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If life is so fair, why do roses have thorns?

Kristine(OC), is beautiful and popular. Everyone loves her but what happens when Eli Kim(U-kiss) doesn't? Kimberly(OC) a shadow behind her popular twin, Kristine. What happens when Kristine dumped Kiseop(U-kiss), a guy who Kimberly have a crush on ?

For Eternity, I Chase

By RainbowMarshie updated
Characters Main: Kim Minseok (Xiumin) | Luhan ~ Side Story Pairings: SeKai | TaoRis | other pairings
With 3 chapters, 10 votes, 81 subscribers, 1420 views, 16 comments

For years, it's been the tradition upon Luhan's family to decide on an arranged marrige. He has been dreading the day where he gets to be introduced to someone he isn't even familliar with to marry yet. However, this didn't seem so bad, considering the fact that he was known well just for his wicked love affairs. But then, after the attraction grows unbearably large, Luhan finds himself chasing to this person for an eternity of torment.


By Taestar updated
Characters Taemin, Onew, Key, Lee Joon
With 29 chapters, 20 votes, 160 subscribers, 7260 views, 183 comments

Taemin loves taken guys. If they're taken, they're his type. They make him feel special. They make him feel loved. They give him lots of presents. He has nothing to lose!   When he meets Onew, his new boss, he's star struck. When he learns that Onew is married and has


By yummys updated
Characters Hongbin, Hyuk & VIXX Members
With 1 votes, 1 subscribers, 20 views, 1 comments

SOO I had an idea ^^ you guys gimmie a title, and I'll write an oneshot that bases on the title. About HyukBin of course :3 go go go 

Saving Soohyun

By hoyallujah updated
Characters Kim Soohyun (oc), Jung Eunji, Kim Kibum (Key), Yagi Arisa, Appearances by SHINee members
With 25 chapters, 2 votes, 22 subscribers, 470 views, 9 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Kim Soohyun is bribed to accept a mission that will ultimately save her family. But in the end, who will save her?

Falling In Love A Little Too Late

By lifeofawriter updated
Characters | BTS | Taehyung | Jaehee | DBSK | Yunho |
With 1 chapters

Jung Jaehee lives a simple life Her grades are average She has friends and family who care for her Normal part-time job So basically she lived a simple life which she was completely content with. oh yeah, and her father is a millionare [did i men

I'm V!

By Bangtan-Got-Jams updated
Characters Kim Taehyung, Jung Eileen (Allie/OC/You), BTS, J-Hope, Kim Anne, Wang Elys, Wang Jackson, Kim Baekhyun, Kim Daehyun
With 19 chapters, 5 votes, 117 subscribers, 1140 views, 30 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Taehyung is a  nerd who moves from Daegu to Seoul with his family. He never felt what love feels like until he met his new neighbour, Allie, a very clumsy and funny girl which was actually really nice and friendly. He is a shy character but once he meets HER and BTS everything will change...In a good way. →Characters: ~Jung Eileen aka Allie (You/OC):

Secret: Between The Two Idols

By gzll_e updated
Characters siwon, you, OC
With 29 chapters, 12 votes, 91 subscribers, 6500 views, 173 comments

Your parent befriended with Siwon’s parents since years ago and always tried to make you and Siwon become a couple. You hate it because your friend always dissed Super Junior and that kind of idols. Years later, you’re just become the representative of your father company where you have to maintain your social life and your image, but when you accidentally meet Siwon again, you unintentionally got in love with two idols at once.       “Funny, that’s exact

One Fine Day

By yumigonecrazy updated
Characters You, Zhang Yixing
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 2 subscribers, 70 views, 3 comments

Life had no meaning to Yoon Rayi. She was an emotionless robot in disguise of a human.   Life had great meaning to Zhang Yixing. He was the light that shone for many people in times of darkness.   The real question is will Zhang Yixing serve as the light to Yoon Rayi's dark world as well?  

Cleo and Jiyong

By cleochloe updated
Characters Cleo Cleopatra G Dragon K-dols BigBang SHINee WINNER 2ne1 Jay Park Super Junior F(x) Joo Hyuk Kiyong YG SM JungHyeon SooHyuk Nuthang
With 3 chapters, 1 subscribers, 30 views

Who are we? Well...we're Kdols. The biggest girl group in all of Asia, Europe and starting now parts of the US. We don't come from just one company, but rather two companies. SM. YG. Who am I? I am the leader of Kdols and the woman who Kwon Jiyong loves. I was only

The Love Contract

By BabiiiMelody updated
Characters Jung Daehyun, You, Bap
With 43 chapters, 36 votes, 189 subscribers, 9700 views, 306 comments

What if one day... You accidently crashed into one of the Kingkas' cars on your way to school? You obviously don't have enough money to him back, you're just an ordinary girl that works in your mom's ramyun shop. Would you sign an inescapable contract with him to stop him from taking you to the police? How long can the contract possibly last for? And for sure, there is

A Wolfs Dangerous Love.

By UnDeadium updated
Characters Kris, Kai, OC ( Myung Jin ), Exo-K, Exo-M.
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 90 views, 1 comments

Myung Jin, was a normal girl until she moved back to Korea to live with her Grandparents, because of the death of her mother. Coming back and seeing familiar faces she re-connects with her old best friend, Kai; Who has always loved her. But she also runs into the dangerous Kris, who won't stop until he has her, or is it only for her blood?

Sisters Before Misters

By keomeun updated
Characters lee hayi, lee suhyun, kim hanbin, kim jinhwan
With 8 subscribers, 80 views

Hayi and Suhyun are practically sisters-- they've been friends since they were kids.

Of Bullets and Red Converse

By --eternityprincess updated
Characters Moon Chaekyung (You/OC), Park Jimin (BTS)
With 13 chapters, 9 votes, 51 comments

❝  To be her bodyguard is to be the closest person to her. The one person who knows her needs, her likes and dislikes, her fears... To be her bodyguard is to be a part of her life. 

Disturbance [title might change later on]

By littlesoo updated
Characters OC, L.Joe
With 1 chapters
Status Subscribers Only

She who lived peacefully for the past 8 years on her own. He who appeared in front of her again after 8 years.   “Jin...”   “Byunghun...”

Lovely Magic

By TwistedPrincess updated
Characters Min Tuan (OC), Minho, Mark, Jackson, Nana, Kim Hyera (OC)
With 1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 60 views, 3 comments

In high school, most teenagers have to worry about the usual: getting good grades, looking pretty for everyone else, getting home by curfew. Simple little things. Life itself was full of small pleasures and problems.   For you, Min Tuan, all these tiny pro

We Who Are Beautiful

By imaybejinxed updated
Characters Hannah Lu, Lu Han, Oh Sehun, and many others...
With 3 chapters, 2 votes, 9 subscribers, 280 views, 8 comments

Hannah Lu is a bright young girl, ready to make her mark on the world starting with her first year at an exculsive university in Seoul. Lu Han is a meek young man with a bright smile and small ambitions, and is working hard through his third year of university.   But other than their blood and university, what do these two siblings share in common?  

Dancing In The Crystalline Frame

By mirAcl_e updated
Characters Rapmon, Jin, Suga, J-hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook
With 21 chapters, 8 votes, 94 subscribers, 1830 views, 60 comments

Kim Miyeon is a work of art. She's beautiful, rich, and well-known. However... she is trapped like a butterfly in a cage, without freedom, and must uphold her family legacy. A painting cannot be more flawed than its frame, even if it's torn beyond repair...

Never Ending

By AigooNoona updated
Characters Yoo Youngjae and Jung Daehyun
With 28 chapters, 20 votes, 104 subscribers, 223 comments
Status Completed

"What if one of us goes first? What would happen to the other? If I go first, what would you do? Would you be fine? If it were the opposite, I just know that I would be lost, I would be stuck to the moment where we both existed because I want to live more because of you. When you go, I would probably stop living all together."   Youngjae and Daehyun find that their time has

I Wish That I Had Never Met You

By encorelight updated
Characters Suho, Kris, Kyungsoo, EXO
With 23 chapters, 10 votes, 5900 views, 60 comments

" Two different person coming from one same story genre of life, different plots.  They believe they're fated to meet each other.  Indeed, no life is simple as abc.  It is matter of times, faith and trust. "       

Play Me Up ►

By bomi_- updated
Characters Lu Han, Sehun
With 21 chapters, 174 votes, 1672 subscribers, 30920 views, 529 comments
Status Completed

Tracksuit lover Lu Han had no choice but blackmail the feared outcast from his class Oh Sehun to join the music club he was about to open. With blackmailing everything was after all possible. He didn't know that he was actually doing Sehun a favour since he deep down wanted to make friends as well.    He was just in denial.    And Lu Han was there to give him a hand.              Pair


By iRaine updated
Characters Kim Jongin, Do Kyungsoo, Park Chanyeol
With 1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 30 views

Jongin has always been taught to never jump into conclusions, but he never learns.  


By byeolli updated
Characters Jongin, Kyungsoo, Kaisoo, minor appearances from other EXO members
With 3 chapters, 3 votes, 410 views, 8 comments

Jongin and Kyungsoo have made it through training and both have managed to debut in SM's newest boy group, EXO. However, they've been put on an indefinite haitus not even a year into their career. Scared and fustrated by their situation, both boys will be forced to face themselves and each other in order to find where they stand in the idol world and in each other's hearts. [Endear is a Sequel]  

A Thing Of Nightmares

By ojkmts updated
Characters Taemin, Key, Minho, Original Character
With 9 chapters, 4 votes, 23 comments

The person closest to you doesn't actually exist. He lives in dreams, where in your sleeping hours, he wraps you around his fingers without you eve