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all from lulubutt


By -beatrice updated
Characters various kpop idols and actors
With 3 chapters, 2 votes, 360 views, 7 comments
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collecting stardust

By tofudimsum updated
Characters INFINITE: Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, Myungsoo, Sungjong
With 5 chapters, 6 votes, 59 subscribers, 1620 views, 30 comments

give every star in the night sky a name and a story and maybe this will cover all the untold stories in people's eyes.  

Farewell Formula : -VIXX oneshots collection (OPEN)

By hongdous updated
Characters VIXX's N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin, Hyuk.
With 24 chapters, 2 votes, 1300 views, 12 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

Hello, this is a VIXX oneshot collections I've come up with! Do subscribe and give my oneshot collection many love and support if you like them! I hope you guys will like my oneshots! I might be rusty at writing because i have been on hiatus for so long so I seek your understanding if my oneshot isn't up to standar

Nyongtory One Shot Network.

By seungni updated
With 24 chapters, 29 votes, 606 subscribers, 261 comments
Status Subscribers Only

  A Nyongtory oneshot collection which will be inspired by prompts.  

Forever Love

By CorinneluvSnsd4ever9 updated
Characters Yunho, BoA, Rest of SM Family
With 29 chapters, 9 votes, 36 subscribers, 3450 views, 72 comments

A collection of YunBoa oneshots, song-fics and drabbles.  I created this a long time ago when I thought AFF was lacking YunBoa fics. These days I am busy so do not expect updates, except during days like their anniversaries/birthdays, Christmas, Valentines, etc. And as the title suggests, I got the idea for the title from Wang Leehom's song "Forever Love". I didn't get it from TVXQ's one, because sadly, I haven't heard of it when I first s

My Heart

By -Tigress- updated
Characters 25 different bands
With 5 chapters, 8 votes, 30 subscribers, 710 views, 18 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Excerpt from the Most Recent Oneshot: Stepping out of the car, Joe made his way down to the beach and sat down on the sand, the incoming waves stopping just inches from his sneaker clad feet. He thought for a moment that maybe he ought to join her; he couldn’t remember life before her and he couldn’t imagine life without her, and he knew that he could never love anyone as much as he’d loved her. Challenging myself to write 25 Oneshots, featuring 2


By gigseu updated
Characters Yoongi, Jimin
With 50 views, 1 comments

From the very first time I held you in my arms,  enclosed your hand in mine, and when our eyes first met... ...to this very day, the surge of warmth that fills my heart to the brim is something that I will cherish forever.  

Exo One-Shots

By yellowlight_4 updated
Characters Exo members, OC, Various celebrity cameos
With 11 chapters, 5 subscribers, 430 views, 2 comments

A compilation of Exo one shots that may or may not be related to each other.   Hello, my little peeps~ This is Ms. Macaron doing the description for this author's one shot compilation. Before you think I'm a person on AFF doing this, I'm not. I'm actually just a pseudonym

Luna One Shots

By SuperZhoumi17 updated
Characters Luna/Any Male Idol
With 9 chapters, 2 votes, 34 subscribers, 2140 views, 34 comments

HAI GUYSS.  Ive always wanted to do this kind of thing where i would do a lot of one shots of Luna and any KPOP male idol you want me to put her with. You can comment and tell me who you want her to be with and i will try my best to write it. I have so many ideas in my mind that if i dont let it out, my mind will eventually explodee. I have a lot of L.Joe/Luna ideas... and i mean A LOT. Anyways... When i finish my first fanfic, i will start this one, but i dont know when i wil

Kpop One Shots | Open for requests

By Its_Crystal_98 updated
With 71 chapters, 5 votes, 84 subscribers, 7100 views, 120 comments

Come request a one shot!


By dahlia_hart updated
Characters basically any idol that seems to go with one of my prompts
With 1 chapters, 10 views

there are many people in the world and they meet and clash in infinite combinations ( i just really need an excuse to write )

Promises - GOT7 Oneshots Request (CLOSED FOR NOW)

By fantasydreams updated
Characters You & GOT7
With 13 chapters, 10 votes, 659 subscribers, 4820 views, 72 comments
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

Hello, fantasydreams here! These are oneshots about You & GOT7 If you would like to request a oneshot with your fav GOT7 member, you're welcome to...just fill in: Name: GOT7 bias: Plot: (or you can ask for author's choice for the plot) Thank you for your time~ now enjoy my oneshots...  

My One-Shot Collections

By Gililo12532 updated
Characters KPOP x OC(characters)
With 12 chapters, 2 votes, 6 comments

Some of these are from a story that i wrote, and my friend encourages me to write a collection in AFF.  So Please enjoy to the fullest this is my first time writing stories so please forgive me if it's bad TT/^\TT The female characters in here are actually from my stories that i personally write at home so please don't hate.

Cigarettes and Recluse: A Collection of Short Stories

By GivingUpTheGun updated
With 4 chapters, 1 votes, 3 subscribers, 230 views, 2 comments
Status Subscribers Only

We all lead different lives, speak different languages, and think different thoughts. The one thing that connects us all is solitude.  These are 25 different stories of the lonely people who walk the world waiting for a cure. 


By exoexoexolellel updated
With 6 chapters, 7 votes, 17 comments
Status Subscribers Only

REQUEST BTS ONE-SHOTS HERE.   Alright I can't hold it in anymore. I need to let all

Puppy Love

By Lolo0cool updated
Characters himchan jongup
With 3 chapters, 6 votes, 32 subscribers, 1260 views, 16 comments

a friend on tumblr said she needed some himup... so i wrote some himup

My Little Imagines

By Jiminnnn updated
Characters Jimin, Seokjin, Jungkook, Yoongi, Namjoon, Hoesok, Taehyung
With 47 chapters, 2 votes, 20 subscribers, 890 views, 8 comments

So this book is purely for my little imagines; think of it like an archive. You see, I run an Instagram account on which I write imagines and post them in the comments. Since they are quite successful, I don't want them to be lost under each new post so *voila* this book was born! All the imagines are short and take up a chapter each. The imagines are a variet

Mid Month Celebrations

By Melodysong updated
Characters EXO, You, Kai, Tao, Luhan, D.O, Suho, Sehun
With 6 chapters, 8 subscribers, 290 views
Status Subscribers Only

There is a holiday to celebrate on every 14th of a month. There are 12 months in a year. There are 12 boys in EXO. So obviously, there will be 12 different stories about the 12 different boys celebrating the 12 different holidays in the year.  

Oneshot Anthology

By yoonfany17 updated
Characters Krystal Sehun Minhyuk Kai
With 13 chapters, 1 votes, 36 subscribers, 2590 views, 40 comments

The choices that we make through our lives, the people who intersect us on our path kind of change what our fated destiny is. So some of us are lucky enough for the choices that we make to keep up on our path. - Anthony Mackie

My Sister's Best Friend Brother

By musicgirl_503 updated
Characters Go Hae Young & Byun Baekhyun
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 24 subscribers, 560 views, 8 comments
Status Completed

You have to accompany your little sister to a playdate at her best friend's house. Furthermore, she has an older brother and apparently, he's a kingka at your school.

An Anthology of the Heartbroken and Heartless

By curiouskitten updated
Characters Anyone and everyone.
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 3 comments

It is awfully hard to imagine a world without Love. Love, love, love. This fickle little creature creeps into our lives when we least expect (or want) it. It buries itself between the lines of anxious text messages and transfigures its form to appear in every inanimate object. But even Love needs love. And it finds that its best counterpart is Romance. But Love is not the greatest sweet-talker, and just like humans, Love struggles to express its insurmountable emotions. And so, Love doesn't a

G-Dragon Scenarios & One Shots

By LotaPixie updated
Characters GD X OC/You
With 17 chapters, 8 votes, 400 subscribers, 5160 views, 46 comments
Status Subscribers Only

Here I will post all of my one shots and scenarios. I will still write and post fanfics, but I thought this could be fun as well. Some one shots will be written using these prompts  (click; I was introduced to this by the lovely ladies from Welcome, VIPS). Regarding scenarios, some will be my idea, but I would love 

Love's Playlist

By BlueDomo19128 updated
Characters EXO, HunHan, KaiSoo, ChanBaek, SuLay, XiuChen, KrisHo
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 4 subscribers, 140 views, 3 comments

A collection of Exo OTPs' one-shots based on random songs.