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This is not your ordinary academy. Here, kittens are trained and sold to the highest bidder. Even the bidders aren't ordinary people. Their secret? Shapeshifters. Our kittens have been trained to fulfill your desires! Join now and chose, kitten or master?

EXO Bedtime Bundles!

ByIts-o-kai-x updated
CharactersEXO, YOU, OT12
With15 chapters, 15 votes, 747 subscribers, 10470 views, 83 comments
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Please read foreword for

Baekhyun One Shots

Bydolliedollie updated
CharactersBaekhyun, you
With180 chapters, 67 votes, 570 subscribers, 43890 views, 385 comments

  One shots of Byun Baekhyun and you, other members of EXO also popping up in some stories. Some stories will be rated M  so your totally free to read them or not if you don't want to! ^^

Promises - GOT7 Oneshots Request (CLOSED FOR NOW)

Byfantasydreams updated
CharactersYou & GOT7
With11 chapters, 10 votes, 541 subscribers, 3530 views, 68 comments
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Hello, fantasydreams here! These are oneshots about You & GOT7 If you would like to request a oneshot with your fav GOT7 member, you're welcome to...just fill in: Name: GOT7 bias: Plot: (or you can ask for author's choice for the plot) Thank you for your time~ now enjoy my oneshots...  

Jiyeon Shots

Byelements_hdx updated
CharactersJiyeon and other idols
With76 chapters, 16 votes, 511 subscribers, 17100 views, 232 comments
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Hello! This is a Jiyeon one-shot thing majigure... .it will be Jiyeon and other idols.. So..yeah..Jiyeon one-shots!~ NOT TAKING REQUEST.   Chapter 1- JJcouple

EXO One-Shots

ByKL-mars updated
With23 chapters, 41 votes, 416 subscribers, 30280 views, 382 comments

A compilation of both and OC one-shots starring EXO.

A COLLECTION OF ONESHOTS - scenarios & imagines

Bytoinfinityandbeyond- updated
With76 chapters, 27 votes, 112 comments

  { A COLLECTION OF ONESHOTS } kpop scenarios & imagines ft. various idols [ est. 01. 24. 2013. ]    

EXO Fluffy Oneshots {HIATUS}

ByKaiBy1418 updated
CharactersEXO and You
With48 chapters, 12 votes, 391 subscribers, 6540 views, 113 comments
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Imagine yourself being with the EXO members.... as your boyfriend or husband..     "Every person in thi

Exo's Lullaby Oneshots ♪ (Not Taking Requests)

ByEliiana updated
CharactersYou|| Exo||
With26 chapters, 14 votes, 5740 views, 160 comments
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Nyongtory One Shot Network.

Byoppass updated
With23 chapters, 21 votes, 343 subscribers, 158 comments
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  A Nyongtory oneshot collection which will be inspired by prompts.  

EXO-M Scenarios

Bygreyskieslatenights updated
CharactersEXO-M, You, Kris, Luhan, Xiumin, Lay, Chen, Tao
With18 chapters, 15 votes, 343 subscribers, 16430 views, 71 comments

Scenarios/Oneshots of EXO-M originally posted on my tumblr, greyskieslatenights to request a scenario, please go to my tumblr and submit your request here. it's just easier to take care of everything there. irregular updates (whenever i write them, i'll add them) upcoming requests can be found

The Language of Flowers [REQUESTS CLOSED]

Bybbybear updated
CharactersEXO & APINK
With62 chapters, 32 votes, 324 subscribers, 8310 views, 293 comments

Roses? Who needs roses when there are thousands of other flowers out there to express your feelings? What happens when you let a little bit of nature come into your life?    

B.A.P Scenarios

Bygreyskieslatenights updated
CharactersB.A.P, You, Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup, Zelo
With31 chapters, 18 votes, 324 subscribers, 20950 views, 69 comments

Scenarios/Oneshots of B.A.P originally posted on my tumblr, greyskieslatenights to request a scenario, please go to my tumblr and submit your request here. it's just easier to take care of everything there. irregular updates (whenever i write them, i'll add them) upcoming requests can be found

✏ exopink one shots ♪

ByKiyoko updated
CharactersEXO & A-Pink
With76 chapters, 43 votes, 319 subscribers, 18900 views, 435 comments

welcome to the exopink one shots! ☁☁

i will love you when you are a hurricane

Bystargaze- updated
Charactersvarious artists
With10 chapters, 17 votes, 304 subscribers, 77 comments
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update: chapter 10, luhan/yoona

ExoPink Oneshot Collection

Byjundaes updated
CharactersEXO and Apink
With56 chapters, 35 votes, 294 subscribers, 26160 views, 338 comments

A collection of oneshots and drabbles featuring Exo and Apink Just because I love exopink <3     Characters:

EXO Crackfic Dump

Bygreyskieslatenights updated
CharactersEXO, cameos from other groups
With12 chapters, 20 votes, 283 subscribers, 7650 views, 112 comments

Where you can find a ton of EXO crackfics. Table of Contents: The Great Derp-Off (Himchan, Chanyeol [Main Roles], B.A.P, EXO-K [Supporting Roles], PG) Luhan is NOT Gangnam Style (Luhan [Main Role], Psy, Sehun, Lay [Supporting Roles], PG) The Ships Are Sinking (Tao, Xiumin [Main Roles], EXO-M [Supporting Roles], PG) Tank Tops Are Dangerous (Lay, Chen, Luhan, Kris [Main Roles], Tao, Xiumin [Supporting Roles], PG-13) Net Tank Tops

SNSD - Royal one-shots

ByEscarlate updated
CharactersTaeyeon, Tiffany, Jessica, Yuri, Seohyun, Yoona, Sooyoung, Sunny
With13 chapters, 18 votes, 277 subscribers, 11460 views, 63 comments

Girls' Generation one-shots - TaeNy & YulSic focused

Got7 Oneshot Collection

Byinsertcreativename updated
With35 chapters, 25 votes, 273 subscribers, 14330 views, 119 comments

Jaebum Mark Jackson

Amethyst's One-Shot Collection for YUNJAE

Byam3thyst updated
Charactersdbsk, Yunjae, Yoosumin
With50 chapters, 15 votes, 255 subscribers, 30790 views, 358 comments

These are the collections one shot for Yunjae...I'll repost it in here...and continue to update...

EXO One Shots

Byjunwoonie updated
CharactersEXO (M and K), you
With76 chapters, 17 votes, 242 subscribers, 12580 views, 48 comments

This is just a brain fart. I'm not even sure what I've written too. All these are just totally random. Some stories are based on imagination, their powers, dreams and whatever my brain can fart out.

ExoYul's Collection ♪♪♪♪♪

ByStar_light updated
With41 chapters, 48 votes, 233 subscribers, 321 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

      Welcome to my ExoYul oneshots The place where Yurisistables can come together!

Supersonic Hypertonic Love

ByAvocado updated
With15 chapters, 8 votes, 214 subscribers, 16910 views, 91 comments

This is a collection of SNSD pairings oneshots. It's quite self-explanatory, so this is pretty much the description.   1. Krystal Jung's Older Sister - YulKrys/Yulsic - Coach Kwon meets Jessica Jung, the older sister of one of her players, Krystal. 2. Mycophilia - Taeny - Taeyeon is encouraged by her friend to confess to her crush, Tiffany Hwang. 3. That Party Girl - Yoontae - Taeyeon just broke up with her gir

Kpop Scenario Service

ByMiChan updated
CharactersAll Kpop Groups
With23 chapters, 6 votes, 209 subscribers, 3620 views, 37 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only

Fulfilling fangirl feels one scenario at a time.