on later part of the story}
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  Before his father's final breath, Do Kyungsoo was told to attend the Gangnam District Academy and look for four people with double number eight tattoo on any part of their body, for they have something very important

A Study in Hearts

ByGaemer98 updated
CharactersPark Jaehyun (OC) || Kris Wu || Kim Jongdae || EXO and Freedom Family ||
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High school. That chapter in your life where you're in between the end of childhood and the start of adulthood. This is where all the happiest, most stupid, and unforgettable memories are made and cherished. This also where love blossoms and pops up in your face were you just least expect it. This is the story of Park Jaehyun and how a sadistic and boyish girl such as herself stumble a


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CharactersOCs (Ulzzangs), EXO, and Other K-Pop Idols
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 INTERROBANG‽ "The inter

The Popular Students - EXO?

ByxxHarachixx updated
CharactersKang Jeongah (You), Kai, Sehun, EXO-K, Shin Yeonghee (OC), Choi Myungsun (OC)
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Kang Jeongah is accepted into the Korean National University of Arts. The mysterious boys of EXO who everyone love start to occupy her life as she gets into trouble with one of the members.  What will she do when the whole school target her?   Please click here to upvote this story that I've put my hard wo