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When your older brother is emitted to hospital, you're willing to do anything for him to stay alive. Even if that means disguising as a guy and entering the brutal competition GROWL .Sounds simple? Not when your classmates are delinquents.

Perfect Timing

Byyuriyaa updated
CharactersKris Wu, Im Jinah
With46 chapters, 132 votes, 619 subscribers, 1222 comments

  "A real relationship is not perfect. A perfect relationship is not real"     I think we met at the wrong time, wrong place.

Bad Moon Rising

BySleepingPrincess updated
Charactersηαηα {αƒтєя ѕ¢нσσℓ}, נαєנσσηg {נуנ} αη∂ мαηу σтнєя к-ρσρ ι∂σℓѕ
With35 chapters, 56 votes, 22600 views, 221 comments
StatusCompleted, Subscribers Only


Roommate: Idol Special

Charactersyour favourite idols!
With8 chapters, 76 votes, 18830 views, 351 comments
StatusSubscribers Only

Accidental Love 우연의 사랑

Byblueblackteardrops updated
Charactersjiyeon, lee joon, yangseungho, soyeon, nana, g.o, jooyeon, hyuna
With47 chapters, 2 votes, 151 subscribers, 16710 views, 455 comments

    My 6th fic already! I hope you liked my previous mini-teasers even if they weren’t much! Do you like my new poster? I’m in school now and have a school trip the whole of next week so pardon me if I don’t update regularly! This story came to me in a flash one day when I was in sg! This story is once again for all me fellow JIJOON shippers! Melodyssong/Seungyeon shippers too! The following people, I love you all for supporting me all the way!


BySoBaKi updated
CharactersMainly Sooyoung, Jessica, Yoona, Yuri, Taeyeon, Tiffmushroom
With21 chapters, 4 votes, 13820 views, 117 comments

 Hello~  My second SooSica fanfic ;D This one will be based on my drabble - my first one - *proud* which is below xD The main problem will be jealousy xDD and other quarrels xD So uhm SooNa will be the Seobangs in their relationship and yeaaaah~  Enjoy it ?  

You Said Remember Me II

Byminifantasy updated
CharactersLee Donghae, Victoria Song
With89 chapters, 1 votes, 75 subscribers, 13600 views, 400 comments

Dear friends, I am now starting the official sequel to You Said Remember Me. :D  Recap from part I:  ***Victoria awoke in the h

Why Am I Stuck With You With This Baby?

Bykpop4ever101 updated
CharactersInfinite After School L, Nana, Raina, Sungyeol, E-young, Sungjong, Jooyeon, and Sunggyu
With58 chapters, 9 votes, 175 subscribers, 12920 views, 205 comments

Ever since they met L and Nana hated each other. Then one day while Infinite was running away from their manager L ends up stuck with After School. L and Nana are seperated from the group and end up surprised to see a little baby behind a trash can. In order to avoid any scandals they have to keep this baby rom everyone. Now how will they take care of this baby if they are both kpop stars with a heck load of schedules? And will L and Nana stay enemies forever o

My Girlfriend's Nosy Parents

Bysoshiace9 updated
CharactersNana, Lizzy, After School, SNSD, etc
With17 chapters, 36 votes, 232 subscribers, 12440 views, 185 comments

Park Nana and Lee Lizzy met each other when they were kids. The two quickly became friends, but their parents didn't want them to be friends. Lizzy's parents, Jooyeon and Uee, decide to move to another city and Nana hasn't seen her since then. 10 years later, Lizzy and Nana are both in university now. Liz

The Case Of The Weird School

Bymiss-hitomi updated
CharactersPark Shin Hye, Jung Yong Hwa, Kim Soo Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk, Oh Yeon Seo, Lee Jung Shin, Nana, Lee Jong Hyun, Victoria Song. Super cameo of and Alodia Gosengfiao
With58 chapters, 13 votes, 136 subscribers, 201 comments

Annyeonghaseyo, yeoreobun? miss-hitomi here again for another fic. I had finished "Play Your Love," so here is my next fic. This is a full-length fic from my one-shot fic of the same title.  

My One and Only

Bymaixee updated
CharactersNicole Key Jinwoon Nana Jaejin Dongwoon Min Seohyun Mir Hara Minho CL
With36 chapters, 6 votes, 86 subscribers, 11620 views, 202 comments

KARA Nicole Jung and Shinee Key have been best friends since 2008.  Key and Nicole shared a group of friends which they named themselves "91-Liner."  Almost every idol who was born in 1991 were a part of their exclusive club.  The "91-liner" already consist of F.T Island Jaejin, B2ST Dongwoon, Miss A Min, After School Nana, Infinite WooHyun, Infinite Hoya, Sistar Hyorin, 2am Jinwoon, MBLAQ Mir, 2NE1 CL, Girl's Generation Seohyun, KARA Hara, and Shinee Minho.  Out of her 91-liner friends, Ni

My Coactress: Princess or ?

BySkyblaze77 updated
CharactersIm Jae Bum(JB), Park Jiyeon, Jung Jinwoon, Kim Myungsoo, Park Jinyoung(JR), Im Nana, Nicole Jung, Ailee
With21 chapters, 10 votes, 139 subscribers, 10640 views, 166 comments

The first time he met her, she was cold and dismissive. The second time he met her, she was surprisingly nice, even shy. The third time he met her, she was weeping. Im Jae Bum is completely baffled by the seemingly bipolar Park Jiyeon, and he struggles to work with her. Slowly, however, he begins to fall in love with her. But what happens when a more confident, more experienced competition appears? Will JB stand aside and let Jung Jinwoon take the girl he is on love with? Or will he muster

Lost in Translation

Byyuriyaa updated
CharactersKris Wu, Im Jinah
With16 chapters, 24 votes, 215 subscribers, 9880 views, 162 comments

          Not a friend, not an enemy. Just a s

Are You A Celebrity?

ByHershey updated
CharactersTOP (Big Bang) & Nana (After School)
With30 chapters, 2 votes, 121 subscribers, 9070 views, 194 comments

Im Jin Ah @ Nana just had come back from United State of America. While seeking for another job in Korea, she was forced by her mom to work at her family own beauty salon. With some conditions, she started to work at the salon, knowing that the salon is the very famous among the celebrity and rich people. The story starts when she started to like the most arrogant and hot guy who rarely smiled at people, Choi Seung Hyun @ TOP.

The Sun and The Moon

Bymoonlit-muse updated
CharactersSeo Joo Hyun as Seo Hyun @ Joo Hyun || Oh Se Hun || Im Jin Ah as Nana || Lu Han || Kris Wu as Oh Kris
With26 chapters, 6 votes, 124 subscribers, 8860 views, 116 comments

they met at a very young age . their parent planned the " family meeting " and through that , they were been introduced to each other . and at the same time , their first love started to blossom . first love between Se Hun and Seo Hyun be a good news to their parents , but not for Nana and her parents . Nana , at the same time , love Se Hun too . and her parents want Se Hun be their son-in-law because he is the only heir to the empire of Oh Corporation , the largest company .

Just A Glimpse

Bycatallenana updated
With35 chapters, 13 votes, 117 subscribers, 136 comments

This is a NaLiz fanfiction. The story goes from past to present. The chapters that are set in the past are all in Lizzy's point of view while the chapters set in the present change from Lizzy to Nana's point of view, depending on my preference. I hope you enjoy it! :)

Come What May

Byyuriyaa updated
CharactersKris Wu, Nana Wu
With9 chapters, 23 votes, 182 subscribers, 8470 views, 123 comments

      Nana Wu living the perfect life as the wife of Kris Wu, mother of two adorable children: Catherine and Alden. She ditched her career as professional buyer and started her own business, beauty salon owner which now successfully hit Hong Kong market. She’s a housewife/mother/daughter/busine

The Exchange Student

ByDanzz12 updated
CharactersSooYoung Kris Suho Luhan Sehun Nana Amber
With21 chapters, 3 votes, 84 subscribers, 8010 views, 81 comments

This is a story about a girl with a big dream. She wishes she could reunite with her mother; who is a famous doctor in Korea and

Dorm of Love

ByKiyomi0804 updated
CharactersLizzy, Nana, Sooyoung, Taeyeon
With22 chapters, 10 votes, 7660 views, 130 comments
StatusCompleted, Members Only, Subscribers Only

  This is my first fanfic so please take your time to read this story. I'm really bad at creative writing so hopefully your understand what I'm trying to express. Enjoy! :)    

cakehouse operation

BycthrnE updated
CharactersSuho Chorong Siwon Nana
With35 chapters, 19 votes, 91 subscribers, 7410 views, 123 comments

*characters ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  

Ice Princess

Bykokonana updated
CharactersAhn Jaehyo, Song Jina, Park Kyung, Im Siwan
With23 chapters, 1 votes, 108 subscribers, 7360 views, 165 comments

Song Jina, born on October 13th 1991. a beauty. with a height at 171 cm and 47 kg, she's just perfect as a runway model. A famous figure skater, known as the 2nd Kim Yuna. Cold, stubborn, snobbish but caring. Selfish but full of self esteem. Hates flowers. Doesn't like being taken a picture of. Ahn Jaehyo, born on December 23rd 1990. tall and has all the ulzzang features. Professional photogr

Vamped // revamping

By-simplicity- updated
CharactersNichkhun, Wooyoung, Taecyeon, Minho, Nana, IU, Eunjung, Krystal
With19 chapters, 7 votes, 112 subscribers, 7350 views, 175 comments

The Newbie and Pregnant

By-exqisite updated
CharactersOh Jisu(OC), Woohyun, Infinite, Afterschool, Nana, Uee
With21 chapters, 6 votes, 134 subscribers, 7300 views, 57 comments

  At the age of seventeen I would have never guessed I would have been forced to move in with my aunt because I got pregnant. I always thought my parents would be there for me no matter what had happened. Yes, that is right me, Oh Jisu, honor roll

ByNieyaOzil updated
CharactersNana, Seungho, Dongwoon, Kim Hyun Joong, Lizzy, Kahi
With22 chapters, 1 votes, 6970 views, 36 comments

Im Jinah as known as Nana found out that she was pregnant when she was in her final year of  junior college. She was confused. She's not braved enough to let that guy know she fathered his child.   "I cried a lot because of you (I cried every night~) I laughed a lot because of you (Because of you) I believed in the love because of you (Wooh boy~) I’ve lost everything because of you I’m speechless, suffocating and lonely The world without you has

Banana Caramel

ByTaeNySic updated
CharactersMainly After School Lizzy with the rest of members and more!
With30 chapters, 11 votes, 98 subscribers, 6930 views, 211 comments

"The only thing you want the most is the one thing you can't have." -Park Sooyoung.

My Secret Love

Bymaixee updated
CharactersNicole Kris Jinwoon Nana Minho Seohyun EXO
With13 chapters, 11 votes, 66 subscribers, 6930 views, 100 comments

Nicole Jung doesn't believe in LOVE.  After seeing her parents go through divorce at such a young age, she swore to herself that she won't fall in love with anyone.  As she enters her junior year in college with her close friends (Jinwoon, Nana, Seohyun, and Minho), a mysterious foreign exchanged student appears into her life.   Nicole Jung