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Oh my Sehun!

We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness —and call it love— true love.

Setting the angel free (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) (RE-EDITING)

  I wanted to escape. I wanted to die. I hated living, especially li

ByMoonzy updated
CharactersPark Linh(OC), Chanyeol, Exo Members
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Mr. Brain and the Cheesecake Boy

Jung Daehyun is the usual boy next door. He has many friends, is avarage in his studies and rather sleeps in class, earning scoldings from his teacher. His love for food is bigger than anything, much to the chagrin of the girls in his school. Yoo Youngjae is a very smart boy but doesn't really get involved with other people in his class. He can't understand how the boy sitting next to him can sleep all the time, but he doesn't really care as long as he doesn't disturb his studies.

ByLeeMinah92 updated
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kim's key

kim yoon Hee is 19 years old ordinary girl with extra ordinary problems. Her life is full of big ups and downs and these all thing starts to happen when she met a guy with charismatic smile, diva look, 'almighty personality' and a total was non other then KEY. 19 years old young hot blood Daegu boy Kim Kibum who after joining the biggest boy band in korea 'SHINee' moves to Seoul with his bandmates.Being a young singer he still continues his futher studies in the same school

Byshineefangirl25 updated
CharactersKim Kibum\key, kim yoon hee(oc), lee jinki, choi minho, kim jonghyun, lee taemin,
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  Finally! After 18 years of isolation in my own house, I can go to school and not be home-schooled anymore! What my parents dont know is that ever since I was 5, I met a boy who always played with me in my backyard when my parents didnt notice. His name i

Byexolovingfanfics updated
CharactersSehun, You/me (Kim Taechi), EXO+ Other K-pop Idols
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Can My Life Be Better?

Jung Ye Eun is a popular girl in the school who known as the ice princess. She has no friends because she doesn't need one thus no one want to be friend with her too, due to her coldness and girls got jealous by her beauty. Boys? They think she's weird, arrogant, too cold, even though they do also think she's pretty, they only like to tease her since she's very easy to. She hate boys a lot due to her constant experience of being bullied and teased by boys starting when she's in kinder

ByWolf_Princess updated
Characters|| OC || Sehun || Exo ||
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EXO's Luhan the jerk

EXO's:Luhan the Jerk Every member in exo is kind,cheerful and generous... yet theres one, the opposite of them. His name is Luhan. My name is Min Ji, I have a twin (Btw hes a guy) his name is Woohyun - Hes the middle aged one in my family, yet he acts like the youngest. Sehun- my childhood bestfriend, whic

Bychristinegorilla updated
CharactersLuhan, Sehun, (OC)Woohyun, (OC) MinJi and minor characters.
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Bitter Kisses

  Bitter Kisses- A Relationship Without 'Love' means NOTHING  As you are walking passes the walls of classes , you still have the feeling that someone is watching you. You find it kind of creepy so you run to your class. In that late evening you need to stay at school because you have to finish up your school work and the task teacher had given to

ByNaturalQueen updated
CharactersNaa(you), Lay, Qesh, Erie, Meii
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Never Would Have Guessed

A tragic, dramatic love story between Kim SeokJin, Park EunJae, and Jung HoSeok. And also a tragic story about friendship. Sometimes the ones who seem the toughest are the most broken. Sometimes the ones who seem the most broken are the toughest. Kim SeokJin and Jung HoSeok, new students in their new school become so popular to all their peers for bein

Byitsbangtan updated
CharactersJ-Hope, Jin, EunJae
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The Happy Virus That Changed My Life

(You) Kim Chae Hee is a cold, stubborn girl, that is always alone. She never really had a boyfriend in her entire life, despite her looks. Although she may seem cold and mean on the outside, she is actually an innocent, thoughtful girl. When Chae Hee, has to transfer to to a new school again, she expected everything to be the same: - No one to talk to - Being alone most of

Byxosaranghaeexo updated
CharactersKim Chae Hee, Park Chanyeol, Choi Joo Young,EXO-K,
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His Best Kept Secret

He is the class president at school; she is just another figure in the crowd of students. He cannot pass through the halls without being noticed; she can easily become a shadow and easily disappear. His life is observed by those

Bygreen-tea updated
CharactersOh Sehun, Kim Soyu
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You'll Be Safe In My arms

"It'll be better if I died. Isn't that what everyone wants? Everything would be better if I was gone." .... "Don't worry as long as I'm here."

ByKaekhyun updated
CharactersYou, Bangtan boys, and Speed
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I Hope You Accept My Heart

You (Oh SooYeon) was hanging out with your childhood bestfriends (Ailee and EXO) and your little brother (Oh SeHun) at school (ManSu Academy) when your were called to the office because there were 7 new students (BTS) who have just arrived from DaeSung Academy (ManSu Academy's Rival) and you are to show them around the school. Now after you have gotten much closer to them, one of them starts to have feelings for you but your c

ByKaekhyun updated
CharactersYou, EXO, BTS, Ailee, Infinite, 4minute, B1A4
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Am I Dreaming?

Kim So-Ra is a Korean-British girl living in Northern Ireland. She is a singer/dancer at heart and she wants to move back to Korea where her family and relatives are originally from. Most of her family and relatives lives in South Korea while some are currently living in China. She makes the move with her family to Seoul, Korea from Belfast, Northern Ireland to attend the School of Performing Arts in

ByRachAlexandrea updated
CharactersChen, Kim So-Ra (You), EXO, SNSD, Go Hye-Mi, Red Velvet
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Stay with me

  Characters  Han Soo Jin [you], Baekhyun, OC

Byyoon_bbab updated
CharactersHan Soo Jin [you] , Baekhyun , OC
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Childhood Jerk

My name is Yoon Bo Ra... I am 17 years old, with a great life ahead of me, until this jerk came back in my life. How can I say this... His name is Luhan . One year older than me. I guess we used to be childhood friends, but as soon as we got into middle school we drifted apart. Of course, he was the popular one , and I was just normal . Nerdy, and just decent looking.

Byyoon_bbab updated
CharactersYoon Bo Ra [You] Luhan. Other characters later in the story..
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[CONTENTID1]Oh Sun Hee has lived in a quiet, peaceful village her whole life. But she is about to run away, to Seoul.[/CONTENTID1]

ByLeeHyeonOk updated
CharactersLim Kim, CL, Park Bom, Ahreum, BoA, Jessica Jung, James Lee, Dara, Jaejoong, Minzy, Yonghwa, Ailee, Luhan, Yoona, Kai, Bora, Gongchan, Sunny, Sehun, Suho
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   FIRST LOVE DIARIES 。 AFFRP    / give us a try !~ admins filled.


Byjogins- updated
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A Kiss on the Cheek

Due to a bad reputation, Jiyeon has moved to another school. She was rumored to be sleeping with several boys in her school. This angered many people in the school and so they kicked her out from the countryside and then moved into the big city, Seoul. As she was lost in the big city of Seoul, she asked many people to look for her uncle, but due to Seoul being a big city, they didn't know who he was. Then, she meets a man who knows her uncle, saying that he's one of his friends and so

Bypinkylovesfood updated
CharactersJiyeon, Joon
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✖ — epik high roleplay ┊ school themed - voting for student council members, many spots available !

Welcome to Epik High's office. Feel free to check us out and we hope to see you join us soon.

Byepikhighrp updated
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My Marriage With Mr. Playboy

    When two childhood friends drift apart, they end up becoming complete opposites When they are forced to marry, how can they stand to be around the other?

ByMoonzy updated
CharactersSoo-Rae (OC), Kim Jongin, Exo members
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The Schools Girl Delinquent

SUMMARY Kim Eun Sun the school delinquent is known and feared by almost everyone in the school. Yes almost everyone, even the teachers. No one dared to come near her, aside from Lee Hana(best friend) and BTS. Her life was full of fights, gangs, and violence. But what if B.A.P changes her life forever? Yeah. I know. Sucky summary. :P But I tried my best xP CHARACTERS

Bythatasian07 updated
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Most students in high school have part time jobs to gain a little extra cash. Well I needed money to pay for my apartment, food, bills. I'm only 17 and an orphan having to work to live not to have spending money. My job you ask? Well... It's a little different from the usual teenage jobs out there, but it pays well so I'm not complainning. I'm a personal male massage "therapist." 

Byalsk20 updated
CharactersBaekhyun, Chanyeol & EXO/Others
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Blossom Tears

Come back into my arm and I swear I will never let go of you again.

Bydxedax updated
CharactersSoonmi (OC), Jongin (EXO)
With1 chapters

Physics Nerd Vs. Dance Machine

Welcome to Burren High, a private school nestled in the outskirts of Seoul City of Korea. With modern Japanese and English architectural designs, this school prides in the wealth and excellence of its students. With four different libraries on different floors, studios and lounge areas distributed across the classrooms, this school was more of  a joyride for the rich and the beautiful.

Byxoxmarshaxox updated
CharactersHwang Minyoung (YOU) ♦ J-Hope ♦ Jimin ♦ Jungkook ♦ V ♦ Suga ♦ Rap Monster ♦ Jin
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The Love that I Wanted...

Fate - The meeting of two people in this world of 7 billion people is not easy, not even saying about the meeting of the person you are destined to be with, the person that you would fall in love with, especially for Lee Ji Won. Being a overweight girl, she had always wished to remain unseen to many in her school. She was always under the attacks of gossips… All this seemed to change when the h

Bylovecherry991 updated
CharactersLee Ji Won (You), Lee Mi Yeon, Lee SungYeol, Infinite, Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Hoya, Myungsoo (aka L), SungJong
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